177 Pay Up..

    Daniel and Alesia walked towards the closest teleporting platform within the area.

    In order to go back home, they needed teleport into the company building, and then, use its hidden connection to the pocket dimension to reach the castle.

    Alternatively, they would have to find Der and enter directly from the ring.

    For a few moments the two walked in silence.. With their bodies slightly further away when compared to the beginning of their night out.

    Daniel was starting to feel uncomfortable about how things were going, and in his head, hundreds of words roamed aimlessly, failing to form a sentence which he could use to better this situation.

    Of course, it didn't take long for Alesia to notice Daniel's panicked state.

    She moved closer to him, and let the back of her hand brush against his a few times. She then fet Daniel's fingers hook her palm, to which she reacted by opening her hand, and intertwining her fingers with his.

    Just from holding Daniel's hand, Alesia could tell that his heartbeat had slowed down, and that he had calmed down significantly.

    In a matter of minutes, the two reached the building which contained the teleporting platform.

    Once inside, they went towards the 'Keeper of Keys', which was the only person capable of opening a connection between the company building and the capital, and finally, arrived back into the company building.

    The secret connection between the company building and the pocket dimension which contained the castle was nowhere specific. Once within the company building, Daniel could teleport back into the pocket dimension anytime, and anywhere he wanted.

    He was not the only one that could do this. Everybody who had been into the pocket dimension was able to do that as well, as the passage was hidden, but not locked.

    With a simple thought, a portal large enough for three people to go through appeared in front of them. On the other side, was the corridor which lead to the rooms where Daniel, and Alesia stayed.

    Daniel wanted to spend a bit more time with Alesia, but he also didn't want anyone to interrupt them again. And since it was late at night, there was a good chance that people would be already asleep, and that nobody would be roaming in the corridors.

    The two slowly walked towards Alesia's room, which was slightly further than Daniel's.

    Once in front of her room's door, Alesia turned towards Daniel in silence.

    Neither of them said anything for a few seconds.

    Alesia was looking at Daniel directly in his eyes, and seemed to be waiting for something, while playing with her lower lip.

    Daniel looked at her actions for a few moments, then, he took a step towards her.

    He was now just a few centimeters away from her, and his eyes were switching between looking down at her lips, and her clear eyes. At the same time she looked up at his..

    Almost as if remembering the morning from a few days earlier, Daniel filled that short distance in between them, and finally pressed his lips against hers.

    Alesia reacted immediately by wrapping her arms over Daniel's shoulders, and around his head.

    His arms moved at the same time.. one wrapping around Alesia's lower back, while with his other hand, he pulled her closer to him, by pressing against her shoulder blades.

    Daniel could still feel the taste of the wine they had been drinking at dinner on Alesia's lips, which parted over and over again to welcome his lip in.

    Both of their hearts were beating at a rate dangerous to normal humans.. Flushing their cheeks and lips with warm blood, and constantly feeding the passionate they felt build up inside them, and manifest in their kiss.

    Neither of the two wanted this kiss to end, but to Daniel's surprise, he felt Alesia's arms unwrap from around his neck, and slide gently in front of his chest. Then, put a soft pressure against it.

    Daniel let go of Alesia's body, causing their lips to part as well.

    There was a voice inside Daniel's head that was trying to convince him to step forward once again.. His eyes were locked at Alesia's flushed face, and kept going up and down between her glistening lips and eyes.

    What stopped him from doing so, were Alesia's semi-tense arms that kept him slightly further away from her.

    Noticing Daniel's look, Alesia smiled in a not so sweet manner.. Then, she moved forward, and gave Daniel one last soft peck on the lips, before turning around, and opening the door of her room.

    As he watched Alesia get away from his reach, Daniel felt hundreds of mixed feelings..

    The majority of those feelings disappeared into nothing, as he saw what happened next.

    Alesia turned to look back at Daniel, and stepped backwards into her room. Once in.. she disappeared behind one of the walls.. leaving the door opened.

    Daniel's heart threatened to explode out of his chest, as a smile appeared on his face.. He stepped inside Alesia's room, and closed the door.


    At the end of the corridor a few dozen meters past Alesia's door, three heads popped out of the corner.

    They were the heads of Ligart, Heimart, and Alis.

    Heimart, which was the one at the top, looked down at Ligart, and with a faint smile, said "Pay up.."

    From underneath him, Ligart said with an annoyed tone, "Fine.." before passing a small bag which contained a few crystals to his cousin.


    Inside Alesia's room, Daniel had gone through the small corridor that separated the door, to the room where her bed was.

    She was leaning with her back against the wall, and the moment Daniel came to her sight, her eyes locked with his.

    Once again, Daniel walked in front of her, but this time, he pressed his palms against the wall by her sides. Caging her in between his arms.. Almost as if making sure that she couldn't get away one more time.

