5 Chapter 5 - he is satan

    Sakura POV

    "W-w-w-where are we going n-n-now? "I stammer while talking to Sakuya. He just smirks while me chasing behind him like a loss puppy. He just keep going in different halls. Suddenly he just stop causing me to bump into him.

    He gives me a sword. His eyes are looking all around like a predator looking at its prey and i swear at this moment  i could feel the drops of sweats rolling down my face.

    In a brief moment i come in contact with hard like rock surface. I look at it carefully and see Sakuya smirking. I am in his arms. Oh my god! So embarrassing. And also we are under attack i can see.

    There are many men in disguise, covering their face and they are fast too like professional ninjas. But one thing i have to admit they are of no match to Sakuya.

    "Hey potato hurry up and use that sword if you want to survive! "He taunt me and clearly making fun of me.

    "Or is that being a man you still can't use a sword? "He laugh while the others 'attempt' to harm him.

    "First my name is Haruto not potato... "I say while defending myself.

    "And second who told you i can't defend myself? "I glare at him before blocking the attack.

    "Ok then i won't do anything p o t a t o. "He mischievously calls me potato to get on my nerves and he has the audacity to sit and watch them attack me.

    Thanks to the art martials i successfully defended me after all i was a general sister.

    Maybe i was too quick to celebrate because one of them pull my hakama causing me to fall down and he is about to strike me with a knife when in a sudden he is thrown over.

    And yeah you guess right Sakuya is in front of me acting as my knight in savior again.

    He helps me to get up as usual there is a smirk on his face. Stupid Sakuya!

    "Any way potato you can't leave now! "I look at him in disbelief.

    "Are you being serious? "I ask him clearly annoy with him.

    "Yes potato! "He smirks at me.

    "Don't call me potato and why can't i? Why am i supposed to listen to you? "I just want to add 'idiot' on the end but i manage to control myself.

    "Because I'm... "They way he us saying is scaring me a bit.

    "I'm the lieutenant. "Sorry? What did he just say? Did i hear right? Lieutenant? Him? I thought that he was going to say satan. Cause he is satan!.

    "You are lieutenant? Wow! I think the king is out of his mind. He appointed you as his lieutenant? He is blind, well-"before i could continue a strong and powerful voice stop me in my tracks.

    "I'm not blind! "

    What mess did i got in now? I slowly turn around.
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