10 bloodline




Name : Lionel Mazem



age : 18



bloodline origin : silver winged antique Lion



bloodline purity : 16%.....



bloodline?? the family have a bloodline of lion but I have not thought I have purity so high, must know that his grandfather who was said to have highest purity in last 5 generation also have only 15% purity...



it is said that once one reached 100% purity, they can change there shape of there origin..



and silver winged antique Lion was a antique beast who was said to stand with dragon,phoenix,heaven swallow whale,white tiger,nine headed Hydra etc in second highest peak in food chain with below only to blood eye demon lion and golden horned saint lion in lion chain as they stand at peak of food chain and they stand with hell dragon,chaos dragon,nine coloured phoenix, hell suppressing elephants, and hell chaos crow,golden stoned ape etc .etc..



..beep..host,as you will get promotion in your cultivation your bloodline will also promote and there is a chance to promote your bloodline to golden horned saint lion's bloodline as it is the evolved form of silver winged lion ..so please host don't slack of in cultivation as your your pears have gone far above you..and also could buy blood purifier liquid or pill to promote your or your families bloodline purity....



after a long talk with system he started to think for his next cultivation step,meridians refining but for that he need three ypes of items meridian opening fruit,moonlight grass and one foundation establishing stage beast core,like human beasts also cultivate and when they reach foundation establishing stage they form core instead of Dan like human ..so he went to find his father ..after a first time, whole month staying away with his so it was like keeping 100 ton stone in his heart.and now after seeing his son that stone melts in spring water and washes away his whole worry ..even before mez could reach him he himself disappear and appear just before mez making him jump ( what the hell! did enemy attacked or anything, he is in such a hurry almost making me ran in fear)



ohhh! my son come give your father a huggy..



after listening to his father's tone and words his hair almost stood in 180 degree and as he was just about to run when he remember his need to come to his father.
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