3 Chapter 3 - savior

    Sakura POV

    When i reach home, it was already dusk. I think that maybe mom would scold me but she was very worried.

    I lay in my futon and think about what happen today. And then the kiss!

    I grip the futon and clench my teeth. That stupid bastard!

    My heart races at the mention of the kiss. Yet it was not a kiss lips to lips. I blush furiously and cover my face with my hands.

    "Sakura sis! "I turn around and see Ryu, standing with his pillow in his hand in his night robe.

    "Ryu, what happen? "I ask him and scoot him near me.

    "I can't sleep! "He says. He came and lays in my futon. I stroke his head till he falls asleep!

    °°°°°°°next morning°°°°°°°

    I wake up and see that Ryu is already up that left only me. I go in my elder brother's room. His room is still the same. Tears prick my eyes threatening to fall down my cheeks.

    My elder brother, Baryu, was killed in a war. In a stupid war!  The thing that i hae the most is WAR! I lost him! I open his wardrobe and see his hakama. I take any random and wear it. I tie the sash around it securing it. I breathe in his scent.

    Tears form in my eyes. His scent was still lingering in it. I tie my hairs in a high ponytail and go to the kitchen.

    "Morning mama! "I say and give her a kiss in the cheeks, she laughs and says good morning!

    "Where's Ryu? "I ask her as i start making the dango.

    "He went to buy some essential oil and some spices. Can you go look for him? He is probably playing around! "Mama says while sighing. Ryu is still a kid so he goofs around. I put in my sandal and go to the market.

    I walk around the boutique hoping to see Ryu instead i saw him. Ahhh you must be wondering who! The head of Imperial soldier. He is such a fasto, i wonder how he becomes head. Oh yeah how could i forget, his sister weds one of the head that's why!

    He is always after me, wanting to marry me. I think of a way to escape him before he notices me! Thanks to the hakama i look more like a man, and you must be wondering about me chest, i don't like to show that much so i had wrap and cloth around  it and the hakama was a little big. I did not wear any gloss so not making me look like a lady type.

    I pass through him trying to hide my face a bit till i hear his voice.

    "Wait! Turn around! "He says, his annoying voice piercing through my ears.

    I turn around slowly to see him looking at me confusedly.

    "Who are you? "He asks me. And **! What will i say?

    "H-h-hotar-r-ru". I stutter a bit, as i have to deepen my voice.

    "Huhhh! "He grab me by the collar, as that moment i become so scare that i start to tremble.

    "Hey you! What are you doing?" a deep voice from behind says! He quickly let go of my collar and says there was something in my face.  I turn to see that man, i am shock to be precise. It is a young and handsome man.

    "I'm Sasuke, General of King Katsu! "As soon as those words left his mouth i am speechless to be says.
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