3 Chapter 2: Understanding

    Eric immediately helped the girl back into his dojo before deciding to consider his next move.

    "Thanks." Vanessa softly said as she looked into Eric's eyes. However Eric was indifferent to her actions and felt that it was just customary to help others in need. He had no other intentions other than that, especially since he didn't care much about chasing after beauties or getting a girlfriend as his youth was spent trying to obtain what was truly his from his family. Vanessa was however unfazed by Eric's indifference but rather surprised.

    Unknown to Eric, Vanessa was actually one of his school campus's top 4 beauty and was known as the white lily, which symbolises chasitiy and virtue due to her kind and caring acts to her fellow peers. Even though she was from a common family and not rich, she could be considered one of the most suitable candidate as a girlfriend.

    "Well if your ok already you should leave." Eric said bluntly.

    "Huh..." Vanessa was so surprised at Eric's words as her mind blanked. "Could you please house me till the coast is clear, i mean i truly do not want to impose but i will be done for out there." Vanessa said sincerely.

    "Well suit yourself," as Eric left her alone to check the dojo warehouse. As the place which Eric often stayed, he would often buy and keep imperishable food in the warehouse as he was lazy to do much grocery shopping. Canned meat, canned fish, rice, beans, dried beans and oatmeals filled the whole storage room and bottles were stacked up right beside all the food. Looking at the water and food supply, Eric felt that the food and drinks could last about 6 months if shared between 2 people. He could just feel what a headache it would be to house Vanessa here and was thinking of how to make her leave.

    "Hey woman, when are you going to leave." Eric said.

    Vanessa was truly speechless at Eric's shameless behavior. In such a situation shouldn't he act like a gentleman and gracefully accept and take care of a frail woman like herself. However, she didn't dare to say that and just merely looked at him pitifully without saying a word.

    "How troublesome" Eric thought as he was rubbing his temple. Even though Eric wasn't a good samaritan, he still didn't make Vanessa leave as it would be as good as forcing her to her own death. He just decided to think about his next move as he knew his food supply wouldn't last forever and he needed to think of his bnext move.

    In such situation, Eric would just sit cross-legged in a meditative position and clear his mind before considering what to do. It was only when his mind is clear when he was able to make the best decisions. Ideas popped into his head like checking for news online and reinforcing his dojo windows and doors and immediately he went to work.

    "Well if you want to stay here, you will need to work for it woman." Eric said as he instructed Vanessa to use the wooden blocks to reinforce the windows first.

    Vanessa was not a pampered child and had to take care of her younger siblings since young as her parents had no time. As such she was able to accomplish her task without any whining although there were some mishaps along the way such as her not knowing how to reinforce the walls or where to find the wooden blocks, the task was still completed eventually.

    Eric then felt that having such an assistant wasn't too bad after all.

    After all the work, Eric then had to consider his next move. He quickly went to on his computer and search up information online.

    "The apocalypse have arrived!" was the top new article at that moment. It detailed the happenings going on outside and how zombie infestation has been going on in public, how the law enforcers are all nowhere to be seen and crimes are occuring all over the world.

    Eric who had no other family members didn't need to care about anyone else but it was a different case for Vanessa as she scrambled for her phone to call back to her family.

    "Ring Ring." the phone rang as no one picked up.

    It was then when Vanessa started to sob and cry as she considered the worst things occuring to her family. Eric who saw what happened wanted to comfort her but didn't know how to and thus decided to just leave, after all he truly couldn't understand how she was feeling, as the only family he had left all hated him to the core and wanted nothing to do with him.
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