7 Peoples Thoughts

    Among the common people, the topic that they like to gossip about is the imperial family, most specifically the princesses.

    ''Among the nobles here in our kingdom, do you think someone could rival our princesses' beauty?'' A man asked curiously.

    ''Are you a fool? The moon would even hide its face when faced with the princesses, yet you asked? Such obvious answer, you shouldn't speak of such rubbish again, understood?'' a woman in her thirties said to the man.

    The man was surprised and frightened at the same time. He thought of how foolish he was to ask such question.

    ''But who do yo think stood out the most?'' An old man ask.

    "Why would you compare them to each other? They are all outstanding in their own ways, but to be honest, I really like Princess Wang Xiu. '' A middle aged man answered while his eyes sparked with admiration.

    ''I also like Princess Wang Xiu, she is the only one who could tame her sisters." They all laughed at the man's approval. After all, the princesses might not be afraid of their Imperial Father, but they sure would stop their antics when it comes to their sister.

    ''Are we not gonna talk about Princess Wang Fang's outfits? She looked like a Goddess when I saw her on one of the banquets.'' A nobleman joined in the conversation. His heart thumped loudly when Princess Wang Fang passed by him, she was very elegant. Even how she eats looks like it was from a painting. How he wish to be Princess Wang Fang's chopsticks.

    "They are all outstanding. Have you even watched Princess Wang Yan last Hunting Fest? She was amazing!" Another girl was all praise for the princess. She was very inspired by the princess when she saw her hold a weapon, she suddenly want to become a warrior like her!

    ''And Princess Wang Li who always gives out to the poor. What an angel!'' They were all touched by the princess' works. She even opened a store together with her siblings to pay for the common peoples food and clothings.

    ''Princess Wang Jing is the best! She might be the youngest but she could master an art with a glance. Such monster only exist in the palace!''

    They all heave a deep sigh, and wish to have the emperor's luck. The princes are already outstanding, and yet their princesses doesn't even lose an inch to their brothers' talents.

    Truly the proud sons and daughters of heaven, ah!
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