245 A Disaster in the Making

    "What is it now?" Said Sewah while sitting lazily on his golden throne.

    A man clad in plate armor had just come into the throne room with his head lowered. His actions were not due to the fear he felt for Sewah, but due to the immense amount of respect he had for him. Sewah had shown that he deserved the fame of a true son of Iewah more than once in the past year and a half, and despite his lacks as a merciful ruler, he had gained a massive following.

    Unfortunately, the group that Sewah had created was not based on the combined desire to do good and become stronger, but by his selfish desire to do whatever their leader wanted, no matter what effect that would have on people. That had lead his group to be filled with fanatics.

    He naturally loved the attention and devotion that only a fanatic could provide, but he felt no attachment to these people whatsoever. To him, they were funny little toys that played for his bidding whenever he felt like it.

    "My lord.. New orders have arrived. We are required to reach a new galaxy that has been opened to exploration in the sector number 5503." Responded the heavily armored man with deep respect.

    As if awoken from his lazy state, Sewah straightened his back, and said "Who will play with us?" He had spent the last couple of weeks in his little planet, and all he wanted was to get back into the fray. The orders which he had received were the only thing that he cared about.

    "Five more factions. One with whom we are allied, three more which have formed a second alliance, and one that decided to attempt a solitary conquest." Responded the man promptly.

    "Who are the main players?" Asked Sewah after leaning forward, and resting on his elbows.

    "Aside from you, my lord, four other factions have decided to send elite fighters. Amongst them are eight tyrants of nature, three void dwellers, nine heralds in training, and two demigods."

    "HA!! This is going to be so much fun!" Exploded Sewah with enthusiasm. He had been sent to conquer planets and solar systems, but he had never been sent as the general of their army. That job, would usually go to one of his more powerful and experienced siblings.

    Happy to see his lord in such high spirits, the heavily armored man added "My lord.. There is more.." On his face was a big smile. He clearly couldn't wait to see what Sewah's reaction would be after he revealed the rest of their orders.

    Sewah quickly noticed the expression that had appeared on the man's face,  and asked with curiosity "Ohh.. what else?"

    "The communication said that you will be receiving a partner.. Another chosen of Iewah.. A woman." Responded the man, clearly ecstatic about being the one that could tell this to his lord.

    Silence reigned supreme in the throne room for a few seconds.. And just when the man's smile had began to disappear, and the thought that his lord would kill him on a whim started to form in his head..

    "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! This is getting better and better!!" Sewah burst out laughing. This was the most exciting moment of his life.

    It is important to understand something. Iewah's children were born to battle. All of them were overlords in the making, and that didn't change no matter how many or how powerful they became. The sheer idea of entering in contact with someone else that had such high aspirations, and being able to fight with them, was the true meaning of their lives.

    This was the first of his siblings that Sewah would encounter, and therefore, he couldn't be any happier than that.

    "Who is it??" Asked Sewah after teleporting in front of the man, and taking away the sheet of paper from the man's hands. He then started to read the few words written on it.

    "... solar systems 016, 035, 036, 039.. Blah blah.. Where is it.." He muttered as his eyes quickly moved left and right at a fast speed, only to stop after a few seconds "Kreah.. Born eight years ago." he muttered as a wide and disgusting face appeared on his face.

    Of course, with 'born eight years ago', the writer of the communication didn't mean to specify the age of birth of the host, but instead, the number of years which had passed since Kreah had devoured her host's mind.

    "Hello sister.." he muttered while looking at the portrait of his partner. He then teleported back on his throne, and after closing his eyes, he touched the small medallion which was hanging from his neck.

    This medallion had a square shape, but with uneven borders. It appeared as if four eyes had been interlocked with one another. It was made of an odd metal which was incredibly hard to find in the majority of the universe, and it was extremely hard to break. This medallion was also enchanted with multiple spatial formations. Each with a different use.

    Right at the center of this medallion, was a small flattened square, which right after being touched  by Sewah, was brightened with a faint golden light.

    The small golden light moved on the surface of the flat part of the medallion from left to right, only stopping after reaching the all the way to the right. It then dimmed in intensity, leaving four numbers carved on it. These numbers, were 5503.

    After the golden light disappeared, Sewah touched the numbers with his thumb, and suddenly, a large portal opened in front of him.

    This portal was at least five meters in diameter, and was eye-shape. Seeing through it was impossible, as its surface appeared like a pool of molten gold.

    This portal, was the portal used to travel through the universe by the elite members of Iewah's faction. Virtually all of Iewah's children had one, and yet, only those who needed to use them to complete a task, would ultimately be allowed to use it. If they wanted to travel for reasons that had nothing to do with Iewah's faction, they would have to use their own means.

