6 Lucky timer

    father...Mazem's intelligence has been restored and he has also start cultivating ,although i don't know from where he got the cultivation teq..and according to recording that suction of source qi* was also from him and Ellis also informed me that it was him...

    well it's a good thing..see what are his thoughts and if he want sent him to grassland continent when he reaches bone refining stage although it will take few months with his tested talent...and little third what is happening in capital silver horn city...the man asked he was Lionel's Silva father of Andrew and grandpa of zem and he was said to be and shown to dead 10 years before.....something is going on with king as he is searching for longevity pills and medicine everywhere ...it is known to every one that his life is coming to end soon,  hmmm..look like chaos is coming soon.I think we should start preparing our army to take on capital as soon as he died as he only has a daughter of 17 years and she is not either interested in politics and nor those old fogy will accept her as her king spoke 4th seated one ...it look like the royal family will change there surname this time said said the 9th seated one ....hmmm lets keep in touch with every news regarding capital and those families who are eyeing the throne.said the main seater ...and what's going with testing of virtual reality lens...its same century problem we can't improve the problem of brain damage... answered the second seater...keep trying with it we will have a very big help...

    at same time Mazem was cultivating in source qi gathering formation which was laid there although it was not too advanced like his last life's super array but for now it was OK.as he started array formation qi started emerging more and more so he started cultivating by sitting and starting refining his skin which with every refining started changing color from skin color to black iron color he know about it as given in 'heaven controlling monarchy techniques' after black color skin it will change to bronze colour then silver than golden..according to it won't take more than 3 days to complete the skin refining stage and moving to muscle refining ..after three days when he came out of bathroom as he was cultivating three days without stop for food and water and there was a sense of hardness in his soft and even more fair skin..which in complete refining turn back to skin color with oily layer on top of skin so after a shower and food bring by Ellis he took out the stopwatch and asked..system what is this and what is this time left showing..beep..system has given the host

    # lucky timer

    it could make your luck soar for given amount of time

    like sir is doing lucky draw or any thing related to luck it will help you

    warning to host:please use it carefully

    yes..yes.I know ....mmm let's see where should I use them ..ohh yes didn't I have those mysterious lucky balls which inflict bad luck on trying to open it..let's try it on it thought zem as he took a ball and started examining it ..
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