4 The Letter

    Connor stared at the letter left by the shooter, carefully studying everything about it (not that there was much to study). The letter had 7 images on it, they were all pictures of senators in the NA. Above the seven images were four words. "These Men Must Die". Connor believed that there must be some kind of hidden message in this letter. Most criminals want to tell why they are committing their acts, trying to boast or to try and convey the message they want to get across. This Letter does not, It gives the intended targets. The targets could be false and to mislead the police, or they could be correct, which means either the person is so confident they will succeed that the shooter wants to taunt the police or the person wants to be found.

    Connor was lost in thought staring at the letter as his an imposing figure entered his office from the door behind him. The man stood behind Connor, watching him deep in thought. He Cleared his throught, which made Connor snap back to reality. Connor spun around in his chair, not surprised by the person standing behind him. It was the director of the FBI standing behind him, Connor was a FBI agent who had been quickly making waves. The Director had noticed Connor's calm demeanor and his incredible problem solving skills, he had him work on many difficult cases and Connor did not disappoint. If there was a leader board for the amount of cases closed and the difficulty of the cases Connor would be leading. This was what lead to him being the lead investigator assigned to the case of Senator Edwin Bunto's Shooting.

    "You're as calm as ever, have you made a decision on what to do in regards to the letter". The Director had was interested to hear Connors thoughts on the letter, there were many things to consider for this decision. Connor paused slightly giving on more look at the letter. "Something Is wrong with this letter, I feel that these are the shooter's targets and that he may in fact attempt the shootings in the order that these men are listed in." The Director had a slightly puzzled expression on his face, so Connor felt he had to explain further.

    "There is no motive given in these letters , so it is hard to determine what the point of this letter is. I believe that this shooter does not care whether he gets caught or not. The letter is not taunting or bragging, usually they will have much more written in those types of letters. We should obviously provide police protection to each senator, but i would focus our attention on the second person on the list. We know from the testing that the AGS-3X was not faulty, so we should not rely on it for trying to determine the location of the shooter. We should use infrared scopes to try and detect the shooter. From the range that the shooter took his shot from, the infrared scopes should work. Infrared scopes are also quite rare and not used much anymore so this may catch the shooter off guard".

    The Director thought for a second, considering all that Connor had said. "OK that plan seems viable, proceed with preparations. Begin the operation as soon as possible, we need to apprehend the shooter quickly as there has been a lot of pressure from the senators". The Director turned and exited the room, Connor would have liked to hear the directors thoughts on the letter but knew the Director didn't like to speculate on things. Connor turned back to the desk and began to organize the Officers who would be tasked with using the infrared sniper rifles.

    Connor determined that they would have a rotating shifts, two men assigned at all times to survey the surrounding area. The team would have a total of 6 agents with each team taking 8 hr shifts. Each of the men selected were proficient in Non AG rifles, and should have no problem keeping watch during this operation. Connor knew that in the armory they would have some rifles with infrared scopes so he sent off a request for them to be released for the operation.

    The second Senator on the list, was Senator Colman Winslow. He was not very liked, many people stated that he was only in the senator position to increase his power and wealth. Connor was considering the location which would be best to try and apprehend the sniper. It had to seem natural as if the location had not been pre organised, somewhere that the shooter would expect also. He had narrowed it down to a couple of locations, But decided the best would be the Senator's Mansion. It has windows that are positioned well for the plan, the property is large and doesn't have too much cover which would make the shooter hard to locate.

    Connor didn't want to waste any time, as he didn't know how quickly the shooter might carry out his plans. As soon as he was approved by the armory to have the infrared sniper rifles he went and gathered the 6 agents that were assigned to the mission. They proceeded to the armory once gathered and collected the rifles, they also got prepared in their usual tactical gear. Once equipped with their gear they headed to a near by elevator, went up a couple of levels and then exited the building through a long corridor. They were in a Garage of sorts, housing many heavily armored vehicles. The 6 men loaded in to the back of a large black heavily armored SUV, whilst Connor got in the front passenger seat. The driver was already in the vehicle, as soon as everyone entered the vehicle they set off to the Senator's Mansion.


    In the cabin the shooter was hunched over writing a new letter in preparation. This letter was not a short letter like the previous one, he was still writing and it was currently a couple of paragraphs long. To the back of the room, below the pictures of the 7 Senators three laptops are positioned on some fold up chairs. On the left side on the laptops is the NA logo and looked like they were military tech. The laptop on the left was currently showing a birds eye view of the Senator's Mansion while the other two had two other properties.

    On the laptop on the left, the armored SUV arrived at the front on the Senator's Mansion, Connor and the others could be seen exiting the vehicle. As they exited the vehicle a red light on the side of the laptop turned on and a small beep sounded as well. The shooter turned from his letter and hurried to the laptop, he watched as Connor and the others were greeted by two guards and entered the mansion. He had let slip a smile as he quickly hurried back to his letter and began writing more enthusiastically.
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