4 Sleepover at the Emperors Chamber Part 1

    "I will sail the world and conquer them all! Rawrrrr!" The eldest of the triplets Wang Li Jie roared.

    "Let me go with you brother. Yan'er wants to go too!" Wang Yan chimed in, making the eldest prince look up and strut a pose while thinking that he is the greatest in the world.

    ''I, this prince, promises that you will not be harmed if you follow this prince. This prince shall give you clothes, and treat you as my people." Li Jie continued as he saw his three-year-old sister's worshiping gaze.

    He feel like he already conquered the world when he saw his sister's fanatic gaze. His twins gave him a look of disgust when they saw his proud looks.

    ''He is already eight years old, yet why is he still acting like a brat?'' Second prince Wang Li Jun snorted.

    ''He doesn't deserve to be our twin.'' Third prince Wang Li Qiang coldly answered still looking at his brother in disgust.

    He suddenly thought that it must have been better if he doesn't have a twin like Wang Li Yong (4th Prince), Wang Li Hui (5th Prince), Wang Li Hao (6th Prince), and Wang Li Ming (7th Prince).

    They are all here to sleep together as per their mothers' request.

    The Empress and the Imperial concubines always want to have their children together. So they started to plan on having their kids sleep together everyday. Even though it is strictly not allowed for men and women to sleep together, they reasoned that they are still kids so why not enjoy while they still can? The Empress Dowager and the former Emperor was not opposed to this idea, and they also thought that this might be a great idea for the children.

    ''Brothers, would you like to sleep somewhere else?'' Wang Xiu suddenly said, causing them to stop what they're doing, and looked at her with inquiring gaze.

    ''Should we go back to our quarters?'' Li Yong asked.

    ''Should we go to mother's chamber?" Li Hao said.

    ''How about going to Imperial Father's chamber? I heard the bed their is the smoothest, and they have snacks also.'' Wang Xiu answered innocently. If the momos heard what she said, they might have fainted, but good thing they sent them away.

    ''Sis, you're great.'' ''Really! You should've said that  earlier sis.'' ''What a genius!'' ''So amazing.'' ''Father must have eaten a lot of snacks.'' ''Father's place is so awesome?'' ''How come we don't know?'' They were so excited that they talked all together.

    ''Must we head out now?'' Wang Xiu asked calmly while looking at her siblings.

    They head out immediately while looking out for their servants. When their servants went back they were so scared that they woke up all the guards, to search for the entire palace.
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