3 The State of the World

    The Year is currently 2038, for the last two years the world has been relatively peaceful. Prior to this period of peace however there was WWIII, known as the war that destroyed countries. The main cause of this war was further sanctions imposed on Russia. They refused the sanctions and began to prepare for war if other countries tried to enforce them. Led by President Kingsly R Fenton America would not have Russia Intimidate the world and set off a chain of events that led to WWIII. WWIII Officially began on the 17th of December 2034, the first attack was launched by Russia as a Show of strength. The Attack was carried out on Alaska, with it being so close to Russia Many people lost their lives. After that first attack it went back and forth each trying to protect their own country and stop incoming attacks whilst trying to destroy the other.

    The US and Russia were at a stalemate for the majority of conflicts, but Russia was not only attacking the US. Russia Had formed some alliances The most notable was with North Korea and China, but also with some countries from the middle east. With the alliance of these countries they decided to all gather under a single entity the Compliance Regime. The Compliance Regime is headed by three men, the leaders of Russia, North Korea and China. With their new power they began to expand their borders, all of Europe, most of Asia and some African countries all became part of the Compliance Regime by force.

    The US tried to create their own Alliance to gather support from the other countries. There were some that would not join but most did, mainly to try and secure their safety and out of fear of the Compliance Regime. Thus New America was created, known commonly as NA and had a flag similar to the Current US flag. New America was not as strong as the Compliance Regime but instead of people fighting out of fear they had people fighting for their country. New America also had some great tacticians which led to the alliances becoming more even. New America has 10 Senators who were initially elected, there has not however been a new election since the NA was created.

    For an unknown reason the Compliance Regime offered a temporary truce, the NA agreed and this came into effect on the 11th of July 2036. No one knows how long it will last, and there have been many different theories as to why the truce was called in the first place. The advancement of the world was greatly impacted by the war, but as the truce came into effect growth begin to stabilize again. The main industry that really flourished during this time was the weapon manufacturers. Many deadly weapons were created, but the one that took the spotlight was the Auto Guided rifles.

    The Auto Guided Rifles or AR Rifles became used in many assassinations on prominent figures in New America, these however were never linked to the Compliance Regime. The AR Rifles were truly terrifying, they have an effective range of roughly 2km and the scope of the rifle will accurately show where the bullet will travel. Wide spread unrest followed when the first couple of assassinations occurred, that was then the first model of AG detector arrived. There were many problems with the initial couple of versions but the AGS-3X had been tested to be 100% successful up to 4.5kms. With the new AGS-3X many assassination attempts were foiled and multiple shooters were arrested. Many people and companies had tried to find a way to find a way to remotely hack an AGS-3X or to find a way to hide the AR rifle from the detector, Luckily no one has been successful so far. One problem though was the cost of the AGS-3X, it was so expensive that only people with a billions of dollars could afford it.

    During the war time the company Red Dawn Inc. were selling the AG rifles to the NA to further their efforts in the war. The Compliance Regime had very similar technology and the NA wanted to level the playing field by obtaining these. The NA had tried to recreate an AG rifle from one they managed to obtain by killing a Compliance Regime Sniper, but they were unsuccessful. When the truce was implemented the Red Dawn Inc. continued selling but to anyone not just the NA government. The Na tried to shut down the Red Dawn Inc. as the AG rifles were becoming a big problem in the hands of criminals. They were unsuccessful though as the company called Red Dawn Inc. went into hiding. Some people believed that Red Dawn Inc. was tipped off by someone within the government but nothing was proven. Red Dawn Inc. continued to operate via a website, that would give a location. To get access to the website you had to pay 10,000 dollars, once you have access it will show a new location every hour. At the location there would be a black box, it would have bullet proof glass on top so that you could view the AG rifle inside. The boxes are dug into the ground and concreted in so they cannot be easily removed, one of the boxes had tried to be removed by the police but explosives were discovered below it. On one side it has a code that relates to a bank account and an amount of 250,000 displayed, once the amount is deposited into the account the box will open. Initially the police were watching the boxes looking to arrest people found buying the AG rifles. The buyers were initially very cautious after the first couple of arrests made. As time went on though the police were unable to keep up with the amount of boxes that had locations given and this has lead to criminals being able to get there hands on the AG rifles.
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