Chapter 173 - The revenge of a gentleman

    173 - The revenge of a gentleman

    A very strange feeling.

    He clearly hated her, they clearly fought as though they cannot coexist and he clearly did not like her at all.

    So much that Li Muyang was occupied with one thought: if that woman was swallowed by that underwater monster, won't he have one less enemy to worry about?

    However, when it happened right in front of him, when Lu Qiji was seriously going to be buried in that monster's mouth, when he heard Qiandu's analysis that she may not surface again, Li Muyang's brain 'exploded', that is, his mind went blank, as though a piece of his heart was torn.

    He felt he lost something very important, he felt his life was no longer complete.

    "Could it be--" Li Muyang can't help but become suspicious of this strange feelings of his. "I really have a crush on her? That so-called hostile behaviour stemmed from our love, hate relationship?"

    "That's not possible." Li Muyang said to himself.

    Qiandu did not notice Li Muyang's strange emotion, her gaze fixed on the three-eyed ice toad widening its huge mouth, constantly gushing out chilly air in the direction of Lin Canghai and Chu Xun.

    Across the cold pond, Lin Canghai and Chu Xun were exerting their utmost effort to fly higher, evading the three-eyed ice toad's onslaught of icy air.

    If their bodies made contact with those icy breaths, the very least they would be lightly inflicted with frostbite and if serious, turned into an ice sculpture.

    Li Muyang is right, Chu Xun and Lin Canghai were sword masters.

    With a wide sweep of Chu Xun's sword, a dazzling purple violet light appeared overhead.

    The purple beam of light is slender and long, more than ten meters in length.

    Clasping the sword in his hand, Chu Xun looked like he was holding a several-meters-long purple light sword.

    As his body rose high into the air, his sword swung down vertically with immense force.

    As his sword heavily swung down, it exhibited the lofty spirit of cutting mountains and splitting rivers.

    Among the night sky, an inky canopy of darkness, the purple colour was the brightest light.

    Even the surrounding darkness became affected, looking as though it was being absorbed by the light.

    With each slashing sword stroke, it lengthened by a feet, widened by a meter.

    The moment it was about to cut the cold, ugly head that was incessantly spraying out icy air, it already grew into a frightening, colossal monster.


    As though in Chu Xun's grasp was not a valuable sword, rather a giant pillar.

    "Purple clouds come from the east."

    Chu Xun roared at the top of his voice.


    The purple giant sword swung down at the lake, then almost instantly, the thick ice on the surface of the cold pond split into two halves.


    With a deep, hissing crackle, ice water seeped through the crack from below. Chunks of ice in the pond broke away, rapidly melted and crumbled, and then sank into the pond.

    Lin Canghai's sword was more biting-cold, but did not emit loud noises or display movements like Chu Xun's sword.

    However, when his sword qi penetrated into the deep pond, the water let out cracking and rumbling noises as though a large amount of gunpowder was thrown into it.

    But the giant three-eyed ice toad vanished from sight.

    Besides the ice floating across the lake, as well as the widening ripples after the explosion, the deep pond returned to its original, calm state.

    Clasping his sword, Chu Xun stared warily at the surface, looking like he might strike the final deadly blow anytime.

    Lin Canghai's movement was swift, silent and furtive as he instantly appeared at Qiandu's side.

    "This three-eyed ice toad is over thousands years old and resided in this cold pond for a long time, suffering the force of the raging waterfall, an iron casting has formed around its body. Our sword could hardly injure its skin or flesh. Adding to this, it absorbs extremely cold substance day and night, drinks ice-cold pond water when thirsty, eats fish and shrimps when hungry that even the body of air gushed out its mouth exhibited an overwhelming coldness. The breath it blows out forms everything into ice, I was almost turned into an ice sculpture--" Lin Canghai glared at the cold pond as said aloud. Despite that he and Chu Xun fought together, they still could not defeat this toad. For an extremely self-confident and handsome man, obviously he's frustrated and disappointed--

    "What about underwater?" Qiandu asked.

    "The underwater coldness penetrates to the bones, without essential qi to protect our body, we would have been frozen already." Lin Canghai said irritably. "Moreover, the bottom is dark like ink, although our eyes are different from ordinary people, we still could not see outside of one metre. That toad is cunning, comes and goes without a shadow, and occasionally attacked us from behind--If me and Chu Xun did not deliberately lure it out, we wouldn't be able to see its true face."

    Qiandu stared intently at that cold pond in deep thought. "Muyang classmate is right, even if we jumped down, there isn't any use. The toad has lived here for thousand years, its familiar with every grass, stone and the terrain at the bottom of the pond. It is the absolute ruler of this place. To kill it in its territory won't be easy--Where's Lu Qiji? Is she still underwater?"

    "I didn't see her." Lin Canghai said, shaking his head. "Even if she is really underwater, I'm afraid--"

    Lin Canghai did not continue, but his meaning was clearly understood.

    If Lu Qiji was also at the bottom of the cold pond and still has not surfaced till now, then with the cold temperature and harsh environment, most likely she has freeze to death already, if not eaten by the toad.

    They're classmates, although their relationship is not that good. Lu Qiji always looked arrogant and like she's superior to them. But thinking that they might not see her annoying face again, Lin Canghai felt slightly emotional.

    Qiandu lifted her head to look at Chu Xun hovering in mid-air. "Chu Xun, come down, let's discuss what to do next. See if there're any ways we could lure that monster out again. If we jump into the water we would only die---"

    Chu Xun threw a sharp, sideways glance, before his line of sight shifted back to the pond once again, as he said in a hoarse voice: "There is nothing to discuss. Today, either it dies or I die. Talking is useless and just a waste of time. No matter what, I have to save Qiji--"

    Qiandu helplessly said aloud: "This three-eyed ice toad is strong and extremely difficult to deal with. We're not skilled in swimming, if it doesn't come out, we can't do anything--"

    She then turned to say to Li Muyang: "So, we should follow what Muyang just said, first find its weaknesses, its flaws, then attack when the enemy is unprepared--Li Muyang? Where is Li Muyang? Where did he go?"

    It was only now that Qiandu realised Li Muyang, who stood behind her all this time, had disappeared.


    In a nearby place, Li Muyang dived into the cold pond.

    Qiandu hastily shouted: "Li Muyang, you idiot--did you not just said that for a gentleman to take revenge, ten years is not too late?"
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