2 The First News Repor

    On top of a small cabinet in the corner of the dimly lit cabin was a TV. The TV flashed as a breaking news banner flashed across the screen, images began to show of the cabin where the shooting had occurred. Police tape sectioned off the cabin, with lots of police trying to keep reporters away.

    "Yesterday the Senator Edwin Bunton was shot whilst leaving his cabin nestled in the White River national park. Early reports indicate that the team tasked with the protection of the Senator were using the latest AG detector, the AGS-3X. The AGS-3X should be capable of detecting AG sniper rifle for up to 4.5kms. The implication of this shooting could be cataclysmic to modern day society. If someone has manage to create an AG rifle that can shoot further than 4.5kms or has been able to block the signal of the AG rifle, who knows how many shootings might appear. The shooter's motive is still unclear at this stage, but there are reports a letter has been found by the Senators guards believed to be from the shooter. The police are holding a press conference in a few moments, we will hear from the lead investigator and hopefully learn some more information".

    A man was positioned infront of the TV, Sitting on a wooden chair. He had black hair that was starting to turn grey and a beard that was neatly kept. His skin was covered in scars and his left arm and leg were both missing. His left arm was replaced with some kind of metal holder that looked specifically made. As the news report played he let out a cold smile, hatred could clearly be seen in his eyes. Over his shoulder, in the corner lay the ghillie suit and the rifle used by the shooter. The man turned, grabbed a knife off the table beside him and threw it at a picture on the wall. It pierce the picture of the person dead center, the picture was of the Senator Edwin Bunton. Six other photo's were positioned next to the photo of the senator with the knife stabbed into it. The man's attention was drawn back to the TV as the police press conference was beginning.

    A young man in his mid 20's stood in the middle of the press conference, all the microphones focused on him. He had short black hair, a fancy suit and a very confident look as he face the reporters. "My name is Connor Maddox, I am the lead investigator in the shooting of Senator Bunton. The information that can be released so far is that approximately 11AM the senator was shot and killed, we can confirm that the team was using the AGS-3X detector. The AGS-3X has been sent off for testing to determine if it was faulty or tampered with. The senators family has been notified and them and the other senators will have a police stationed outside there residences. the shooter has not been apprehended at this stage, but we are following some leads to try discover the shooter. I will now answer some questions from press."

    "Was there a letter found? Was it left by the shooter? And can you tell us any of the details from the letter?" a reporter yelled straight away.

    "Yes there was a letter recovered, believed to have been left where the shooter too his shot. It is believed to have been left by the sniper. At this stage we are unable to release any further details on the letter." Connor replied calmly, it looked like he had conducted many press conferences in the past.

    a lady wearing a suit positioned in the front row of the press conference raised her hand and began to speak. "Was the letter found at the site the shot was taken from? if so, how far away was the shot taken from? Have there been any discoveries in regards to a motive? and are there any suspect in the investigation currently?"

    Connor stared at her keeping his confident demeanor, her questions seemed more deliberate and and he was sure she would have more. " The letter was found at the site where the shot is suspected to have been taken from. The site is approximately 1.5km's from the cabin where the Senator was shot". The reporters looked around at each other shocked by this information, before they could interrupt Connor continued. " As I stated earlier, the AGS-3X unit is being tested to determine if it was faulty. The motive behind the shooting is still being investigated, there are clues in the letter but at this stage we are unable to release more information about the letter. We are following many leads in regards to finding the shooter, including some clues in the letter. At this stage in the investigation we do not have a suspect to release though."

    Many of the journalists were still recovering from the information about the distance the shot was taken from, this range was well within the capabilities of the AGS-3X. While they were considering new questions, a Young man at the back of the crowd spoke up "Is this sniper related to the Compliance Regime?". Every one turned to look at him, showing faces of disapproval.

    "At this stage there has been no established link with the Compliance Regime, this includes all that was mentioned in the letter. This is no declaration of war or assassin sent by them, the investigation is a murder investigation and nothing more. That is all we have time for today, we will continue to update the press as more information comes to light" Connor Turned and began to leave straight away, he didn't want to give the reporters time to speculate on the Compliance Regime.

    On the TV in the cabin the screen swapped from the press conference back to the news anchor, the anchor looked slightly unprepared as he spoke. "There were alot of interesting details in that press conference, the distance of the shot, the letter and currently not knowing the motive. We will cover all this in our 7pm report, for now it's over to Janine for the weather". The man watching the report was smiling as he turned the TV off. He began to write something on the piece of paper on the table beside him.
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