1 Prologue : The beginning

    It was just another boring day for Eric.

    Sleeping in school and training in the dojo everyday was the norm for plain ol Eric. He had no ambition to be anything great, after all there wasn't much Eric was good at other than fighting.

    Well he had to be good at fighting to survive. His parent had died while he was just a year old and he was adopted by his relatives. Needless to say, he wasn't treated well at all since his relatives only took care of him to take over his parent's assets. All his other cousins, would bully him constantly simply for the sheer pleasure they get from insulting him or beating him.

    It was all because of this that pushed Eric to mature faster and push himself so hard. He decided to train himself in several martial arts to train up his body including karate, boxing, muay thai and wrestling. Out of the seven days of the week, seven of them would be to train his martial arts. There was simply no time to waste for Eric.

    Since the age of 12, he trained relentlessly every single day till he became able to pummel his cousins even if they came at him together. Only this time, since they were beaten up by Eric, they complained to their parents. "What a bunch a pussies" thought Eric. Since he didn't want to listen to their scolding, he wouldjust apologise half-heartedly before leavung them.

    When he reched 18 years old, he decided to confront his relatives to cough out alll the assets they had stolen from his parents. He endured all their sneering and despise just to be able to reach the legal age and fight to get back what truly belonged to him, even to the point of bringing them to court to settle it. Luckily he was able to obtain back all the properties left by his parents but the money was all spent by them already and Eric had no way to get them back. Regardless Eric was truly happy that he didn't have to stand them any longer.

    Happiness didn't last long for Eric though, not even a year had passed since he got his freedom before the Earth started to change. Skies were turning red during the day and animals started to die with no reasons at all. Fights started to happen throughout the world but they were usually contained by the police before things escalated. For Eric however, a change was occuring to his body. he realised that he was able to read faster than before and memorised things easily. He started to have better stamina and was usually full of energy even if he didn't eat for the day. Regardless of how strange it was, Eric decided to ignore it, after all it was a good thing wasn't it?

    It was on that fateful day however that everything changed.
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