240 The Opening of the Academy


    System Upgrades Lv.5

    Time Is Precious Lv.34 = 1,742,368,550 KP

    (Active: Multiply the cost of karma points in order to multiply the speed of progression. +100% of cost and effect. Max lv.30)

    Second Chance Upgrade Lv.5 = 500,000 KP

    (Passive: Halves the cooldown of Second Chance.)

    Opposite and Equal = 1,000,000,000 KP

    (Active: At the cost of 1% of your entire karmic points per second, every attack received will cause an equal damage to the attacker.)

    Blessing or Curse = 250,000,000 KP

    (Active: At the cost of 10% of your karmic points [Required: 10,000,000], you can add positive or negative karma correspondent to the amount spent, to the karma of a person during the moment of their death. The amount of negative karma added to a person, will be also detracted from the wielder's remaining karma points multiplied by 5.)

    Donation = 1 KP

    (Active: Donate an amount of karma points corresponded to half of those spent to another person.)

    Group Donation = 1 KP

    (Active: Donate an amount of karma points corresponded to double of those spent to the group.)


    Accumulate 250,000,000,000 Karma points to unlock System Upgrades Lv.6


    As always, the upgrades in his karmic system shocked Daniel deeply.

    The new effect which had surprised him the most, was without a doubt, 'Blessing or Curse' . An ability which allowed him to control other people's karma at the moment of their death, meant that he was in control of what would happen to them afterwards.

    He had seen the merit in that, which was to increase a good person's karma before they died.. but also the negative side. With that ability, he would have been able to take away all of a good person's karma at the moment of their death, or add good karma to someone with bad karma.

    That was, of course, something that he would never do for many moral reasons. He couldn't understand why the karmic system would allow him to do something like that. Meddling with other people's karma was a power which nobody should have the right to possess, as karma was, per se, an already fair universal system.

    This effect had brought Daniel to question the morale of Iewah, an entity which would grant a similar power to someone that, instead of being a saint, had simply decided to conduct his life like a good willed human being. Someone which could be easily corrupted by such a power.

    The other effects, for how shocking they appeared, were still within the norm when compared to the other upgrades of the karmic system. 'Opposite and Equal', 'Donation', 'Group Donation', and the increased level in 'Second Chance' and 'Time is Precious'.

    Daniel wanted to know more about they worked by Sewah, but ever since he had obtained a form which could separate itself from him, he had been scared to death by the approaching presence of his brothers and sisters.

    He had tried to talk to him many times, especially to ask him why he was so scared of them.. But in the end, he would never respond, and lash out on Daniel instead.

    From how terrified he sounded, Daniel had understood something important.. The blessings, or how they called themselves 'the children' of Iewah, were not friends amongst each other.. As proven by the fact that the simple notion that one of them was approaching him, had scared Sewah into hiding for months.

    Once he finished checking his system's upgrades, Daniel bought every effect with the exception of 'Blessing or Curse', and decided to keep cultivating. He still had a massive amount of karmic points, and before his planet was opened to interplanetary travel, he wanted his power to reach a certain level of power.

    He was quietly sitting on his bed with folded his legs, and closed his eyes.. When.. *Knock Knock Knock*

    Daniel didn't need to open his eyes to see that, standing behind his door, was Jerigh. He was in training attire, and seemed to be in the most serious state of mind he had been in in the past weeks.

    "What is it?" Said Daniel without opening the door.

    Jerigh entered his room, and while looking at him, said "Today.. The academy's opening ceremony.. In front of the students." Said Jerigh as calmly as possible.

    That day, was the day of the official opening of Daniel's academy.

    The reason why he didn't want to attend to it, was because he had no intention of teaching personally to the students. Instead, he had agreed that his two teachers took over the role of Chairmen of the entire school. It was important for him that the school did not only give people the chance to obtain experience and comprehension over different types of essence and weapon wielding, but also a morale tutoring which only the old master-at-arms was used to passing down to his own disciples.

    On the other hand, he wanted the students to develop their clever thinking, and that, was the job of the Silver Alchemist. In his opinion, no one would be a better teacher for clever thinking than a successful merchant, alchemist, and spiritual cultivator.

    The reason why Jerigh had came to look for him, was so that they could have the spar which Daniel had promised to him, right in front of the students. That was a suggestion made by the old master-at-arms, after he had learned from Jerigh that he and Daniel would spar soon.

    Slightly unwillingly, Daniel accepted Jerigh's request, and after changing himself into clothes identical to those which Jerigh was wearing, the two walked towards the ground where the event would take place.

    When Daniel and Jerigh arrived, at least fifty thousand people were already present. The venue had been prepared thanks to Leffe's, Wolfie's, and Buriath's help. They had modified the territory so that it would become a massive arena which could contain people in the tens of thousands.

    There, various cultivators which were part of Daniel's group would show off their comprehension of essences, and weapon mastery not only to the families of the cultivators that were allowed to attend the academy, but also to the students themselves, as after this show, they would have to pick one amongst these cultivators to teach them in the arts which they had demonstrated to be experts in.

