239 A Peaceful Way of Living

    Roley was already aware that Daniel had managed to reunite with his sister. But despite Daniel had asked him and the rest to join in for a meet up, they had all refused, and for a simple reason. They knew perfectly well how much Daniel had missed his sister.. Therefore, they didn't want to meddle with their reunion, as there would be many other occasions for them to meet.

    What all of them did not know, was that Daniel did not care about that. They had known each other for close to six years now, and to him, Roley, Jerigh, Heimart, and everyone else, were the closest of friends.. To a point where he couldn't wait for them to meet his sister and his teachers.

    "These are my sister Reila, my teachers Master Kye, and the Silver Alchemist, their stu.." For the next few minutes, Daniel went on about recounting his adventures, and listening to those of his sister and teachers, while also explaining everything about the universe, and the current mission he was pursuing in the planet.

    Daniel's group fit the members of his previous life perfectly.

    In the next few days, the old master-at-arms had met Jerigh, and discovered the weapon wielding training room, of which he immediately fallen in love with.

    The Silver Alchemist had met Lucious, which in the past few months, had experimented with alchemy, and reached an impressive level of mastery thanks to Daniel's group effect.

    Nilo, Finn, Miri, Riri and Yala had been taken to the school, where they had discovered the difference in power between them, and a cultivator of immortal cultivation. In the end, Daniel had proposed that they joined the academy, while also giving them enough crystals to help them to bridge the gap.

    Der had spent a few days with his daughter, and after noticing how strongly she had reacted to the episode she had gone through, he had felt prouder than ever.

    Soon enough, the two had caught up with everything that happened in the period of time they had been separated, and went back to how they used to be in the past.

    The golden cauldron old man had found a quick friend in none other than Edmund. The two had a similar character. Not only in the fact that they were both obsessed about the subject of their studies, but also for the fact that they didn't like other people's company that much, and would often isolate themselves to delve in their passion.

    Edmund's love for spatial essence, and the Golden Cauldron old man's love for time essence were intrinsically connected, as one couldn't have space without time, or vice versa. This had allowed the two to share knowledge, and develop a mutual respect for each other.

    They were also at the same exact level of cultivation, as Edmund had yet to develop his martial cultivation to the ninth rank, and become a true immortal cultivator by merging his body and spirit fully.

    Something else of which the Golden Cauldron old man and the Silver Alchemist had been shocked by, was how close to perfection Daniel's pocket dimension was. To a point where they both believed that, if the connection to the external world were to be cut and the dimension ended up floating into the void forever, the people within would still manage to live their lives comfortably.

    Unfortunately, not every encounter went that well..

    The most difficult meeting amongst a member of his old life and a member of his group was definitely the moment when Reila had met Alesia. The first thought that had crossed the mind of the two girls, was the shock caused by their beauty.. But while Alesia was extremely happy to meet Reila, the latter was more focused on checking Alesia out.

    She was not stupid, and had noticed how big Daniel's smile had become the moment he had seen Alesia, and how brightly the girl had smiled back.

    It didn't take long for her to realize what was going on, but for once, she managed to stop herself from teasing her brother about it, and instead, focused on Alesia's character.

    No need to say, the two instantly clicked.

    What had brought Daniel to like Alesia, and Alesia to like him back, was how compatible the two were with each other.. And since Daniel and Reila were extremely similar in character, the two had quickly come to like each other.

    Unfortunately for Daniel, that quickly formed sisterhood had turned Reila's effort into nothingness, and their conversation into a race on which one of them had the best joke about Daniel.. About how silly he behaved when drunk, or about how stupidly he behaved as a kid.


    When Daniel had seen how much these people he cared about liked his world, he hadn't waited at all before making the proposition that they moved in it.

    At first, Reila had accepted to live in Daniel's pocket dimension.. But then, she remembered something, and instead, asked if she could attend to Daniel's academy along with Finn, Nilo, and the others.

    The same was for Mea, which by wanting to be with her father, had accepted to move in with the condition that she could attend the academy along with her friends.

    Der had no intentions of leaving Daniel's group, as he was too grateful to him despite the small altercation the two had in the throne room of the King of Karalis. Daniel had promised to him that he would bring him to see his daughter, and had kept his word.. If that wasn't enough, he had saved his daughter from a terrible fate as a slave before the two had even met. He was a man of honor, and he believed that that amount of gratitude could not go unpaid.

    The Golden Cauldron had decided to refuse Daniel's invitation, as he had too many people to take care of. He had been one of the pillars of his community for many years, and he couldn't simply leave everything and move away with his family.

    On the other hand, his son, along with the old master-at-arms, had decided to accept the invitation.

    The main retirement plan of the old master-at-arms was to create an academy in which he could teach martial arts to the people, and now that all he had built had gone to ruin, he had accepted to retire in Daniel's peaceful pocket dimension, where he could focus on his cultivation, and if he wanted, lecture the student's of Daniel's academy.. Which at the moment, were being taught by Roley, and occasionally, Jerigh.

