5 Sleepover at the Emperors Chamber Part 2

    Meanwhile, Eunuch Hong, the emperor's personal eunuch was scared to his wits when he saw 10 pair of eyes looking at him. They were carrying a pillow each with their quilts tied around their body like a traveler.

    He wasn't scared of the princes and princesses, but how were they able to reach the Emperor's pavilion without their servants, what's more is that they are still wearing their inner garments, what if they got sick? The emperor would behead them if one of his treasures feel ill.

    ''Eunuch Hong, would you please tell father that we are here?'' Wang Fang who was already beautiful, was even more stunning when she asked the eunuch in her cute voice. The eunuch, who was already trained in controlling his emotions, was in a daze and suddenly blushed.

    Seeing his state, the siblings then high-fived each other. The war had yet to start, yet they already won the battle. Such trick really works all the time.

    Seeing Eunuch Hong's dazed-state, the siblings then barged in, and ran to hug their father.

    "Father!'' Ten child-like voices suddenly echoed throughout the whole room. The girls kissed their father while the boys, climbed up to cling to their father.

    The emperor laughed when he saw his and his children's state.

    "Father, we will sleep here with you." Li Ming answered.

    ''Yes, father, we will sleep here.'' They replied.

    ''Can we? Can we? Can we?'' The triplets replied.

    ''Of course, come.''

    ''Yes! You're the best father!" The emperor smiled at his children's childishness.


    The moment they step into his quarters, they immediately ate the snacks prepared on his table. The pair of triplets jumped around his bed, while some prepared a house made of the pillows that they carried.

    The emperor smiled at the scene, and immediately call the shadow guard who reported about his children. He told him to tell the worrying maids and his wives, and joined in to have fun with his children.

    The moment his eyes opened, he immediately felt that his body is heavy. He positioned himself, and saw his children's beautiful faces that were sprawled on his giant bed. His Xiu'er, Fang'er, and Li'er were laid on his chest, while his Yan'er together with his sons were all on his sides. He stroked their heads and kiss them before preparing for his morning duties.

    He was very happy to wake up and see his kids sleeping peacefully with him. He felt that this has been one of the fulfilling moment of his life. He was truly grateful for his life.
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