1 Successor.

    "I've done what you have asked."

    "I know, Anter. You did great."

    "Now give me my family."

    "But Of Course! But, mmm... There is a slight problem..."

    "We had a deal, Amir. Where is my family?"

    "Yes, we had a deal. You completed your part, and it's time for us to complete our part of this deal. But,...as I said, there is a slight problem here..."


    "I know that was the deal, but the government forces attacked our base! Our hideout! Those FUCKERS wiped everyone without even questions or bothering to take prisoners! Everyone is dead!"

    No way... My family is dead?... he is joking, right?... My father Amine, my mother Aisha, my dear wife Meriem, my son Djamal, my little daughter Soundous... All dead... can't be, right?


    "It's all over the news. You can see it yourself."

    Moving shakily toward the now turned-On TV, I watched as a news reporter delivered the latest urgent news.

    "Hello, with urgent news that we just received on the Algerian War Against Terrorism, We update you that at 06:00pm The special antiterrorist The Black panthers Team, or as it is known in Algeria as Farik Al-Fohoud Al-Sawdaa, launched a fast as lightning response to the new group of terrorists called 'The Fighters' or known as 'Al-Mokatiloun',Under the leadership of The King or known as Al-Malik, proclamation of the bombing of many civilians infrastructure in the capital city of Algiers. Which resulted in more than 6,000 thousands civilians and double that amount injured, and the numbers keeps on increasing.

    The fast response of the Algerian gouvernement astonished the world, because the Algerian gouvernement didn't even bother to negotiate with the terrorists for hostages release, nor the world countries who had some of their tourists as hostages. As I said, the attack was launched at 06:00pm today. The Algerian Antiterrorist Team, attacked the hideout of the terrorists without alerting the enemies, and wiping out the enemy without taking a single casualty. All The members related to this group be them men, women, kids were killed. When the humans Rights Organisation heard of this, they labeled the Algerian gouvernement as a savage gouvernement. The response to this was also fast as the Algerian gouvernement replied with I Quote 'We don't negotiate or interact with terrorists, we kill them. speak about the rights of the killed before the rights of criminals. Take your Bull** and go'. Many countries showed different attitude...."

    You are **ing kidding me...They...

    "Luckily your daughter survived, she was saved by some of our fleeing members, here is the address. Sorry about your loss, but think of your daughter and go fetch her right now!"

    "My Daughter! Give me the address!"

    My daughter is alive! there is still someone alive!




    "Amir, will the plan work?"

    "Of course, Carlos. What will the gouvernement do, when they find out the location of the bombs planter. After all he is hiding in that place... alone."

    "Poor guy, still thinks his family is alive."

    "Well pack up, our decoy is sent we need to prepare to escape."




    I arrived at a small, not that well maintained house. After checking the address I moved my shaking hands to knock on the door.



    "Come in."

    The first thing I saw when I entered the house, was a man who has the looks of a teacher.

    "Where is my daughter?"

    "Upstairs, sleeping. Listen, before you go to her,... Good Luck."

    At that moment I didn't know what he meant nor did I care to know, I didn't even bother to see him off. I run as fast as I can upstairs. found only one door, opened it.

    "Soundous! My Baby Girl! You Fath..."

    There was no one there. Only a white sheet of paper, I grabbed it with my shaking hands.

    "Hello brother, I thank you for your hard work in our war for peace, but war comes at cost. Sorry my brother, for we lied to you. Your family is gone, no survivors. Sorry again, for we sent you to your death. May you forgive us, and may we meet next time in Hell. yours, Amir."


    ...You are kidding me right?...


    Wiiiiwooo! Wiiiiwooo!

    Wiiiiwooo! Wiiiiwooo!

    "Police! Surrender your self!"

    ...You are **ing kidding...


    They are dead...




    "Islam, are the men ready?"

    "Yes, sir!"

    "Good, tell the speaker to keep on talking while we get close..."



    "What happened?"

    "No Idea, Sir."

    "Well, Who cares. Move in!"

    "Move! Move!"




    Fuck you!! You Are Playing a Joke with me fate! God!

    Why My Family! Why us! Fuck You!

    I'll Kill you All!! Every Fucking Person!!




    "Fuck you!"


    "** In!"

    Posh! Fuck a smoke Bomb!



    "Careful! Kamikaze!"






    "Fuck! That Was Close! What's the situation with the lads Islam?"

    "Good, Sir. Some injuries that will heal with time, Sir."

    "Good, Clean up here and let's leave."

    "Yes, Sir."




    "Hello, everyone! With More News on the Algerian War on Terrorists. Today the Algerian Antiterrorist team The black panthers, launched an attack on a small house in the streets of Bab Al-Wad in Algiers. Where the Bomber of today's bombing accident in the capital city of Algiers, Anter. Was hiding. The 35 Years Old Algerian named Anter, died with more than 15 bullets to the chest after a 'Kamikaze' charge. The Algerian Gouvernement....."




    "Wake Up, Anter."


    "We don't have much time if you want to see your family one last time."

    Family! Yes, my family!

    opening my eyes slowly, I saw only darkness, nothing more.

    "Good, now I can't let you talk to them or approach them, you can only see them from afar. Otherwise, we will be discovered and... dead."

    "Who are you?! Show Your Self!"

    "Ah, Sorry. Me? I'm the Devil. Why you can't see me? Easy, you see me, you will die from freight and fear."

    "...wooh, I don't care take me to see my family."


    Suddenly the scene changed, and we were high up in the skies.

    "Here they are."

    "Where? I only see birds flying."

    "Look closer, those are not birds, they are souls. Look there, here they are."

    Upon focusing, I saw them! happily flying upward, all of them together.

    "Take me closer!"

    "Can't and it's time to leave."


    And we were back to darkness.

    "Want to know why you are here, not with them?

    They are going to heaven. As for you, you were supposed to fly to hell, but I saved you."

    "Why saving me?"

    I was surprised at my sudden calmness.

    "Surprised? I removed your old attachment to them, I only left the desire for revenge. You can't even feel angry about that, right?"

    "Yes, I can't. Now tell me, Why save me."



    "Yes, My successor, The Demon King Successor. No, more questions."

    "Okay, now what?"

    "Now you will be sent to another world, You need to fight everyone there, including my enemies and their pawns, like the religious groups for example.

    Your Goal is to conquer that world, make it mine and yours. For doing that will give us both power, with more power I'll help you open a gate to Earth. Your revenge, and our conquest will then come to play.

    Now, go through that door. And don't disappoint me, Antar."

    "Okay. Just a question, I'm I allowed to do anything there?"

    "Yes, if you are strong enough to protect yourself."

    "I'll make you proud of choosing me as your successor."

    weird...Why did I say that.



    seeing him walking through the gate, I couldn't stop myself from murmuring

    "Don't disappoint me, and don't die, Anter....My son."



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