212 An Optimal Solution

    "...Who are you?" Asked Daniel with alertness. He had never seen these two people before, and the simple fact that they were aware of his relationship with the governor of this planet enough to impersonate him when trying to come into contact with him, was more than enough to make him suspicious and on edge.

    Only two people were standing in front of Daniel, and they were a middle aged woman dressed in a white dress, and a grey-haired middle aged man clad in fitting, and refined leather armor. They were currently looking at Daniel with interest, as if they represented the older generation which was looked at a talented member of the younger one.

    "Dan Hiel, I've heard so much talking about you lately." Said the forty something years old woman, as her red lips curved into a faint smile. "I apologize for appearing out of the blue.. Had we known what your company new product was, I would have skinned one of the invited guests, and wore their skin to show up personally."

    "Hehe.. I definitely agree." Added the grey-haired man after chuckling in agreement.

    Daniel could not be more nervous about this meeting, and for a simple reason. Both of these individuals were vastly more powerful than him. Had he met these two people outside of his company building, he would have tried to escape, but it was clear to him that they could threaten the lives of his friends before he could even attempt to warn them of the danger.

    "Maybe it's a good idea not to enter an event where your presence is not required. Are you going to tell me who you are now?" He asked once again, this time even more nervously.

    "Do not worry, you are not in trouble. Somebody asked us to come and meet you, and to ask you if you would be generous enough to share your product. It is a marvelous discovery, so much so that it is unfair to keep it only to your small company." Responded the woman with unveiled contempt.

    Daniel's brows furrowed in irritation, as he turned to look at the woman and asked "And who am I supposed to share my discovery with?" He was not going to drop the matter until they would have made their identity known.

    "The only company that deserves to receive the massive credit of owning your product, of course, The poisonous rose." Responded the middle aged woman with a matter-of-fact tone.

    What Daniel did not know, was that the Navi family was actually one of the most reserved of the big families of the poisonous rose. The majority of the others had already committed genocide only for having been challenged in the past, and that was the very least they did. The only difference between them was that a poison was much more valuable when paired with a cure, and a cure to many poisons was even more valuable than the poison itself.

    A rather big detail which screamed 'they are not joking' in Daniel's head, was the astonishingly big red number that both of these two people had, floating above their heads.

    "Why would I want to do that?" Asked Daniel with a seemingly calm tone, before adding "And how did you get in here?"

    "The people on this planet know who you are.. Have your days of fame here, and let the adults play the bigger games." Responded the grey-haired man with a derisory tone. "About how we have gotten here.. It wasn't that hard.. We have only had to kill one of the keepers, and get the token connected to your company building."

    After listening to the word of the middle aged man, Daniel became quiet for a moment. He didn't know how to react to the oppressive demeanor of these two people. He was left with only a chance to accept their demands, but he wasn't going to take it like that.

    While looking down at the floor, Daniel started to giggle to himself. "Hehehe.." the laugh was low, and guttural, and didn't show the slightest hint of fear. This low giggling quickly evolved into a louder laugh as he lifted his head, and looked at the two individuals as if he was looking at a couple of idiots. "HAHAHAHAHA! Oh.. oh.. That was so funny.. Hahaha.."

    Something changed in the middle aged man's behaviour, which from a hundred percent of contempt, turned into more of an irritated setting. "What is so funny?" He asked in slight anger.

    "Nothing you've just said makes any sense to me. There is no recipe, there is no testing lab, there isn't even waste product after the creation of the pill! To hear you demand something that only exists in my mind with such confidence.. I think they've sent the two biggest idiots to do the job." Responded Daniel with the biggest facade of confidence that he could muster.

    The middle aged woman quietly observed Daniel's expression through her narrowed eyes, while the grey-haired man calmed down significantly as well. "You don't seem too worried that I would go to the room where your friends are still having a party, and slaughter them all." She said with a threatening tone.

    Daniel was more than aware of the fact that this woman was telling the truth, and that she could actually kill all of his friends in a minute, but that was the reason why he couldn't allow himself to make any mistakes. He couldn't appear like a caring company owner.. Not now. Instead, he needed to look like the greedy, indifferent and uncaring piece of ** that these two would have nothing to use as leverage to threaten him with.

    "Honestly, with what they've costed me, you'd do me a favor.. Even though I would have to find other people, train them.. Please, let's avoid that." Said Daniel with indifference. All of the years of lying and tricking people that he had spent when he was younger, were being useful now. "But if you do, please hurry up, so we can get to business." He then added.

    The two observed Daniel with deep attention. They were trying to understand if he was just trying his luck, or if he was actually serious.

    After a few seconds, the face of the woman relaxed, and she said "Of course.. No gracious businessman would have ever had the guts and drive to play with fire like you did when you've created the Partial Poison Immunity Pill.. What do you propose?"

