4 heaven controlling monarchy technique

    with very careful and thoughtful calculations and thinking Mazem said before I made my decision I want to ask can't I choose all three ,in small voice ???...beep..answering the host can't be choosed but it can be altered with another wish.. wich in fullfilling system will help the host... OK then which wish would include all three .asked Mazem excitedly ....answering the host ..host can alter the wish to either

    to make the strongest sect

    to make the strongest empire's

    to make the strongest family

    to  make strongest organization....

    stop..stop..I know ..I have decided I will choose the strongest empire ...hehehe I will make the strongest empire even greater than Nile empire ,an empire which will last till eternity...(-.-)and I will have millions of angels like beautiful concubines serve me...hehehehe(>_<)

    beep...new wish had been selected...host as a future emperor please be self posed...and please note in future host main way(dao)should be way of emperor.. then Mazem remembers that although he was a top cultivater in his last life but at present he haven't even starting cultivation... just as he was thinking there came voice again as a future emperor of cosmos and the strongest creature host should start cultivating... there is starting pack for host please take a look at inventory...after which Mazem sight starting blurry and when he open his brown eyes he was at hospital room ...there at side his maidservant was sleeping with a line of drool coming from her mouth...he didn't wake her up but tooks a look at his inventory there he saw a stopwatch of older times laying there timer being set 1 minute and a book whose pages made of animal skin and a folded paper overlapped at least nine times and a scroll which look like it has came from ancient times.. at first he took out scroll it was a cultivation techniques 'heaven controlling monarchy technique'-it has fourteen levels at every two level he could make one of his avatar from heaven and earth and he wouldn't die unless all of them are killed at once otherwise if one is killed other may remake it . although he has seen many techniques but he had never seen one like this one.. oh ! my it must be at least nebula level high grade techniques from the legends or may be above rank...he thought as he start cultivating and started to gather source energy present around to cultivate his first level of body tempering-skin reforming ..
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