2 Chapter 1: The day of reckoning

    It was gonna be just another dull day for everyone. People were working as usual and life went on as usual for everyone.

    Eric was just going about his day when he felt a strange atmosphere dawning upon him. When he looked up, he saw the sky turn red all of a sudden and the sun turned dark as if there was an eclipse.

    He could hear car crashes happening outside of his dojo as he got up to go take a look. The traffic lights which were broken was switching into different colours every second and confusing all the drivers, causing chaos throughout the roads.

    From out of nowhere a scream echoed through the air as Eric exitted his dojo. A woman was sprinted at her top speed in her 3 inch heels while a crazed man was chasing after her. Even though Eric was lazy to deal with what he thought was an internal affair between those two parties, he still felt inclined to step up and help settle the problem.

    "Hey, stop running around. You guys can just settle the issue by talking." Eric lazily said. However, the male didn't even flinch as he continued chasing after the woman.

    "Great! Just another drunkard running around in broad daylight." Eric thought as he went forward to calm the agitated male.

    As Eric was about to stop the male, he was surprised as the male had lunged towards him . Even though Eric was surprised, he still managed to block the man's attack with his quick reflexes before noticing that the man's eyes were red in colour, similar to that of the sky right now. At that moment Eric could already sense how strange the situation was. What were the odds of a man having an outburst right in front of him at such a weird timing.

    Regardless he decided to quickly knockout the male first before deciding his next move. He used a quick chop to the neck of the man, hitting a nerve which would normally be able to knock even an athlete out. To his surprise however, the chop only served to agitate the man further as the man tried to take a bite out of Eric. This caused Eric to quickly punch the male in his temple to get himself some distance away from the male.

    "What the.." said Eric as he sensed how odd the situation was. Being a person in the modern world, he had obviously seen many movies and one of the genre he loved was that of zombie apocalypes. He especially loved the show The Walking Dead as they displayed the realism of what it was like in an apocalyptic world. As such, he could already feel that the situation he was in was more complicated than he thought, especially since the man looked just like the zombies of those shows. As the man continued to lunge towards Eric, he decided to quickly take down the crazed man with an overhead throw before giving a hard kick to the man's head.

    Blood spewed out of the man's head as the man stopped moving. Unbeknownst to Eric, a small worm like organism escaped through the man's body through the blood and moved away from the man.

    Even though Eric has had countless fights throughout his life, he had obviously never killed anyone before. As he realised what was happening, he started to feel a sense of despair and fear from within him.

    "What have I just done, did i just kill someone, will i go to jail?" were some of the thoughts that ran pass Eric's mind at that moment. However despite those thoughts, he quickly regained his composure and stopped thinking about it. After all his experiences, he thought that this wasn't much and he would just play by ear.

    He decided to go check up on the woman he was helping and found her collapsed on the floor behind the wall of his dojo just metres away.

    "Where did that man go?" she quickly asked.

    "I've chased him away already, don't worry."

    "Oh..Thanks so much for the help, my name is Vanessa, whats yours?"

    "Eric," he replied as he shaked her hand. Just as he was about to ask her about the situation, he heard a loud "boom!" coming from the road as he went out to have another look.

    What seemed like a scene from hell played out infront of him. There were zombies all around the streets attacking the people and he could even see a zombie feasting on the corpse of a man who died not long ago. Eric quickly ran back to the dojo and locked all the doors as he quickly assessed the situation. What in the world is going on right now!
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