    Daniel's group was now in the tens of thousands, and amongst them, there were a few hundred which hadn't wasted their time while in the pocket dimension. They had focused on the comprehension of essence, practicing martial arts, and cultivation. That was the reason why so many members of Daniel's group were experts in their respective fields.

    The old master-at-arms and the Silver Alchemist had been thoroughly impressed by the members of Daniel's group. Not only for the impressive prowess they would show when compared to other cultivators at the same level, but also by the sheer loyalty that they demonstrated towards their student..

    In the end, the two couldn't really take credit for Daniel's success, after all, they had only taught him a few skills, and no actual real life lessons. Those were all things which Daniel had learned before and after they had met him.

    Nevertheless, Daniel had a massive amount of respect for the two of them. If not for the fact that they were good people, for the fact that they had kept his sister safe, and maintained their word about freeing his imprisoned uncle.

    When Daniel and Jerigh reached the venue, they saw that the grandstands were already full, and the students were crowding around the arena where, one by one, the members of Daniel group demonstrated their abilities.

    In the grandstands, the family members looked with satisfaction at the general amount of knowledge contained in Daniel's academy.

    Perfect comprehension of fire, metal, earth, and wood essences, near perfect comprehension of lightning, water, and wind essences, high comprehension of darkness, light, space, and time essences, and a perfect mastery of each type of weapon currently known to mankind.

    Only a few academies in the universe were known to posses this level of comprehension, and usually, the standards to allow their children to attend, was impossibly high.. While on the other hand, Daniel's academy allowed everyone who wanted to attend, as long as they showed that they were generally good willed people.

    Seas of flames, worlds of metal, colossal trees, storms which threatened to tear a full city to rubble.. One after the other, the members of Daniel's group left the spectators more and more stupefied.. Until Daniel and Jerigh's turn arrived.

    Even though the school hadn't opened yet, the students were still allowed to inhabit the territory and learn from the teachers that decided to voluntarily spend their free time instructing them. One of those teachers, was Jerigh. So, when they saw Jerigh come on stage while wielding two single-edged swords, the group of students that had decided to attend in advance, had exploded in cheers.

    Amongst this massive group of people, was Cynna, which unlike the other students, was curiously observing the most serious state of mind she had ever seen Jerigh being in.

    The students were now in the thousands, and most of them had never seen Daniel, as he had never stopped to teach to them personally. So, when they saw him walk next to a person whom they believed to be virtually invincible, they didn't feel much about him.

    Differently from how their children reacted, their families paid great attention to him. They knew who he was, as they had participated to the reveal of his new pill.

    What had surprised them the most, was that he would personally participate in the demonstration along with a cultivator which specialized in melee combat. They hadn't heard the end of Jerigh's praises from their sons and daughters yet, and the common misconception about Daniel, was that he was only an alchemist. Seeing him with two swords in his hands had made them curious.

    The moment Daniel arrived onstage with Jerigh, the two bowed politely towards the public. Then, Daniel waved his hand, creating a dome of spatial essence which would prevent any of their attacks from reaching the outside.

    After the dome formed, both Daniel and Jerigh unsheathed their weapons, and looked at each other with great focus. At the same time, Daniel was forcing his immortal cultivation into a state that would match Jerigh's.. The early sixth stage of immortal cultivation.

    Both of their battle prowess was boosted greatly. The effects of Daniel's group granted a significant boost to the members whenever he was there to lead them, or whenever they were within his territory, so, when the fight started, no one was able to see them.

    The two had disappeared completely, and only flashes of light and noises of impact could be heard from the other side of the barrier.

    Unable to spectate to the fight, the people started to complain.

    "What the hell is going on?"

    "How fast are they?.."

    "I can't see a thing.."

    Sitting quietly one next to the other in the area reserved for the teachers, were Edmund, and the Golden Cauldron old man.

    After the Golden Cauldron old man saw the reaction of the spectators, he stood up, and walked towards the spatial dome. He then placed one of his hands on it, and ejected as much spiritual essence as he could from his body.

    As soon as the dome was covered with his spiritual essence, he turned it into time essence, which slowed down the images that went through the barrier. Once finished, He sat next to the dome, while leaving a palm firmly pressed on it.

    The main purpose of this fight was to demonstrate what Daniel's academy could teach, and yet, Daniel was fully aware that that objective took a lower place in Jerigh's mind when compared to their spar. Therefore, even though they knew that nobody would be able to see them fight, he had still decided to go all out with him.

    Thankfully, he had felt the time essence used by the Golden Cauldron old man, and had allowed him to slow the images down for the rest of the people to witness.

    As soon as the images slowed down, the face of the spectators contorted in shock. The show they were seeing was not a spar, but a deathmatch. Every attack was done with the intent to kill, and pointed at a vital spot.

    For the first time, Cynna witnessed to the full power of the young man which she had tried so much to compare to, and finally understood what feeling inferior meant.

    This did not mean that she wasn't a prodigy herself, as she could be still considered someone that would appear once in ten millions.. But Jerigh was of another level.
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