3 Beginning

    ''Xiao Yan, have you seen 3rd imperial brother's face when you stole, I mean borrowed his horse and played with it until it collapsed?" Wang Fang, who was obviously still happy, asked.

    She was very happy to see her brother's usually composed and cold gaze turn into a roaring lion's face. He was very upset that she thought he would spit fire.

    ''Haha, that was hilarious!'' Wang Li laughed loudly while slapping the table, she was clearly amused with her sister's mischievousness.

    ''Brother nearly went mad when he found out about it. Good thing, eldest brother coaxed him with a chocolate.'' Wang Yan, who was the main suspect, answered proudly. She stood up and imitated her brother's appearance when he found out that his favorite nearly died of exhaustion.

    The triplets laughed loudly at their conversation, clearly unaware of their eldest sister's disapproving gaze.

    ''Is this how a princess should act?"

    The triplets' face suddenly paled at the voice of their eldest sister.

    ''Sister, w-e were... not talking about anything.'' Wang Yan

    "Sister, it was all Xiao Yan's fault.'' Wang Fang

    "Sister, we are sorry.'' Wang Li

    They all answered at the same time. Wang Yan, hearing what Wang Fang just answered, glared at her. Wang Yan, who had a proud face suddenly turned into a docile bunny. Clearly, the person whom she is very scared to is their very own eldest sister,  First Imperial Princess Wang Xiu.

    They all know that their eldest sister is a very uptight  princess who always stick to the rules and regulations. She is a sucker for elegance. She is clearly the 'ideal' princess portrayed in novels and shown on plays.

    ''What do I do with you three? Clearly, Wang Jing is the youngest, but she exudes more confidence, and elegance than the three of you combined. Our imperial concubine mothers had always worked hard in teaching us, and yet none of you learned about etiquette?'' Wang Xiu berated, while looking at her sisters who looked like lost puppies.

    ''Sister, I'm sorry.''  ''Sister, please don't be mad.'' ''Sister, I promise I'll apologize to brother.'' The three of them, once again, replied together.

    ''You must think that I am making a huge fuss over such a small matter, but you must learn. We can not be perfect, but we must try our best to act like princesses. Etiquette might not be your cup of tea, but if we can't achieve perfection in such a small matter, how can the people depend on us?''

    Wang Xiu made her way to her younger siblings, and held their hands. She was clearly still a nine-year-old, but the way she talks feel like she already experienced a lot of things. Truly, the children in the palace matures faster than ordinary kids.

    ''Always remember, there are no such thing as someone who is good because he is idle, only through hard-work can we achieve perfection. We are still young, but it does not mean that we must waste all these years in playing. We are not ordinary kids, we are royalties! And that reason alone should make us work hard. Do you understand?''

    Wang Xiu's gaze warmed when she saw her sisters nod in contemplation. What she did not know that her words would stir her siblings so much that it would make her think of this moment and shake her head for releasing such monsters.
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