    Alesia didn't seem to mind, as she put her hands on Daniel's forearms, and moved them higher on his arms, shoulders, and finally, around his neck. She then pulled him closer to her.

    She didn't need to put any sort of pressure on him, as the moment Daniel felt her intentions, he moved forward on his own accord, and pinned her against the wall by pressing his lips on her, and one of his legs in between hers.

    For a few minutes both of them felt their excitement grow, to a point were Alesia was starting to hate Daniel's clothes, and he couldn't help but let his hands wander on Alesia's body.

    Their breath became heavier, and the only occasion they had to catch up on it, was when Alesia bit on Daniel's lower lip, forcing him to pull himself back.

    Inside Alesia's eyes Daniel could see as much desire as he felt for her, so, he started to slowly undo the buttons of his own shirt, with a teasy smile on his face.

    Alesia stopped him by putting her fingers in between the partially unbuttoned part of his shirt.. Then, with a fast motion of her hands, she ripped it open.

    Her eyes moved on Daniel's bare chest, remembering of the day she had had a glimpse at his lean, and defined body.

    She then drew lines on the skin of Daniel's sides, and abdomen.. sinking her fingernails a bit too deeply, and causing Daniel to feel just a bit of pain.. To which he reacted by grabbing her wrists with one hand, and lifting them above her head.

    With his other hand, he unzipped her green dress.. Making it fall at her feet, and leaving her in her black underwear.

    The sight chipped away at Daniel's self control, which now dwindled like a candle's flame in the dark..

    While still keeping her hands above her head, he let his free hand brush against her soft thigh, and go up towards her waist, her side.. Her breasts.. Only stopping after reaching her neck, where he let his fingertip rub over her red lower lip.

    Alesia put no resistance whatsoever against Daniel's action.. Even after feeling him pull her arms around his head, and moving his hands down her body and on her thighs.. Not even when she felt him lift her from the ground, and take her towards the bed.

    She simply wrapped her legs around Daniel's waist, and let him do what he wanted to do.. with an heart threatening to jump out of her chest.

    A few moments later, Daniel laid her down on her bed, and once again, he looked at how beautiful she looked.. right before moving down towards her, and locking lips once again.

    Alesia could feel Daniel's warm body pressing hard against her, especially in between her legs.. So she pushed him back a little, making their lips part once more..

    Her hands moved behind her back, where she unlocked her bra.. But didn't take it off.. Instead, she kept it pressed against her body with one arm, while with the other, she gently pulled at Daniel's pants. Her eyes showing a lust that immediately shut whatever semblance of self control Daniel had managed to retain so far..

    Not missing a beat, Daniel removed the rest of his clothes while waving his hands, and causing all of the lights in the room to disappear.. Letting darkness take over..


    When Daniel woke up the next day, he was laying naked in Alesia's bed.

    She was still sleeping with her body wrapped around his. Her platinum blonde hair flowed down his shoulder like a silvery river, and her head rested on his chest. Her warm breath brushed past his skin at regular intervals, causing a faint tingly sensation, to which he didn't dare to act upon due to not wanting to risk waking Alesia up.

    Daniel remained in his bed for more than twenty minutes.. Feeling the pleasant smell that Alesia's hair emanated move into his nostrils, and calm him down greatly.

    It was only at the end of these twenty minutes that Alesia's head started to move.

    He felt her soft lips press on the side of his chest, as the first thing she did after waking up, was kissing his warm skin.

    She then looked up, and noticed that Daniel was wide awake, and looking at her.

    "Were you watching me sleep?" She asked with a faint smile on her lips.

    Daniel smiled back, and said "What if I was?.."

    Alesia's cheeks flushed slightly in response to Daniel words. She responded by saying "Then keep watching.. I'll go back to sleep." but before she could once again press her head against Daniel's chest, she felt a pair of fingers press against her chin, and make her look up.

    Daniel's lips pressed on hers before she could even attempt to stop him.. Luckily, she didn't mind it at all..

    Still naked underneath the covers, the two kissed sweetly for a good minute, before their hands started to move on each other's body, and they began to find once again a bit of the lust they had felt the previous night..

    But luck was really not on their side..

    *Knock Knock*

    Daniel and Alesia suddenly froze up, as they heard Emelnie's voice say "Alesia, I need your help with something.. Get up from bed."

    "I'll be there in a minute!" Said Alesia out loud, almost robotically.

    The two then listened in silence at the sound of Emelnie's footsteps getting further and further away in the distance.

    The instant they believed to be safe.. "Hahahaha.." Daniel burst out laughing.

    Alesia was surprised for a moment, then, after hearing Daniel's genuine laugh, she couldn't help but start to laugh as well.

    "It's best I go too.. There is a lot to do today.." Muttered Daniel after finishing to laugh. He was about to teleport away, when he stopped. Instead, he turned towards Alesia, pressed his palm against her cheek, and after makin her turn towards him, he kissed her one last time.

    He teleported out of her room.
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