7 mysterious scroll

    in ball there was a button to open it..Mazem press the button and waited for it to start open the lucky timer in hand to press it as  ball open..after pressing ..he waited... waited... and waited but nothing happens...

    what the hell is it broken or something ..why it is not opening.. system  aren't you something tell me what's the problem why it is not opening and what's this foreboding feeling ...beep..replying the host...you have keep pressing it for 30 second and install the source qi in it as of now which you don't have and for host forbidden feeling it came because of bad luck halo it left on host...

    ohhh.no this is not a good thing, and how do turn my luck to normal

    ..beep..host have to open the same ball for nullify it...

    then how should I open it ?? system you can open it right ??

    ...system can open it for host but will take wish points ..

    wish points ??what's that ??

    beep...replying host wish point are points which you earn by completing the task issued by system....there are other functions also ..asking host to check....since this is first time the system will do it for free but from next time it will cost the host...with which the lucky ball start shining the black and golden light ...when Mazem saw it he hurriedly activate the lucky watch....

    [vyooo vyooo vyooo]


    came the voice as if some very old lock has been opened ...and then something came into view,it was a scroll and the ball start splitting into small parts and then vanish in heaven and earth... zem saw the time in timer has been reduced to 35 sec so he immediately stopped it,before running towards the scroll but then other problem occurred as he was unable to open the scroll...zem almost starting weeping as he asked oh! my dear system what is problem now why its not opening 😨

    ..beep..replying the host the problem lies within you ,your cultivation is too low for opening the scroll..

    only after knowing did his mood got better.. then what's the cultivation needed to open it

    ..beep...host need to have at least solidifying stage cultivation for opening it...

    ohhh..then let's leave it for now ...let's check the system for now ...system what are you,from where. and what can you do and what is function of wish points ???asked zem one after another as he walked towards his bed.

    beep..system is a helper of host ,it will help the host in full filling his greatest wish...and for system came from where host has to know it yourself..and wish points are points which host need to buy anything from system store ..which you can open by saying 'store' either in heart or by tongue.. you can get wish points by completing either task from task board or by completing any hidden quest or main quest ...if host want to see information about yourself,then host have to just say status and it will become visible to only host..system also has other function waiting for host to discover.
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