1 Chapter 1- where there is Sakura there is trouble

    Sakura POV

    "Sakuraaaaaa come here! "I hear my mom scream from downstairs. I quickly tie my obi pin around my kimono and go to see if she needs any help.

    "What happen mom? Why are you screaming? "I ask her, she is a bit mad as she is chopping the vegetables very roughly. Yaa she is really in bad mood.

    "Sakura please see where Ryu is. I need him to go buy me some vegetables and other things. "Mom says quite annoyingly.

    "Mama i can go you know. I'm already sitting idle in the house. "She stops chopping and look at me.

    "Sakura wherever you go you always bring trouble so let it be. "She sigh and continue.

    "Mama pleasee. Petty please cherries on the top. "I say making the best puppy face ever. She chuckles before saying yes.

    I take my basket and go the the village market. Let just hope i don't meet him. I walk around greeting people and smiling at them.

    "But dear this is the best price you will get. "The vegetable seller argue.

    "I know that you are frauding money but i won't pay you more that's it. Last time the prize was the same. Suddenly it goes up? You got to be kidding me. "I say, he sigh before giving me the vegetables. I smirk and go further.

    "Please leave me alone. "I hear a sobbing and a crowd of people. I push a few and go to the center. There is a poor defendless girl crying while some men placing their filthy hand on her.

    All these people are not doing anything to help. What a shame!

    "Leave her alone you punk. "I yell loudly, they turn slowly and face me. Oh, they look so scary! Wrong decision Sakura! I motion the girl to run which she succeed.

    "Ohh nooo she ran away boss! "One of his fellow men say.

    "Let it be we already have one reserve here. "He says smugly before everyone turning to me. Wait!! He mean to say me? In real? Gahhhhh Sakura in what did you get meddle in!!

    They all starting to circle me. I can take them. I just need to be confident and strong.

    One of them lung at me, i dodge him and take my kodachi out of my obi. It is a small kodachi which is not that noticeable. I kick the other one with my leg and do a back flip and hit the other one in the head with the back of my kodachi. Thank god i has that with me.

    I take my belongings and quickly run away. They are catching up a bit fast. I zig zag in the alleys. I look behind to see if i lose them. They are not behind.. Wahh thank god. But where am i? I look all around. Uh oh where the hell am i?

    'She must be hiding somewhere. Look for her properly '

    'Yes boss'

    Oh no they are near by what should i do? I see many men talking and getting in a building so i blend in them and go in.

    I sigh a relief but is this a brothel? I see man flirting with the well dress women. Oh no Sakura where did you get in!

    "You are the new girl right! Woahhh you are such a beauty. Come we will do your make-up and dress you up. "

    Whattttt? I'm not!!

    "No I'm no-"she drags me by force. God in what trouble did i get into?
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