246 Until Ill Find a Way to Kill You

    Alerted by the two eye-shaped golden portals, the numerous elite warriors of the four other factions turned to look at the clear sign of the arrival of the crazy Chosens of Iewah, and prepared themselves to see a good show, or to start a battle at a moment's notice.

    The children of Iewah were universally viewed like toddlers armed with deadly weapons, and a passion for war. It wasn't easy to understand what crazy power they possessed, but when simply compared to the cultivation of another cultivator, they weren't stronger in any way.

    Of course, Sewah had access to the same system that Daniel had, and could potentially grow in power at a mind boggling speed.. But as an eighth stage cultivator, he wasn't stronger than any other individual at the same level. The only advantages that he had, were those provided by the system.. Which unfortunately, he couldn't use at the moment.

    Sewah was currently out of karma, and therefore, he wasn't able to use the majority of the system's skills. What he could do with it, was to activate 'Time is Precious', and increase his karmic debt in order to cultivate, and increase the production of immortal essence.

    After the two golden portals opened, from one of them, Sewah walked out with a bright smile on his face. He was dressed in the attire that he was used to wear while relaxing in his throne room, which was a large golden robe.

    The first thing he did, was to look around the empty space, but after he saw that his sister hadn't come out yet, he turned towards the second portal, and completely ignored the elite members of the other factions.

    The other elites did not really care about this. They had heard stories about the chosen of Iewah, and they were already aware of the fact that nothing interested them more than fighting against each other. If Sewah had taken interest into them instead of the person that was about to arrive from the other side of the second golden portal, they would have found it odd.

    Without making them wait for two long, the surface of the second portal started to vibrate like the calm surface of a body of water during a rainy day, and from it, a girl in her mid twenties walked out.

    The expression of this girl was one of indifference, which paired with her good-looking features, made her look like a walking statue. She had a cascade of light grey hair which went down halfway down her arms, and a pair of golden colored-eyes.

    Compared to Sewah, her clothes were much more practical. She was wearing gold-colored tight fitting clothes, which didn't do much to cover her cleavage and legs. On her neck, was a medallion identical to the one that Sewah possessed.

    The moment she had appeared, her eyes moved directly towards Sewah. "You must be Sewah.." Said the girl to him with a dead tone. She hadn't even considered the other people around them.

    After hearing the girls voice, Sewah's instincts started to take over his rationale. He wanted to fight this girl, and it wanted to do it immediately. To a point where he had immediately activated 'Time is Precious' the moment he had seen her, causing a golden hue to appear in his eyes.

    The two were at the same exact cultivation stage, which had surprised the girl greatly, as her host was almost a hundred years of age before she had reached the eighth stage of cultivation, and since then, only ten more years had passed.

    None of the children of Iewah were aware of which powers the others possessed.. They, along with the other powerful members of Iewah's faction, could faintly feel what the power was about, but they could never understand how it worked, and what benefits it would give to them.

    Something like that had happened when the keeper of key of Mira had seen Daniel for the first time, and from a single look, he had realized that his gift, which was still under development, worked with Karma. Fortunately, nobody else was able to feel the gifts before they took over their hosts.. Or the two adepts of the spiritual faction would have killed Daniel immediately in order to prevent another of these monsters to be born.

    After Sewah's eyes started to lit with their faction's signature golden light, the girl looked at him with interest. She then tried to observe the changes in the surrounding to try and understand what his power was, but ultimately, she couldn't see anything different.

    Instead of keeping on wondering, she too activated her power, forcing her eyes to brighten with a color slightly stronger than Sewah's.

    The moment her eyes lit up, Sewah's mind went blank. His feelings for the woman had changed completely, and while before he wanted to test his strength against her and fight to the death, he now loved her deeply.

    He couldn't keep his eyes off of her, and the sheer sight of this woman had made him abandon the idea of conquest, war and enjoyment. He wanted her to be with him, and if destroying the universe would make that possible, he would do it.

    The girl slowly approached him while stepping on an invisible path in the empty space. She then cupped her hand on Sewah's cheek, causing his heart to threaten to burst out of his chest and jump in her arms.

    She then looked at him with affection before moving closer to his ear, and whispered a few words in it.

    Sewah's face became happier and happier the more this girl spoke to him, and in the end, as the girl moved back, he looked at her with intense fondness. He then made a sword appear in his hand, and without thinking twice about it, he pierced his heart with it.

    Noticing him follow her orders, the girl smiled in satisfaction. She was overjoyed by the result of her charming power, but then.. She felt a pain coming from the middle of her chest.

