135 I Wonder If My Rings Will Be Enough

    With extreme difficulty, Edmund, Roley, and the rest of the spiritual cultivators directed ninety-five percent of their concentration into moving the spatial platform away from the beach, while keeping it stable.

    Various airborne chief level monsters dashed toward it, trying to single out the various spiritual cultivators in the group and take them out swiftly, but whenever they came too close to the platform, they would be rapidly shot down by the thousands of chief level warriors.

    Right underneath the platform, hundreds of large shadows could be seen moving in the stirred and murky waters.

    "How long can you keep us suspended in the air?" Asked the Strongest of Warriors to an extremely focused Edmund, which was currently sitting in the lotus position, and with his eyes closed.

    The Chief Hunter quickly approached the old man, and pinched his grey skin. She then said "Leave him alone.. He needs to concentrate."

    After a full hour passed, from the direction of the shore, a loud voice entered the ears of every warrior and cultivator present on the platform.

    "We just want the kid, give him to us.."

    This croaky voice, which exuded raw and deep power, belonged to one of the ten commanders that were currently standing on the shore at the head of the monster's army.

    "And why would we do that?" Responded Edmund, with a deep and unperturbed voice.

    "If you give him to us, nobody will get hurt. Trust me, it's better to live in a corrupted world, than dying miserably here." Responded the outspoken amongst the commanders.

    The three members of the triumvirate turned to look at the millions of scared people, then, after steeling their minds, The Strongest of Warriors moved closer to the edge of the platform, and said with an impressively loud voice "We have come this far. We will fight to get our world back."

    "Do the millions of people that are with you share your views?" Asked the commander with curiosity, causing the Strongest of Warriors to fall silent.

    The one who responded, wasn't a member of the triumvirate, but Roley instead. Which walked next to the Strongest of Warriors, and said "Where is the rest of your army?"

    "We had to leave them behind, your petty tricks with the spiritual essence can stop them, but not us." Responded a second commander with a strident voice, completely different from the first one who had spoken before.

    "Hehe.. you've left the weakest of your army alone?.. You shouldn't have done that." Said Roley after a brief laugh.


    In the place where there once was an extremely large, yet empty pain, there now was a thousand kilometers wide vortex.

    The space around this vortex which seemed to made out of pure darkness was distorted, and it was difficult to see through. If a spiritual cultivator adept in time, space, and sound essence, were to approach this vortex, they would feel how disturbed the state of the essences was, right before being absorbed into its endless darkness.

    Not only were the corrupted forms of the natural essences absorbed, but also the very ground, air, and space. This vortex was in fact so powerful, that it had already excavated a perfectly spherical quarry that spanned a five hundred kilometers in depth, and width.

    Not even the light was spared from its gravitational pull.

    It took well over six hours before the vortex's power started to decrease, and reduce in size bit by bit.

    In ten minute, the area of the orb of darkness had decreased by fifty percent.

    After an hour, it decreased to three hundred kilometers in width.

    When two more hours had passed, the cortex was only two meters in diameter.

    Then, instead of becoming even smaller, and uncovering Daniel's body, it took the shape of a young man that was sitting in the lotus position, and only then it resumed its decrease in size.

    It kept going until its shape completely superimposed Daniel's body. The very next moment, it disappeared.

    Daniel's eyelids started to move, then, they opened. What they uncovered, was two brown-gold pupils, which emanated a small wisp of white smoke that quickly dissipated in the wind.

    Once the white smoke disappeared, and his eyes went back to normal, Daniel took a moment to feel his body.

    His body and spirit were indistinguishable, and he felt as if spiritual essence was all he needed to allow his body to function perfectly for years.

    With just a thought, he could put every single bit of essence in the surrounding under his control, and at the same time, destroy it with a punch.

    It felt as if Daniel's body had become a solid construct of spiritual essence itself, and his spirit had turned into a gaseous part of his own body, making them impossible to separate.

    Without going too deep into his observation, Daniel opened his own profile, and this is what he saw.


    Dan Hiel - Karmic system's wielder.

    Age - 20

    Power level

    -Mid chief level

    Battle Prowess

    -Late chief level

    Karma - 59,692,534


    Weapons Masteries (Details)

    Martial Arts (Details)

    Skills (Details)

    Spells (Details)


    Reap What You've Sown

    Time Is Precious Lv.20

    Reduced Cost Lv.20

    Bonus Points Lv.20

    Second Chance (Upgrades 2/2) Lv.20

    Karma X Luck

    Karma Debt

    Karmic Retribution (Upgrades 1/1)

    System Upgrades (Details)


    "The classification of my power has changed.. Do you know anything about that, Sewah?" Asked Daniel with a low and husky voice.

    After a few moments of silence, Sewah responded by saying "I can only assume that it is because you didn't know of a power classification past the ninth rank of the other world's cultivation. I mean, I doubt the system can invent a cultivation past the levels you are aware of. Therefore, the adoption of this world's terms for power's classification."