    The same was for the Silver Alchemist, which by wanting to increase his knowledge in mana, and by wanting to stay close to his grand daughter Yala, had decided to remain with his oldest and closest friend.

    Someone to which Daniel had asked to remain in his pocket dimension pointlessly, was his uncle Thien.

    The reason why his request was pointless, was because the very moment he had saved his uncle from the dungeon he was being kept in, his uncle had already entered his group.. Just like his sister had done the very moment the two had reunited. This was a type of connection that only blood could create.

    While all of these things happened, the many members of Daniel's group were changing the world by conquering one kingdom, empire, and continent at a time.


    Space outside Wuvia, 2 days earlier.

    Wuvia was the plane in which the Nuragovia was originally supposed to take the passengers to after a stop to Daniel's planet of origin, and the moon where the prisoner would be detained. It was the twin planet of Daniel's world of origin, and at the same time, the closest planet to it which was open to interplanetary travel.

    Generally speaking, only large ships would be seen outside Wuvia's atmosphere, but now, two men were floating in the void just a few kilometers away from the populated planet.

    These two individuals were wearing different clothes, and did not seem to belong to the same group..

    One of them had an orange robe that covered his entire body with exception made for the top part of his head. His eyes appeared to be lazy, and he seemed to be bored by the sheer concept of being there. His mind, was clearly elsewhere.

    The second man was completely different from the first one. His entire body was covered in a sort of black bandages, and had a few steel spikes pierced in his specific parts of his body. A common physician would never understand what could bring this man to pierce his own body with these spikes, but a cultivator, would understand immediately.

    The spikes worked exactly like power-suppressing chains, and were pierced in areas of his body which were critical to the production of immortal essence. They were made of a special metal that could be only found in outer space, and that had been enchanted with space, and dark essence.

    This level of power-suppressing item was an overkill, as the most simple and basic power-suppressing chains could absorb every bit of a man's cultivation before they could use it, but the man had pushed himself further. These power-suppressing spikes not only absorbed all of the man's immortal essence, but did it at the root of its creation, and in an extremely inconspicuous way. Preventing it from even forming fully.

    Of course, a slight bit of immortal essence would always manage to form despite of how the power-suppressing spikes worked, but there came in play the black bandages.. Which thanks to the dark essence of which they were enchanted of, gave him an extra level of protection against the prying eyes of whomever was keeping an eye on Daniel's planet.

    These two individuals, were Vin the killer, and the Orange Thorn.. One of the Poisonous Rose's masters of poison.

    The area of space in which the two were floating, was in the direction between Wuvia and Daniel's word of origin.

    After a few moments spent trying to find the right direction, the Orange Thorn waved his hand, and made a shuttle appear in the space right in front of them. This shuttle was bean-shaped, and from the size, it was clear that it could only hold two people, and an engine that would propel the shuttle through the consumption of perfect crystals.

    These types of shuttles were usually made for traveling from a planet to one of the planet's moons, but since the two wanted to go unnoticed, they had decided to use it to reach all the way to Daniel's planet.

    Once set, the two departed.


    For the next two weeks, Daniel's group took control over one continent after the other, and now, they had covered an area of control of about 50% of the entire planet.

    More than one revolt had tried to arise between the former powerful kingdoms. Unfortunately for them, they would be always stopped by Daniel's group, which by installing teleporting platforms in every capital, could take care of an entire kingdom with a simple mid fourth stage cultivator, which in terms of this planet's ranks, would be close to an hypothetical eleventh rank cultivator.

    After all of this time spent on the planet, the word that something else existed within the immense space had made its way into every home, cave, and territory within the area they had conquered, and while a few of those in power had attempted to rebel, the majority of them simply wanted the change to happen, so that they could pursue a higher path of cultivation.

    In the last two weeks, life had entered a peaceful state within the pocket dimension. Daniel's sister and friends were busy with either cultivating or their job within the Golden Karma company, and that, as well as his massive number of karmic points, had allowed Daniel to cultivate in a carefree manner.

    After two weeks of uninterrupted cultivation, he had stepped closer to the seventh stage of cultivation, reaching the peak of the sixth stage.


    Dan Hiel - Karmic system's wielder.

    Age - 21

    Power level

    -Peak sixth stage of immortal cultivation

    Battle Prowess

    -Early seventh stage of immortal cultivation

    Karma - 43,434,094,146


    Weapons Masteries (Details)

    Martial Arts (Details)

    Skills (Details)

    Spells (Details)


    Reap What You've Sown

    Time Is Precious Lv.33

    Reduced Cost Lv.20

    Bonus Points Lv.20

    Second Chance (Upgrades 3/3) Lv.20

    Karma X Luck

    Karma Debt

    Karmic Retribution (Upgrades 1/1)

    Devil's Advocate

    Regulator's Will

    System Upgrades (Details)


    Daniel looked at his profile, and after noticing the still massive number of karma points he possessed, he smiled, and muttered "Let's see these new effects.."
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