    She looked down in confusion, and saw a cut right where her heart was, from which fresh blood gushed out in copious amounts. Without even having the time to regret, the two died on the spot.

    The elite members of the other factions watched in shock. They knew that the children of Iewah were crazy, but to cause each other's deaths in a matter of seconds after meeting, that was too odd of an event even for their reputation.

    For the next forty seconds, they looked in confusion.. But then, without them noticing, time started to rewind, and the world was taken to eighty seconds earlier.

    Sewah found himself back in his castle, holding his chest, and breathing heavily. He had underestimated the powers of one of his siblings, and he had paid with one of his two lives.

    The various elite members of the faction which were in charge to fight for the galaxy number 5503, were now back to their previous positions. They were watching themselves in confusion, trying to understand what had happened. They had felt time go back, but aside from Sewah, none of them knew why.

    After a few seconds spent thinking about it, they put the matter to the back of their heads, and went to complete their task by opening their portals, and reappearing exactly where they had appeared before.

    Once again, after regrouping in the area, the few of them turned to look at the two golden portals that appeared where just a moment earlier was empty space.. Then, they waited quietly.

    One more time, Sewah walked out first.. But this time, he immediately stepped away from the second portal, and activated 'Time is Precious', and 'Opposite and Equal'.

    Kreah did not wait long to arrive, as she stepped out of her portal just a second after Sewah. She now had a much more cautious expression. She could tell that something had happened, and that time had been forced to rewind. It didn't take long for her to guess that that, was likely Sewah's power. She had felt that his power had something to do with karma, and therefore, he had some sort of action/reaction effect attached to his gift.

    She was extremely curious about Sewah's power, but before she could force him to talk through her power, he said "Hold on.. Before you try any of your mental tricks to kill me again.. Know that it won't go like last time.. Kill me again, and we both die.. For good this time.. Hehe" There was no worry in his tone, and for a simple reason. He could assume that Kreah wanted to do the same things he wanted to do in her life, and therefore, she would have not wanted to die so soon. Revealing to her that he was aware of her power, had confirmed her suspicions and had made her even more cautious about him.

    "Very well.." said Kreah with her usual emotionless tone. "We will be allied.. Until I'll find a way to kill you.." She then added.

    "Or the other way around.. Hehe.." Responded Sewah with a bright smile. "Aargh.. Sssh.. damn it.." he then muttered to himself before massaging his temple. Another twinge of pain had come out of nowhere and attacked his brain, but just like before, the pain had only lasted for a few seconds.

    The moment the elite of the other factions understood that there would not be a fight between the two chosen of Iewah, they divided into their respective alliances. The void dwellers, the heralds of corruption, and the tyrants of mana being part of a group, and the demigods of the blood faction being the group that would go in solitary.

    The last group had decided to not deploy any elite warrior, and that likely meant that they would be sending a large amount of practitioners with no special power, but their own cultivation.

    Right on time, another portal opened.. And from it, a large number of men and women dressed in identical martial arts attire came out in formation. These people were all humans, and were a deployment of the armies of the Ki faction, which was lead by an individual that was called the Ki Overlord.

    This group was composed of mainly martial cultivators which had trained their ki to a level beyond that of a normal martial cultivator, and therefore, could use it as the main source of their power.

    The reason why this group hadn't sent any elite member, was because their faction didn't actually have any. Every cultivator that was part of the Ki faction was a formidable martial artist which would never lose to anyone in terms of physical strength, speed, and resistance, unless they faced against another member of their faction.

    Along with the members of the Psionic dimension and the tyrants of mana, the Ki faction was the faction that more than any one other would ally itself with Iewah's faction. The reason for that, was that they were the factions that allowed the most freedom to their citizens, and therefore, were the territories where the true nature of humans could be seen thrive naturally.

    Differently, the corrupted faction lived to corrupt, the spiritual faction lived to worship their spiritual leader, the blood faction lived to find beings to sacrifice to their Blood God, and so on for the many other factions in the universe.

    Once this formation of invincible warriors appeared, they approached Sewah and Kreah, and split into two groups of twenty people each. One group went towards Sewah, and one group went towards Kewah.

    The members of the ki faction would usually let the others take control unless there was someone of a higher ranking of their own faction, therefore, before arriving to the site, they had been ordered to follow the two chosen of Iewah, and conquer by following their orders.

    Now that everyone was ready to go, Sewah was about to get things started with one of his sarcastic jokes, but right before he could, another twinge of pain cleared his mind of any word he was about to speak.
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