2 Chapter 2 - you are such a perver

    Sakura POV

    Oh finally she is done. I have to tell her that i don't work here. And all these things are making it heavy to walk.

    "Oh you are a natural beauty. I'm sure the client will really like you. It's your first time right? Don't worry everything will be alright. "She doesn't even give me time for an explanation before pushing me into a random room. She whisper in my ears before leaving.

    "Be careful not to make the client angry. This is of the superiority class. "With that she leave me with maybe an old perverted man inside. I smell the air around it smell like smoke. Someone smoking?

    I turn around and see a handsome guy sitting.

    His eyes are closed while he releases the smoke.

    "Ahh they better send a beautiful girl otherwise they will pay. "He says, he is so mean. I huff and look at him.

    He opens his eyes and stares at me. His eyes widen when he sees me.

    "Woahhh such a beauty! Didn't know that i will get such a nice income for my work. "He says while scooting toward me. He is dangerous. He come too close for my liking. Thank God i have my Kodachi with me.

    One wrong move and he is gone.

    "Why are you so shy? Is it your first time? Do you want me to undress you? "He smirk which cause me to look at him with disgust. He is really getting in my nerve. Stupid pervert!

    I will play along! I get up and go behind him. I take out my Kodachi and grip him hard from behind while pointing my Kodachi at his neck. He starts to laugh. Is he for real?

    "Oh my God i did not expect a woman to hold a Kodachi to me I-"he once again starting to laugh.

    In a swift movement he tackle my Kodachi and pin me to the ground.

    "You see this where going me above you, you under me. "He smirks and leans towards me. His grip is hard on me.

    "I know you are not a brothel worker. "He whispers in my ears causing my heartbeat to beat faster than ever.

    "My my, you look so cute with that face. I wish i could take you on right now. "Ok now that was a serious problem. He is more dangerous than the other men.

    Knock knock!

    "Sorry to disturb you sir but we need our worker right this moment. "A voice says behind the door. My savior!!

    I quickly get up so Mr Pervert. I make my way to the door so do him.

    "Please come quickly. Only you are missing down! "She says without throwing me a glance and go. I follow her in a large room.

    Wow!  It's so luxurious!

    There are many other brothel workers outside. They all stop talking and look at me.

    'Is she new? '

    'She is so beautiful! '

    'Why can't i be like her? '

    'Her beauty match of Lady Akane '

    They are  all talking about me till one voice silence them.

    "Silent please! "A warm voice from behind the shileds says. A woman, well dress highly qualified kimono, she wears. Without make-up she looks like an angel. So beautiful!

    Every brothel workers bow to her slightly, i copy the same movement. She looks at me and smile.

    And here come those bandits.

    "I want my girl back. I know she is hiding here. She is my wife. "Wow!  What a lie!

    Since when i am his wife? His eyes scans the room till it lands on me.

    "There she is! "He comes my way and grips my hand hard.

    I try to move away but in vain. In a swift movement he is on the floor moaning of pain.

    "Don't touch her she is mine! "A voice says.

    Ohh that's the guy in the suite with me. He pulls me in his arms. What is he doing?

    "Seems you like to get in trouble my wifey. "He whispers in my eyes making me all red and not to mention at what speed my heart is beating that I'm afraid if he gets to know.

    "He is lying. He is a low life bandit which tries to have 'fun' with innocent girl. "He explains so swiftly while the man was looking like he gets caught in his lie..

    That beautiful Lady whom i get to know is Lady Akane, she informs the royal guards immediately and lock the bandits away.

    "Sorry Lady Akane, I'm not a worker here. I just try to escape from them! Thank you, you believe me!  "I say while bowing down for a sign of forgiveness. She laughs and help me to get up.

    "Don't thank me, thank that young man of yours. He helps you. "She points towards the pervert which is currently smirking at me.

    I walk towards him.

    "T-t-thank you for helping me. "I say honestly because he did help me. I look away from him because it's too awkward.

    He lifts my chin up, and peer in my face.

    Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

    Crazy heart, stop beating so fast!

    "It's ok, i will collect my reward later. I got to go for now. Bye bye love! "He says before kissing in my left cheek.

    And he leaves quickly!

    I-i-i....  That bastard!  He gonna pay when i meet him again...
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