4 Chapter 4 - meeting him again

    Sakura POV

    At that time i don't even know what to say as i hears that this guy is General of king Katsu!

    Fear overtake me as i watch him approach us. What is he going to do?

    "Mister you are requires to come with me in the court. "I gasp at what he says. Are they going to kill me? Make me their servant? At least the second one is better!

    "B-b-but what did i do? "I manage to squeak out. His intense gaze just make it hard to breathe!

    "You need to come with me. As a general i can't ignore what happen. It is consider as a harassment. So whether you like it or not you ARE coming with me! "From the tone he uses i know it is not and order but a statement. Be good and kind Sakura otherwise you won't live to see tomorrow sunrise!

    I gulp down and nodd weakly. We come to a halt. I stop and see horses and some soldiers. Sasuke gestured me to ride a horse on my own. Thankfully i know how to ride one.

    •••••2 hours and 30 minutes later•••••

    We finally arrive at the Lord house. I jump of the horse and Sasuke tells me to follow him.

    There's just me and him. I don't know i feel so nervous right now! Am i going to see Lord Katsu? As an instinct or what i get goosebumps on my hand and the hairs in my neck go straight!

    "Sasu where are you gojng? "A voice, i recognize says. I look up and see Mr Pervert smirking at Sasuke.

    Sasuke move out of my way and Mr Pervert eyes land on me. I couldn't read his facial expression.

    "This guy here got caught up in harassment by the fatty Imperial! I'm here to file a case Sakuya! "He says with a neutral face.

    "You can leave Sasuke. I will see it to myself. "Mr Pervert oops sorry, Sakuya tells Sasuke. I so desperately want Sasuke to stay even if he is mean or rude at least i would not be with this!

    "So what's your name? "He asks me out of blue!

    "Haruto! "I manage to say without stuttering. He smirks and come close to me.

    Ahhh stupid me! I don't know why he always comes close to me and makes my heart beats soooo fast!

    Thump!  Thump!  Thump!  Thump!

    I'm afraid that he will hear it!

    "So Haruto, nice to meet you. Hope i will get to know you more better! " OMG!  The way he says it makes me more worried about myself!

    Doea he know I'm not a boy? Instead a girl?

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