Chapter 176 - Underwater World!

    Chapter 176: Underwater World!

    "Breaking fist."

    In order to appear greater and more powerful, Li Muyang roared at the top of his lungs.

    But because he tried to speak, the water rushed into his mouth, causing him to gasp and splutter. He fought hard to resist the urge to inhale the water around him.

    He punched out, but before his fist reached half way--

    The toad ran.

    The toad escaped.

    When Li Muyang clenched his fist tight, gathering qi in his dantian, the boundless sea inside his body also followed rippling up and down. He prepared to throw out his most powerful attack--'The Art of the Breaking Body': 'Breaking Fist'.

    What he didn't expect is that, with a long, swift stroke of its two back feet, the toad had already propelled dozens of meters away.

    Nowadays, even a toad has no integrity?

    Are you worthy of your renowned reputation? Are you worthy of your great age, having lived to thousands of years?

    Before I make a move, you ran away--Don't tell me you're a paper tiger?

    However, when standing ashore, Li Muyang saw everything very clearly. The blast of cold air from its mouth turned everything into ice, changed the surroundings and instantaneously lowered the temperature to freezing temperatures. Adding to this, its flesh and skin is strong and tough. It was so tough that a sword almost could not puncture through.

    Even with Lin Canghai's impressive sword skills, he couldn't kill it. And, despite diving into the water several times already, Chu Xun was chased around and eventually fled in panic.

    It was such a tough creature, why would it lack courage and run away from him?

    Li Muyang grew even more angry.

    He felt insulted.

    "It must have known that I'm weak and have no destructive power. It wanted to play around with me before eating me--Back then, my classmates were also like that--"

    Thinking of the classmates who bullied him made Li Muyang detest the toad even more. He felt that it's the same trash as they are.

    It's fine that his classmates bullied me, but even a toad dares to bully me?

    This was unforgivable.

    Li Muyang circled twice around the pond, until he realised the toad had escaped without trace. Then an overwhelming urge to drag out the toad to kill came over him

    While thinking, he moved his hands, lurching upward to the surface.

    He needed to escape!

    A toad knows to run for its life, was he inferior to a toad?

    He only swam a few meters, when he noticed a current of water rising behind him.

    The rumbling water gushed towards over him, without applying any force, the powerful water carried him forward.

    "This is pretty good--" Li Muyang thought.

    When the mighty water pushes me onto the surface, I will leap to the shore and yell: 'Qiandu help'. At that moment, Qiandu and Lin Canghai will attack. Surely, at that time, he can escape this calamity--

    Chu Xun would probably not lend a hand.


    A black wall appeared in front of him.


    Li Muyang knocked against the soft wall without feeling any painful sensation. Instead the texture and feel felt pretty good.

    He reached out his hand, his fingers touched something slippery, soft and bone-piercing cold--

    Li Muyang lifted his head. The giant toad over several meters tall looked him up and down with its three eyes.

    Somehow it suddenly appeared in front, blocking Li Muyang's route of escape.

    Fierce, brutal and with a trace of confusion on its face.

    The three-eye ice toad has lived for thousand years, gained a lot of wisdom over the years. It was beginning to understand human nature.

    Not only could it sense the power within Li Muyang's body, it could smell the dangerous aura emitted from Li Muyang.

    However, this feeling was intermittent and not vivid at all.

    Therefore, it could not come to a decision whether to eat Li Muyang or whether it would be better to abandon this prey.

    Its intelligence is not high. It subconsciously thinks that it shouldn't let Li Muyang off so easily.

    So, when Li Muyang threw out his fist, it ran far away.

    When Li Muyang wanted to flee, it used its frightening swimming ability to chase and intercept him.

    No matter what, he must control Li Muyang, like he was within in his own palm.

    The toad's mouth opened, and foam and bubbles began uncontrollably dripping out at the sides. Because of the close distance, although Li Muyang just adapted to the water temperature, he felt cold again.

    Li Muyang ground his teeth, clenched his jaw tight and punched out at the round belly.


    He slammed his fist against the thick flesh, making a crisp, loud sound.

    Li Muyang slowly pulled back his hand, only to discover his clenched fist was stuck in it's belly fat, and no matter how hard, he could not yank his hand out.


    The fat on the toad's stomach suddenly stretched.

    Then, Li Muyang felt a tremendous force thrusting his body towards the depths of the cold lake.


    The three-eyed ice toad let out an unusual cry, before aggressively darting towards Li Muyang.

    Because he was hit in his abdomen and the toad was trailing closely behind, unwilling to let him go, Li Muyang could not turn around.

    So, he desperately swam down.

    He swam without stopping.

    The lake was bottomless, the lower he went, the darker it became.

    Li Muyang thought to himself: could it be that how tall Broken Mountain is, then that's also how deep the lake is, and it directly connects to an unknown underground world--

    What he does not know is that, right now, the depth he dived to already exceeded the distance that ordinary human have ever reached.

    Even Chu Xun and Lin Canghai, who have jumped several times into the lake, did not have the courage to come here and simply searched around in the shallow waters before returning.

    There was only one very important thing that Li Muyang neglected. He has been in the water for quite some time now but did not have the chance to come to the surface for a breath of air, and adding to this, just now when he yelled 'breaking fist', water rushed into his mouth.

    However, even now, he did not feel any breathing difficulty. As though he can breathe freely underwater, or he simply does not need to breathe at all.

    An ability like that, even the Starry Sky teachers may not necessarily be able to do.

    The inky-underwater world severely impairs normal people's vision. Extraordinary people like Lin Canghai and Chu Xun also become blind under the lake.

    Not only could Li Muyang see in the underwater world, he could stay for extended periods underwater, and his vision improved and the distance he could see was further than before.

    He could see clearly that the cold lake is funnel-shaped, wide at the top and narrow at the bottom.

    When he swam from the wide head to the bottom, the space to move about freely also lessened.

    Two huge craggy rocks sitting opposite each other formed a door frame, leaving a small gap in the middle that only one person can squeeze through at a time.

    Seeing that Li Muyang dared to swim towards the small doorway, the three-eyed ice toad grew anxious.

    Like it's his treasure trove or it was guarding some kind of secret.

    It swam with long, rapid strokes of its four legs, generating rumbling waves behind, as it opened its giant mouth, darting through the water towards Li Muyang.

    Li Muyang cast a glance behind him, and all he could see was the toad's tongue trying to wrap around him. He struggled more frantically to flee.

    Using both his hands and feet, wheezing and crouching, he took a step into the small, cramped hole.

    His fingertips brushed against the pointy wall, and then, suddenly his head plunged into the depths of the abyss.

    The toad behind has already caught up, its tongue like an infinite stretch of rope demanding his life.

    It curled around Li Muyang's body, the mucus secreted from the tongue helping it to tighten its grip on him.

    Li Muyang fumbled around until he found a short-handled knife, and then slashed through the lake, cutting the giant tongue.

    "Croak--" Toad cried miserably aloud, desperately trying to retrieve its tongue.

    Escaping from the constriction, Li Muyang squeezed his body through the small doorway on the stone cliff and swam towards the funnel-shaped bottom.


    His body scraped the rocks as his body tumbled to the ground.

    He reached out with both his hands. The ground was dry.

    That cold lake disappeared, the frozen water vanished and the toad that chased him was gone.

    He came to an even more unfamiliar, unpredictable world.
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