Chapter 160 - I dont eat meat!

    Chapter 160: I don't eat meat!

    The chicken broth could be heard vigorously 'bubbling' in the clay pot, chicken meat turning into a golden colour that stimulates appetite.

    Multi-coloured feathers were scattered all over the ground as though the chicken had struggled fiercely but ultimately could not escape its misfortune.

    "Mt Gong's multicoloured chickens are best served with bamboo shoots and wild bamboo, it's soft and not greasy. Bamboo shoots are fresh and crunchy, and their taste and texture are both excellent. Sprinkle with red Lingzhi, it's simply delicious." Handsome, cool, and clad in a Starry cloud robe and his head crowned with a white jade hat, Xiahou Qianbai's left hand held up his right wide, loose sleeve while his right hand gently stirred the pot of broth with a pair of chopsticks.

    As he stirred the pot, a full-bodied aroma filled Li Muyang's nose.

    Li Muyang greedily took a deep breath, his eyes unblinkingly stared at Xiahou Qianbai making soup. He did not expect a Starry Sky teacher to be able to make soup but even more did not expect him to look so handsome while cooking--No wonder everyone says men are most charming when they are working hard.

    He did not look like he's making soup, more like painting or drawing freehandedly.

    Like he's writing a poem, casual, relaxed and spontaneous with brush strokes.

    Also like he's playing the flute or sword dancing. Or doing the most elegant and beautiful thing in the world.

    At that moment, Li Muyang had to admit Xiahou Qianbai is the most handsome man of Starry Sky.

    "Teacher Xiahou is powerful and influential, I greatly admire you very much." Li Muyang gushed, presenting the flattering words he prepared. While others are working, he must give some encouragement.

    "I'm very disappointed in you." Xiahou Qianbai said. "I did not expect that you couldn't even kill a chicken."

    Li Muyang's face turned red, explaining sheepishly: "These multicoloured mountain chickens are called chicken but they are actually birds. They can fly at low altitude. Since they grew up on Mt Gong, in the mountainous forests, they're fast and nimble; I can't catch up with them-"

    "I even used the Imprisonment spell but you struck its bottom. That's difficult to forgive." Xiahou Qianbai said.

    Li Muyang looked even more ashamed. "I also thought it would be over with that one sword strike, I didn't know its tail is so long-"

    "Does your family kill chickens from the bottom up?"

    "I don't know, I've never killed a chicken." Li Muyang said. He swallowed a gulp of saliva, trying to resist the temptation of the pot of chicken broth, then cautiously asked: "Teacher Xiahou, since you are good at killing chickens, why not do it yourself?"

    "I'm also good at slaying dragons but are there dragons for me to kill?" Xiahou Qianbai was evidently unhappy with Li Muyang's question. "Besides, us Taoists cannot arbitrarily kill, there are sacred rules and restrictions. I have to abide by the rules, I can't ruin our kind soul."

    "But, your broth--"

    "I didn't kill that chicken."


    Li Muyang wanted to refute him and say you killed the chicken. When I could not catch up with it, you used the 'Imprisonment spell'. When I swung my sword down at its butt, you went on to chant the 'Bloodletting spell'. If not, how would the Mt Gong's multi-coloured chicken died so quickly?

    Of course, when you eat food from others you will speak good words to them.

    Although Li Muyang was not eating yet, but he really wanted to--

    Xiahou Qianbai closed his eyes, deeply took a sniff and said with an invigorated look on his face: "the wild bamboo flavour is coming out, the bamboo shoots too. Well, there's also a trace of bitterness, that's the medicinal effect of Red Lingzhi--"

    As he spoke, his hands have swiftly retrieved a white jade bowl and poured the chicken broth from the clay pot into the big bowl.

    Li Muyang swallowed a gulp of saliva before he whispered: "Teacher Xiahou, the chicken should taste good, right? It looks quite good."

    With a white jade bowl of steaming broth in his hands and without even taking a glimpse at Li Muyang, Xiahou Qianbai replied: "I don't eat meat, you eat the chicken."


    Li Muyang felt like he was insulted deeply again.

    Belching, Li Muyang felt the warmth and comfortable feeling of Mt Gong's multi-coloured chicken in his stomach. Then, he looked with admiration at Xiahou Qianbai and said in a complimenting tone: "Teacher Xiahou, this chicken is really good, the outside skin melts in the mouth and the inside meat is not lean but very chewy."

    As though Xiahou Qianbai enjoyed Li Muyang's flattery, his eyes narrowed against the glare of the sun, saying aloud: "this sentence has a point. How did Mt Gong's multi-coloured chickens obtain their name? Even the princes, dukes and powerful families can't buy them with thousands of gold coins. Its meat is very different from ordinary chicken and has high nutrition value, and coupled with Red Lingzhi it induces longevity-Kid you're lucky to be able to eat chicken cooked by me. It can stimulate your body to recover quickly, in a month's time you would be full of energy."

    Li Muyang was thrilled, but tried hard to restrain the joyous expression on his face as he asked: "Teacher Xiahou, you said you would help me build my foundation-"

    "You can't even kill a chicken, what is the use in building your foundation?" Xiahou Qianbai cast a wide-eyed glance at Li Muyang, asking aloud. "Also, you couldn't even kill a chicken, yet you want to learn how to slay dragons--Do you have any other skills? Such as writing poetry, painting, quickly change your course. It's not too late."

    "Teacher Xiahou, to be a Dragon Slayer is my childhood dream, I always wanted to do something for this dream. I will not give up so easily--"

    Xiahou Qianbai thoughtfully inspected Li Muyang before he 'sneered' coldly: "There are idiots like you who want to slay dragons? You better hope you never encounter a dragon in this life. Otherwise, you would only be slain by dragons--"

    "Teacher Xiahou-"

    Don't know why, even though Li Muyang was scolded like an idiot by Xiahou Qianbai, he was not angry in the slightest.

    Maybe subconsciously, he already thought of himself as a dragon--

    Xiahou Qianbai called them small, but at the same time was that not also complimenting the powerfulness of dragons?

    At least, Li Muyang is benefiting from the changes brought about by the dragon clan. Whether his body contained a dragon or the Dragon Tear--He personally hoped it's the tear of the dragon king.. It's ranked as the second most valuable weapon.

    "However, if you insist, we will start right now." Xiahou Qianbai said aloud.

    "Teacher Xiahou, you mean right now?"

    "What? Don't tell me I have to schedule with you beforehand?" Xiahou Qianbai said irritably.

    "No, no." Li Muyang quickly rose from the stone bench and bowed deeply to Xiahou Qianbai, exclaiming: "I just did not expect surprises to come so soon. I thought Teacher Xiahou--would make me prepare for a period of time first."

    "When have I never kept to my words?" Xiahou Qianbai flung his long sleeves and marched in front to lead the way. "Come with me."
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