Chapter 96: Lets Go Sightseeing

    Chapter 96: Let's Go Sightseeing

    "Zest-sama, it feels really good."

    "Right? It's the best."

    (Dad! It's so spacious, it's amazing!)

    We were going to meet the Japanese people in a week.

    And so, we searched for sightseeing spots close to the Cathedral, and we found this......I never thought they would have an onsen 1 here.

    Furthermore, it was located in the vicinity of the Grand Cathedral, and it even had an open air bath 2; this place must be visited.

    "You reserved the entire place, so it's quite comfortable."

    "Bea, I won't restrain myself when it comes to an onsen. I took advantage of my political power."

    (Garbera helped too, saying that it's inevitable for a Japanese to act like that!)

    Yes, Garbera and I joined our forces and made it happen.

    Because it was an onsen......They listened to my selfishness.

    "Haha, it can't be helped.......Still, this onsen is wonderful."

    (Yes, it feels so good! Dad loves hot springs. Do you love them more than Mom?)

    "........I love Bea more, obviously.......What?"

    "Just now, you thought about it."

    (Were you troubled to choose, Dad?)

    We were laughing and relaxing inside the open air bath.

    Since it was an onsen, we were all nude........we weren't even using towels.

    Well, I won't let them use any, anyway! I was extremely satisfied, both with the bath and with the splendid view...............

    It's not always good to stay in an onsen for too long, so, when we felt like it, we went out.

    After a short break, we would go back in......

    When we got out, the maids unit entered the bath.

    'This onsen is making your skin beautiful.'

    When Garbera told them this their eyes turn round from disbelief.

    If anyone interrupts them, they'll die, I'm sure of it.

    Their ominous laughter was quite scary, so we went back in our room and rested.

    The place we rented was quite a wonderful inn, popular even among nobles.

    And I forcefully got it all for myself........I do feel a little bad about it though.

    The two girls seemed to be very pleased with the onsen, so we'll take a day only for bathing; tomorrow we'll go to the onsen district and buy souvenirs.

    We decided upon that and I finally had one day in which I could be carefree.

    However......Bea and Toto said they wouldn't bath anymore, so I was about to enjoy my forth bath alone, when an incident happened.

    ".................Media, what are you doing?"

    "Your, your excellency........."

    At the entrance of the outdoors bath, Media knelt down, crying.

    "Your excellency! I want to enter the open air bath too!"

    ".........Then do so."

    "But I want to enter with everyone!"

    "Ah, I see."

    I seized Media's both shoulders and informed her.

    "Give up!"

    "!? But.......Can't you do anything with your power, your excellency?"

    Because she was troublesome, I used strengthening magic in order to intimidate her but she put up with it......

    She was really troublesome.............You can't enter the women's bath, it's a crime, you know?

    "Media.......The women's bath is off limits.......But the men's bath is mixed, so you'll have to endure it."

    "Yes! Thank you!"

    Huh? She didn't want to enter the women's bath?

    I saw Media off as she hurried towards the mixed bath.

    ...............What is about to happen?

    I was a little anxious as I, too, went towards the mixed bath.

    I thought Media wouldn't feel uneasy in the men's bath, since it was a mixed one.

    Bea said she wouldn't enter the baths anymore today, so the open air bath was free.

    Someone from the maids unit must be here with Media.

    With this faint expectation in mind, I entered the mixed bath.

    I entered the washing place and was welcomed by the disappointed look of several black knights.

    "What's wrong with you? Making such a face."

    "Your excellency, excuse us!"

    The knights stood up and saluted, but I stopped them.

    "You can stop. We're all naked.........There's no need for it now."

    "Yes, that helps, your excellency."

    "I felt pressed....Can we still enter the bath?"

    "You really love this onsen, your excellency......Your body will get wrinkled, you know?"

    The knights washed their bodies, noisily.

    After we entered the bath, I inquired.

    "So, why did you make such faces back then?"

    They said, a bit awkwardly.

    "We thought that the women finally came......."

    "They tricked you."

    "Why would commander Media do such a thing.......?"

    .............These guys are idiots.

    How long did they even wait!?

    "I understand you......But you're idiots."

    "But you have it good, your excellency.......right, guys?"

    "That's right. Bathing together with her excellency Beatrice, right?"

    "That's so great......your, your excellency! Don't shoot it, don't release your magic here!"

    "................I like Toto-chan more?.......Argh"

    I got rid of two dangerous knights then relaxed in the bath.

    Ah......This is the best.

    When I casually looked at the washing room, I saw Media entering it silently.

    "Oi, Media. Don't mind us, and come enter the bath."

    "It's, it's okay! I can stay here........"

    Media waved her hand vigorously, and because of that, something fell down from underneath the towel she used to cover her body.

    "? .............Re, retrieve that! Retrieve that thing right away!"

    The black knights hurried to capture Media and the object she dropped.

    The thing she dropped was.........

    "A recording magical tool.....you say?"

    Yes......It was similar to what I gave my foster father as a present some time ago, a tool that records pictures.

    Everyone's glances were directed towards Media.


    "Your excellency......forgive me. The maids wanted this at any cost so they asked me to........."

    The black knights held Media down and she started to cry.

    It was kind of a chaotic scene.

    A bunch of naked guys pinned down another guy who looked like a woman and, ultimately, made her cry.

    This is bad, my head is going crazy.

    "It was only an attempt, right? I will pretend I haven't seen anything, you guys should forget about it too. You should instead feel happy that you're popular among the maids. You should go to some drinking parties and deepen your relationships, all right? I'll tell Albert about this too."

    As I wanted to run away from this disgusting scene, I declared at once, and, without waiting for their answer, I took refuge into the dressing room.

    I didn't have any interest in watching naked men, after all.

    I wiped my body, while thinking about the previous scene........dear me!

    When I returned to my room, Bea and Toto were already asleep.

    They were quite in high spirits the entire day, so it was inevitable......

    I looked at their happy sleeping faces, then sat down on a chair and checked my luggage.

    Good, it's all right.

    I grinned broadly as I looked at a recording magical tool, which had pictures of Bea entering the open air bath.

    "Haha, as I thought, Bea is the best.......This will be a heirloom!"

    I was in a great mood as I watched naked pictures of Bea and drank water straight from the water jug.

    The real thing is great too, but I really wanted some pictures.

    "..............You're in such a great mood, Zest-sama!"

    (Ah! Mom's naked pics! Do you have a picture of Toto as well?)

    I turned around slowly and saw Bea, her expression cold; it was a long time since I last saw that Frontier Count-like smile on her face.

    I patted my stomach, which was starting to hurt, as I knelt down on the floor.

    This day was going to be very long...............I don't want to die................

    1. Japanese hot spring

    2. rotenburo; Read more about onsens on wikipedia
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