8 refining flesh , Artificial intelligence

    after a good sleep,and food ,zem went back to  cultivation as he has a forbidden feeling that a storm is coming..as he went into refining his flesh which he started refining.. it's like someone soaking you into hot spring water and next moment drying only after 9 hrs,did the cycle stop then started the next process where one minute it was like ants biting then another moment it was like someone tickling you,this process went for almost 15 hrs,although it should also take only 8 to 10 hrs,same as first process but it took near dubble the time although he was able to indure the ant biting pain he was unable to indure the tickling even with his will and he have to do it in singles chance which make him unable to do it in a chance as he would started laughing.... man it sure was a test for my will rather than my flesh it should be for will tempering...

    ..beep..host it was following the concept of hard and soft ..

    yeh..I know ,let's Continue with refining...the last it should be fire-ice tempering..it would take about 20 hours ....

    when he came out of his cultivation room after around 4 -5 days he was unrecognisable as he was oozing smelly smell and and was covered in oily and muddy substance...only his silver eyes were shining with passion..after a good and long hot bath when he came out he has become a little slim and his body has gotten well shaped and hair gotten longer which he didn't seem to like cutting..he went to bed and start thinking ...

    its been around a week since my memory came back and I still don't understand this world..nor this world writing neither about this earth.. just as he was thinking his vision went to artificial intelligence band on his left wrist he remembers that this was given to him by his father when he was leaving transport ship ..as he has said that if he wanted to know he could get to know it through this band..

    he cutted his finger and drops a drop of blood in the bands surface which got absorb in the band and came a 3d screen on top of band


    | Name:-Lionel Mazem.            |

    | Age:-18.                                     |

    | family position:- count of.      |

    |      silver horn kingdom.            |

    | A.I needed :-???                        |

    | present position:-planet no.7 |

    |   solar system no. 239.             |


    would you like to register your old A.I or request a new one. just as he about to say request a new one ystem spokes

    ..beep..host doesn't need to request a new A.I as system will arrange a one for host.

    ...beep..A.I. processing...2%...19%...26%...39%...48%...55%....69%....77%....86%...93%...100%.

    A.I has been added to sir's wristband ....host please note now task will be given to host A.I by system.....by Checking on network through A.I did he got to know that on space there were many types of lands like planets or continents or man made huge military fortress which were of size of some Small planet size,they were made by special ore as load bearing..and only high stage powers can mage them...and  he was residing in Oleva planet as called in around..and was given number like every planet ,planet no.7,it was residing on solar system no.239.  which was wholely control by Lionel family as it contains 15 planets with 3 being unhabitat...
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