Chapter 121: Dragons and Magic Attributes

    Chapter 121: Dragons and Magic Attributes

    "This is what happened, your Majesty. That's why, I will take command for this matter."

    "Yeah, please do so. But Zest.....you should learn to show a bit or restraint. I thought I was going to die."

    The Emperor was completely exhausted; he placed a wet towel on his forehead.

    The Prime Minister was still down.

    ".......Urm, I'm sorry."

    "Hahaha, duke Zest is quite a daring individual."

    Neebel stroke my shoulder several times, as I apologized to the Emperor.

    Don't pretend you had nothing to do with this! You're one of the causes for this too, you know?

    I really wanted to retort, but it wasn't the time for this.

    I must hurry and collect those dragons.

    "Your Majesty, I am in a hurry so...!"

    I took Neebel with me and ran out of the council room.

    I really wanted to avoid this huge failure.

    "Where is the closest one?"

    The soldier who delivered the message a few moments ago was now guiding us.

    He had a fearless expression and, judging by his way of moving, he was no ordinary person.

    "Yes, we should take this passage then..."

    In the worst case, I would've placed this soldier on my back and ran but......

    This guy....he strengthened his body with magical power.

    He ran at fairly great speed too.

    "You are rather skilled. Who's your master?"

    "Yes sir! It's Lamia-sama."

    .......Well, he did enter the council room in the midst of our magical power mixed with killing intent contest.

    Are all the messenger soldiers trained by mother-in-law, I wonder?

    "Mother-in-law's student?.....If you feel like it, you can come to my domain. I won't treat you poorly."

    "Thank you very much!"

    The soldier started to cry for some reason, as he raised his speed, guiding us to the scene where one of the dragons fell.

    Do you really hate it that much that you'd start crying......My mother-in-law's training?

    We arrived at the scene, where the soldiers encircled a black dragon, their entire bodies trembling.

    Although fainted, his body was still huge, about 10 meters long.

    It was natural for them to feel scared.

    "Lower your weapons. I will deal with him, so step back."

    The soldiers turned around to look at me, then stepped back with an expression of relief on their faces.

    "We're saved. His excellency Zest is here."

    "Good, we can feel relieved now."

    "Dear me....This means we won't die."

    They sat down, talking unanimously.

    Really now! These guys might need some more training.

    As I looked at the deplorable soldiers, I approached the black dragon.

    It doesn't seem like he has any external wounds; he's quite sturdy, as one would expect.

    I touched his face, which was at the level of my full height, and casted some healing magic.

    Immediately after, the dragon regained his senses and opened his eyes.

    "Did you use healing magic? I shall praise you for this deed, human.......However! Don't you dare think that you can make me surrender with just that."


    "Fufufu, you're too astonished to talk? That is inevitable. Dragons are the strongest creatures, after all. We aren't weak as you, humans! You shall quietly obey us!"

    The black dragon spoke with a smug face.

    He was sitting on his back, with his tail between his feet, sprawling on his belly......His tail was trembling.

    "Neebel-dono, is this the dragons' way of intimidating others?"

    "No, it is their resignation posture. This guy is kind of a show-off."

    It appears that there are all sorts of dragons......

    "Oh, Neebel-dono! This is great. If possible, I'd prefer to handle this human by myself but.....because of the fall, I hurt my claws, unfortunately. I leave it to you!!"

    The dragon said and showed us his claws.

    His claws were indeed a bit dirty, but there was no injury whatsoever.

    Don't tell me he won't fight because of this reason? Aren't dragons supposed to be strong?

    Amazed, I looked at Neebel only to find him greatly embarrassed.

    I guess he didn't expect the dragon be so scared and useless.

    The soldiers as well, couldn't believe their eyes.

    "Zest-sama, are you all right!?"

    In this delicate atmosphere, Bea's voice could be heard.

    What? Why is she here?.......Was she worried about me?

    Our eyes met, and she smiled as she approached us.

    "I'm glad that you're safe, Zest-sama. Everything is all right now......If you talk to them, they're quite understanding."

    "We can't defy you, ma'am!"

    "We'll follow you, our master!"

    "The young lady's husband? He looks strong."

    "Toto-san, it hurts."

    (Ahahaha, Dad! This lizard can fly!)

    Bea said and smiled, carrying her favorite bardiche on her shoulder.......She was accompanied by four black dragons......

    If you talk to them, huh?......They did understand. I know that feeling very well.

    It was easy after that.

    The black dragons, who became Bea's faithful pets, went to wake up the golden dragons.

    They're all on standby in the inner garden now.......

    All the golden dragons trembled when they saw Bea.

    We weren't able to talk to them at all.

    However, when I got close to them, they changed completely.

    " " "This magical power! Big bro, we'll follow you!" " "

    "Oh my, this magical power feels really good!"

    "Hey, hey, you can mount me, you know?"

    Yes. These dragons liked me a lot.

    As the black dragons loved Bea, the golden dragons became absurdly attached to me.

    "Haha, you're on extremely good terms......This is great......."

    When Neebel saw this, his eyes lost their light completely.......

    Because of his own fault, his intimidation diplomacy failed miserably.

    He explained to us that dragons get extremely attached to those who have the same magical power attribute as themselves.

    On the contrary, they feel a great revulsion and weakness against those who have an opposite magical power attribute.

    That's why the golden dragons crashed because of Neebel's dark attribute magical power and the black dragons crashed because of my light attribute magical power.

    In this extreme situation, when they saw someone who had a great affinity with their own magical powers.......and a strong magic user on top of that........It all turned up as you already saw.

    .......Hmm? Neebel-san, are you crying?

    It was you who forgot about this important fact and unleashed all your magical power, remember?

    "Anyway.....Thanks to duke Zest's explanation, I now understand that you don't support the elves' plans. I will go back now and leave all this in your care......Please look after these children for a while. They don't want to go back, so......"

    Neebel left the palace with tottering steps.

    Sorrow hanged in the air surrounding him.....He was somewhat pitiful.

    I'll send him a letter and a present later.

    After I saw off poor Neebel, I walked towards the council room to report to the Emperor.

    Bea and Toto took the black dragons for a walk.

    The golden dragons waited obediently in the inner garden, basking in the sun.

    "Son-in-law-dono, congratulations."

    Mother-in-law greeted me while playing with her iron-ribbed fan.

    "Mother-in-law, excuse me but I'm on my way to report to his Majesty......"

    "Son-in-law-dono? You tried to lure away the messenger soldier I went to great lengths to properly train, didn't you? I have something to talk to you about, so your report can wait."

    She lifted up my chin with her iron fan, and all I could say at that point was a very docile 'Yes'.

    .......My mother-in-law was way more scary than the likes of dragons.

    I then understood the feelings of that crying messenger soldier.......
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