    Daniel's face did not change in the slightest, but internally, he was taking huge breaths of relief. It appeared that the two had bought it, and he couldn't feel more relieved. He was sure that if they didn't, he wouldn't have gotten his group out of this predicament even with 'Second Chance'.

    "I join the poisonous rose.. Officially. I keep the recipe of the pill to myself as my company's individual contribution to alchemy and poison making.. Just like each and every major family in the poisonous rose.. And you can take the credit for having this pill created by a group that belongs to the poisonous rose." Said Daniel while looking away from the two, and pacing around with a pensive expression.

    The white-haired man turned to look at the middle aged woman, and said "Look at that. We've come here to try and have some fun.. Who would have thought that he would give us a shot at getting the 'optimal solution' the boss asked us to aim for.. Hehehe.."

    Without turning to look back at the man, the woman looked at Daniel with an impressed expression, and muttered "You're right.. I wish our kid was this smart.." She then turned to look at what Daniel imagined to be her partner, and added "But of course, fighting off the desire to rip him into pieces at least a couple of times a day would have been hell, wouldn't it, dear?"

    "It sure would.. I can hardly containing myself from killing this one, and I've only just met him." Responded the grey-haired man before quietening down for a few seconds. He then made a snapping sound with his tongue, and said "Very well, that's how we will do it.. If you survive that is."

    "If I survive?" Responded Daniel with confusion.

    The white-haired man smiled for the first time, and said "You'll see." Then, the two of them disappeared at the same time, leaving Daniel alone in the guest hall.

    A minute went by as Daniel thought about the consequences of that day's events, and finally, his trail of thoughts was interrupted by a sweet and yet slightly worried voice that came from behind him "Dan, what is going on? Why was the entrance of the guest hall locked?"

    Daniel turned to look back at Alesia, and with a grim expression, he said "We've got what we wanted.. We are in."


    Two days later, Daniel was sitting on a chair in the office of the actual Governor Lien.

    The old man was sitting at his desk as well, with an expression that showed how deeply interested in what Daniel had to say he was "You were not lying.. It's truly better than a cure for that virus. While the transparent thorn came to our planet to test his new work, the Navi family actually lives here." He said with enthusiasm.

    "I'm glad I didn't disappoint, governor Lien." Responded Daniel politely. He felt no particular amount of respect for this man personally, as we was basically a high level bureaucrat, but he felt respect for his intention of wanting to seek new methods to better the lives of his people.

    Daniel had created an effective antidote against a poison which was a bane for his entire government, and therefore, he had no reason not to view Daniel as a great contributor to the planet, and its people. But he had something more to ask.. "You didn't disappoint at all, Mr. Hiel.. but I have a question. I assume you won't share the recipe of the Partial Poison Immunity Pill with me, so, how do you plan to deliver the antidote? Do you have a separate product?"

    After a quick nod in response, Daniel said "I will soon. My best researchers are currently studying the pill and trying to find a.. Milder version."

    A big smile which hid a hint of disappointment appeared on the governor's face. He knew perfectly well that Daniel would never give up the Partial Poison Immunity Pill, and yet, he couldn't help but hope that he would.

    His disappointment was quickly overshadowed by the happiness of hearing Daniel promise an antidote soon. "That's splendid news. I have no doubts that your researching team will succeed." Said the governor with a bright smile.

    "Governor Lien.. about my company's contribution.." Said Daniel while inching towards the desk.

    "Your company's contribution is high enough to deserve the rights to trade on a planetary level, and to travel through our solar systems with exception made of the isolated planets." Responded the governor with a matter-of-fact tone.

    "Isolated planets?" Asked Daniel in confusion. "What is an isolated planet?"

    "When new galaxies are explored, and new planets are found, massive wars take place with the purpose of deciding who will take control over the inhabitable planets, and their resources. According to multi-galactic treaties, if a winner isn't decided within five thousand years of war, the planet turns into the universal government's property, and they will use it as reward, prize, or really anything that they wish to do with it." Responded the governor. "Each group can leave a part of their essence into that planet, and in case the indigenous population of that planet were to use that.. Let's call it 'gift'.. To gain control over that planet, the planet will fall under the control of that faction."

    Daniel took in all of these information in silence, then, he asked "What does the indigenous population of that group need to do in order to claim it for the faction?" Asked Danie with curiosity. He knew that that was the pivotal question of the whole matter.

    "A person that wields the power of a children of Iewah needs to nurture his or her gifts, and come back to Iewah's manifestation itself after Iewah's childred will have grown up."

    Daniel was quite shocked by the old man's words, and yet, he felt an indescribable amount of happiness. What made him feel such elation, was knowing that he, a person which wielded the power of a children of Iewah, was one of the few people allowed enter what he considered to be his home planet.
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