    "It does sound plausible.." muttered Daniel to himself.

    He then looked down at his folded legs, and there, he found a small lump of solidified time essence.

    This little lump devoid of color exuded an extremely faint time essence, which was formed from a few basic concepts of time essence itself.

    Daniel's eyes rolled in annoyance as he realized.

    The vortex he had created was so powerful, that it had extracted the very formation of the time sphere, and leaving only the original time treasure behind.

    Luckily, he would easily be able to recreated it just as it was before. In fact, he could make it even better, as the potential of the time treasure hadn't been fully exploited when creating the time sphere the first time.

    Duel to the poor abilities of the spiritual cultivator which had created the sphere, the finished result was only able to hasten the time by three times.

    However, if nurtured with powerful enough time essence, and formed with the equivalent concept, the treasure could be easily turned into a time sphere capable of speeding time by five.

    It was only after taking his eyes off of the small lumpy treasure, that Daniel found that he was currently sitting.. In mid air.

    Underneath him, there was nothing but a five hundred kilometers high fall, which would break the body of anyone who was unlucky enough to fall in it.

    It didn't take long for Daniel to come to a realization.

    The thick immortal essence which he emanated, was denser than the various natural essences that currently filled the wasteland world.

    The air wasn't able to stop any of his movements, but without some sort of push, he would not be able to move from the spot, just like someone that was suspended in space.. Forever immobile until someone or something pushed him.

    "Wow, this is pretty **ing annoying." Said Daniel in an irritated tone.

    He then realized that he could simply eject a very small amount of immortal essence from one side of his body, to suddenly propel himself in the opposite direction.

    Basically, he was now able to fly however, and whenever he wanted without the need to use any sort of essence to push himself off the ground. Unfortunately, that also meant that whenever he stomped his foot on the ground in order to take a step, instead of moving forward, he would be sent flying up in the air.

    That was of course if he did not force his immortal essence back into his body. If he did that, his body would go back into being a normal, yet extremely powerful body.

    That was proved to him the very moment he tried to pull his immortal essence into the confines of his body, causing him to fall from the sky.

    Daniel enjoyed his fall for a few moments, then, he let out his immortal essence once again.

    He was now floating at about two hundred kilometers from the deepest point of the sphere like crater, when from the corner of his eyes, he saw a small red shine in the distance.

    This red shine, was the the magma that was coming out from a passage created by the power of the vortex.

    After the vortex had disappeared, the magma started to drip down the hole slowly, and form a slide that would turn into lava, and end up amassing into a small pool at the bottom of the crater.

    What had caught Daniel's interest though, was a small clot of magma, which after coming out of the hole on the wall, started to roll down the crater way faster than the lava did.

    "I'm starting to love 'Karma X Luck'.." Muttered Daniel as he licked his lips, stood up straight, and pushed a small amount of immortal essence from behind his back, causing him to dash in the direction of the solid piece of molten rock.

    He reached the object in a matter of moments, and after he grabbed it.. He was immediately able to verify what it was. It was a perfect fire treasure.

    From within Daniel's mind, the voice of Sewah could be heard saying "You do realize that the system probably considers this item of relatively low level in a.. Well.. multiworld prospective. That's why you're able to find them so easily."

    "I'm not throwing it away if that's what you're suggesting." Responded Daniel with a bright smile on his face. He then put the perfect fire treasure into his spatial ring, and added "Alright, let's get out of here." before teleporting out of the crater.

    When he reappeared, he was standing at the top of the mountain whose belly the tribe guided by the triumvirate inhabited.

    The very moment that followed his appearance, he felt the thick and even amount of corruption in the area.

    He turned to look at the other side of the mountain, and there, he found an immense sea of monsters which was quietly marching towards the direction where the tribes were.

    Daniel was now able to understand the power of various entities whose strength were previously beyond his comprehension, like the injured monster, the flying monster which had attacked the hunting party, the five black-cloaked men that he had seen around the lake and stared at him, and finally, the king of monsters himself.

    The only entities whose power Daniel was still unable to figure out, were the Herald of Corruption, the Spiritual Emissary, the dragon he had woken up in his world of origin called Dorgeo, and finally, the monster whose tentacles had roughed Dorgeo up before grabbing him, and pulling him into the massive spatial rift.

    Thanks to this newly acquired knowledge of the power beyond his martial and spiritual cultivation, Daniel looked at the massive river of monsters that traveled in ordered lines.

    There was just him, his higher level of cultivation, and finally.. His eleven hundred times faster speed of power regeneration.

    "I wonder if my rings will be enouh.."


    Back on the platform that kept the millions of tribe members up in the air, Roley's words resounded clear and loud once again.

    "Hehe.. you've left the weakest of your army alone?.. You shouldn't have done that."

    Unfortunately, they fell on ignorant ears.
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