Chapter 171 - Water monster!

    Chapter 171: Water monster!

    Lin Canghai turned and walked away, but not far away.

    He was still staring intently from a neither far nor close place, worried that Li Muyang would suddenly attack Qiandu. This is a common scene in a movie. In order to conceal a secret, some people will not hesitate to kill everyone who knew of their secret.

    Because this is the best way of hiding a secret.

    Unaware, Qiandu walked straight over to Li Muyang's side, step to the edge of the cliff, trying to peer into the endless abyss and the wisps of mist swirling underfoot, and leaving her lean back facing Li Muyang, as though she's not at all afraid of a fatal blow from him. Her voice was crisp and sweet, as she said in a slight rebuking tone: "Canghai is a very proud fellow."

    "I know." Li Muyang nodded. Someone who could easily block the Chu Xun's sword attack, how would he not have a little temper?

    "So it's hard for him to accept the way you speak." Qiandu turned round take a glimpse at Li Muyang and gave a charming smile. "Li Muyang, you don't trust anyone, right?"

    Li Muyang remained silent.

    Not that he's not willing to believe in anybody, but he does not dare to believe anybody.

    He was a dragon. He was the target that everyone in the entire divine continent wants to slaughter--Because of some inexplicable hatred, but more because they wish to become a dragon hero.

    Whatever the reason, as long as his identity is leaked, he instantly would become the target of countless hunters.

    With his current level of cultivation, he had no power to protect himself at all.

    He can choose to believe in Qiandu and Lin Canghai, but what if they betrayed his trust?

    "You're very dangerous. This, do you admit it?" Qiandu turned around again to take another glimpse at Li Muyang, but this time she didn't turned back around. Her eyes, as bright as the stars overhead, stared unblinkingly into Li Muyang's eyes and paid particular attention to the changes in his facial expression. "Although I don't know who you are, but you underwent some very frightening changes. Most importantly, these changes were not under your control. You couldn't control your body, you couldn't control your thoughts."

    "I'm still Li Muyang." Li Muyang voice was deep, filled with distress. "No matter what happens, I am still Li Muyang. I don't have any intention to hurt you two, I think of both of you as my friend."

    "Since you take us as your friend, yet you did not hesitate to use Teacher Xiahou to threaten us--it seems the secret that you want to hide must be very painful, right?"

    "--" Li Muyang knew that Qiandu is an intelligent girl and won't be deceived so easily.

    "You're not really a demon, right?" Qiandu asked aloud.

    "I'm not." Li Muyang anxiously replied, looking seriously at Qiandu. "I'm not a demon. How would I be a demon? If I was a demon, I wouldn't have been able to study here at Starry Sky Academy-- "

    "Then, what's the situation? Don't deceive me with such an idiot excuse like being possessed by a demon when practicing--" Qiandu said sternly. "The fact that you attacked Teacher Xiahou during his lecture, has aroused the attention of all the teachers and students of the school. But Teacher Xiahou personally stood out to explain for you, told everyone that you were practicing a high-level technique, which led you to do such a thing. Given the reputation and respect a famous teacher of Starry Sky, some students believed him--but I don't believe it."

    "Indeed the truth is not like that." Li Muyang said severely. "The reason I acted like that in class was not because I was practicing some techniques or possessed by a demon. But for other reasons--I'm sorry, I can't tell you what it is. However, even Teacher Xiahou was willing to forgive me and took the initiative to stand out to help me explain, that's enough to prove I'm not a bad person. I'm still a student of Starry Sky Academy, I will never tarnish Starry Sky Academy's name."

    "What to do?" Qiandu's lips curved into a shallow, slow smile, saying: "I clearly know that you're very dangerous and there's a possibility that a demon is hiding inside your body, but I still can't help but want to forgive you."


    "Li Muyang." The smile on Qiandu's face faded, she stretched out her hand to Li Muyang, "Do you want to try and believe in others?"


    "Believe me, and also believe Canghai. Like you just said, treat us as your friends, real friends, friends that can keep your secrets." Qiandu's hand was still waving in mid-air, her eyes earnest and resolute. "To carry a secret like that by yourself, life must be very difficult and painful. If you like, you can tell us the secret. We can help you carry your burden with you. If you don't want to, then choose to believe, believe that we will never tell anyone this secret, unless with your consent--"


    "Because we also treat you as a friend. A trustworthy friend."

    "Thank you." Li Muyang was overwhelmed by the intensity of emotion rushing through him, there's a feeling of exhilaration, an overflowing of happiness.

    No one has said something like that to him for a long time. Once there was a girl who also treated him like that. She told him to put down his burden, work hard and not abandon himself.

    Sadly, she ultimately left.

    Qiandu narrowed her eyes in a quizzical smile, saying: "At this time, shouldn't you shake hands with me? It's a rude thing to leave a young lady's hand hanging in mid-air."

    "Oh. Sorry--" Li Muyang hurriedly reached out to shake Qiandu's slender, soft hand.

    Qiandu beckoned Lin Canghai to come over. Lin Canghai slowly walked over, glaring with burning hostility.

    Qiandu pointed at Li Muyang, saying: "He is still our friend, isn't that right?"

    "We may think so, but I'm afraid other people don't think like that?" Lin Canghai said irritably, fixing Li Muyang with a petulant glare.

    "I don't want to force you." Qiandu's lips curved upwards into a smile, saying: "Time reveals a person's heart."

    "I hope so." Lin Canghai's eyes were still as cold as before.

    Just as the three of them were preparing to return to school, they heard noises similar to someone fighting.

    "Someone is fighting." Lin Canghai exclaimed.

    "On top of Broken Mountain, there are many students and teachers of Starry Sky--Let's go have a look." Qiandu said.

    Just as the three of them were still talking, they dashed right towards where the noise came from.

    Lin Canghai, refusing to associate with Li Muyang, vanished in one swift movement.

    Qiandu trod with rapid, light steps as if she barely touched the ground, moving across the ground in silent like she was gliding.

    The most exhausted was Li Muyang. Not only does he not know any leaping techniques, his cultivation level is also not high--or it can be said that he's just started. He could only rely on the little strength within his body to climb the mountain and cut through the forests.

    There is a waterfall, and beneath the waterfall is an unfathomable cold pond. The pond water is dark like ink, with only water ripples spreading and moving across the surface of the water.

    By the time Qiandu and Li Muyang rushed over, Lin Canghai was already standing on a huge rock, his gleaming eyes fixed intently on the deep water.

    Seeing Qiandu coming over, he whispered: "There's a monster in the water."

    As he spoke, a dark figure soared out of the deep water.

    His body leapt into the air, his hand clasping a long sword that slashed in one quick, sharp movement in the direction of the pond.


    A silver ball of light smashed against the surface of the water, and then abruptly the deep water turned stormy, rolling up a giant wave. A huge shadow evident from below the water surface was struck by the silver ball, and with a howl, dived deep into the pond.

    "Chu Xun." Lin Canghai has sharp eyes; with one glance he could see who flashed out their sword in mid-air. Anxiously, he said: "It's Chu Xun."
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