1 The First Kill

    A small log cabin, hidden on the edge of the white river national park could be seen in the distance. A small trail of smoke could be seen rising from the chimney. Three armoured black SUV's were parked in a line beside the cabin. Each SUV had two flags attached to the front left and right of the vehicles, they resembled the American flag. Eight guards could be seen around the perimeter of the cabin, each guard carrying some kind of high tech assault rifle and wearing full black tactical gear.

    approximately 1.5km away, unable to be seen by the naked eye was a person, lying on the ground with a ghillie suit. The Sniper was faced towards the cabin, looking through the scope on a rifle that didn't look like anything that could be bought in a store. The rifle had some wooden and metal parts on the body, a large barrel and three rings giving off a dull blue glow on the barrel close to the body.

    There was movement at the cabin, an armed guard carrying a device that contained some sort of satellite dish exited the cabin. Shortly after he left the cabin he began pointing the machine in different directions. After he had pointed the device in a full 360 degrees he opened the cabin door and three more men exited. Two were armed guards, the one in the middle however was a man who looked in his 50's. The man wore a Expensive looking suit with a pin on it, the pin was same flag as the cars, he had a very strong build and almost white hair. He remained in between the two guards as they moved towards the middle vehicle.

    The distant sniper began to ready himself from the moment the man exited the cabin. The Sniper twisted a small dial on the side of the rifle, it then began to give off a low pitched hum. The sniper had his hand on the trigger waiting for the perfect moment. As the grey haired man was about to reach the door the the vehicle the sniper pulled the trigger. The bullet did not immediately fire, the rings on the gun that were previously blue turned red and the quiet hum became much louder. After a brief moment the car door was opened, and the guards moved to allow the grey haired man to enter the vehicle the rifle fired.


    The Rifle jolted upwards from the force of the shot, the red rings on the gun began to turn back to blue. Some dust could be seen rising into the air, along with some smoke that was released from some holes in the muzzle.

    The bullet had pierced the grey haired man's head, knocking his lifeless body back a few meters. The loud noise of the rifle followed slightly after, all the guards standing In shock. The guards closest began to take action grabbing the grey haired man's body and moving him into the middle vehicle. The middle vehicle then began to drive erratically away from the cabin, while the remaining guards began to spread out and hurry in the direction of the sniper.

    The guards quickly covered the ground to the distance of where the sniper should have been, keeping a look out for any movement. They reached the position where the sniper had been laying, there were clear marks from the gun and the sniper who had been positioned there. There was no sniper anywhere to be seen, it would have been easy for him to disappear due to the terrain. The sniper was position on a slight rise,in the time the guards snapped out of their confusion he would have been able to move behind the rise and slip away. The only thing that remained was a white envelope in the position where the sniper had been laying.
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