    Sewah looked at this golden rift with enthusiasm, and without waiting any longer, he approached it. But just as he was about to go through it, an odd sharp pain appeared in his head.

    This pain was nothing too strong, and yet, it had appeared out of nowhere. Ultimately, it had simply irritated Sewah, who after giving himself a weak hit to the side of his head, forgot about the matter, and walked into the portal.


    Inside Sewah's mind, 1 minute earlier.

    "Stop being afraid of it. It's a fraction of his mind.. It will only be able to devour you if you let it." Said the prisoner with clear irritation. He had seen Daniel's foggy shape escape from a much smaller piece of Sewah's mind for the past twenty minutes, and he was starting to lose his patience.

    Unfortunately, he was fully aware of the reason why Daniel was escaping. He was currently in a stage where any sort of damage could kill him. He was not prepared to fight as a simple wisp of consciousness, nor had he fully understood the mechanics of it. After he had confirmed that he wanted to get back the control over his own body, the prisoner had simply opened a small hole in the cage, and used Daniel's wisp of consciousness as a bait to attract a portion of Sewah's mind.

    At the same time, he had simply said to him "Don't fear it.. Consume it before it consumes you."

    Daniel's reaction to that was nowhere near positive. In the state he was currently in, he was like an elephant that was scared of a little mouse which could kill him with a simple bite.

    What the prisoner wanted Daniel to understand, was that it didn't matter it the mouse would only need a small bite to finish him off.. He could simply stomp him before it would manage to do that. But if he said that to him directly, he would cause many thoughts to appear in his already weak consciousness.

    How do I kill it? Is he lying to me? Will I be able to make it?

    The appearance of those questions in his mind was sure to distract his already weak mind enough for the wisp of Sewah's mind power to kill him. Instead, what Daniel needed, was to reach a point where he would have to rely on his survival instincts, and act accordingly.

    That only happened after about fifty seconds.. When the prisoner decided to shrink the cage in order to stop Daniel from keeping on escaping over and over again.

    Daniel found himself backed up in a corner, and after seeing the wisp of Sewah's mind approach him in an attempt to end his existence, his instincts kicked in. Without thinking too much about it, he expanded himself into a dense foggy sheet, and after enshrouding the wisp of mind, he closed around it.

    "Consume it.. It's not different from eating.." Said the prisoner while observing Daniel's slightly bigger ball of grey fog.

    Daniel followed the instructions, and quickly started to compress himself against the wisp of Sewah's mind, which reacted by dissipating bit by bit. It was at this exact moment, that Sewah had felt a sharp pain come from his brain.

    Daniel finished devouring Sewah's wisp of mind after only a few seconds, leaving no traces of it. "Very good.. Now.. repeat this with the rest of it.." Said the prisoner while forcing the green barrier to becoming transparent, and allowing Daniel to see how much mind power was present outside it.

    After absorbing Sewah's mind power, he had grown a little bit. He was now more resistant, and he would feel a lot less threatened by any similar wisp of mind power. "Let's keep going." Said Daniel with increased confidence.


    Galaxy 5503

    Before Sewah had walked through the eye-shaped golden portal, in the empty void, a few other portals had opened, and from them, other powerful individuals had walked out calmly.

    Amongst them, were eight men and women dressed in multicolored attires, which had walked out of a flaming portal. Each of them had different colored clothes, and on it, were depicted the symbols of the natural elements which they used. They were the tyrants of nature, and each of them was followed by two powerful elementals of the same element.

    On another part of the void, a mirror-like portal had opened, and from it, three black-clothed young individuals had walked out. Two of them were women, and one of them was a man. The three of them had no distinctive signs on them except for their eyes. Both of their eyes were devoid of pupils and iris, and instead, they simply had a purple sclera. These three individuals, were the dwellers of the void.

    About a kilometer away, a black portal had opened, and from it, a powerful death-like power was seeping through. From it, a group of nine-black clothed individuals walked out. Their eyes emanated a faint black smoke, and they were surrounded by a threatening vibe. They were the nine heralds in training of the corrupted faction.

    Not much further away, an impressively tall couple had come out of blood red pool. Both of their eyes, eyelashes, and hair, were dark red in color, just like their clothes. They were the two demigods which belonged to the blood faction.

    All of these individuals were proud and extremely powerful, and yet, ever since the moment they had appeared, they had started to observe the elite members of the other factions. They knew that they would likely have to fight them.

    Their expressions weren't affected by the sight of any of these groups, until suddenly, two eye-shaped gold portals opened at a distance of a few hundred meter from each other. Only then their expressions became stern, and turned towards these two portal with alertness.
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