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    "Hey Sewah.. Forgot about me?" Said Daniel from within Sewah's mind.

    At first, Sewah had felt shocked, but didn't think too much of it and instead focused on his fight. He pushed a massive amount of immortal essence out of his body, and with it, he surround the elemental essence that these two tyrants of mana were using, in order to keep them from moving away.

    He then constructed a thread of metal with his immortal essence, and connected it to the cage made out of plasma, with the tree roots that were imprisoning his body.. causing them to lit in flames.

    The tyrant of wood immediately backed away from Sewah, but it was too late. He had already formed a bridge between the two by constructing a golden thread with metallic essence. So, every attack which he received, would hit her as well.

    This all happened in about two seconds, and it was just enough for the tyrant of lightning to react, and stop her attacks from hurting both Sewah, and her companion.

    What she hadn't expected, was that Sewah would have a comprehension of lightning essence close to perfection.. Generally speaking, elite members of the factions would play on their strengths, and that, meant that their fights would usually be a battle fought through the use of the powers exclusive to their factions.

    Ki warriors were close to invincible warriors with a weakness to magic, demigods of the blood faction were able to use their own blood to fight, and consume it for a quick burst of power which would last for a limited amount of time, the heralds of corruption would drag the fight to try to corrupt their enemies, and so on.

    That was no different for the chosens of Iewah. Their power was, most of the times, powerful enough for them to rely on it fully. For example, the gift owned by The Sword Wielder, incremented his ability, speed, and strength while using a sword. He was able to split stars with it, and a very little amount of people in the known universe would be able to face him. The Tamer, on the other hand, was capable of taming all sorts of beasts he encountered. The process was not easy, but if successful, they would become the most loyal companions, and fight for him until the day they died. That had allowed him to build one of the most powerful armies owned by single individuals through the entire universe.

    Even Kreah possessed a gift that would allow her to avoid confrontation, and force others to fight for her. She could charm, and command the minds of both men and women. The weaker one's mind, the easier it was to control them.

    Unexpectedly for the two tyrants of mana, Sewah's power appeared to be a support to his own abilities as a cultivator, which would allow him to become stronger, and reach a high level of comprehension of the mana at a much faster speed. That was what the two of them had guessed after noticing the perfect comprehension of metal and wood essence, and the close to perfect comprehension of lightning essence he possessed.

    It was clear to them that they could not face Sewah by themselves. They looked at each other, and after receiving a nod of confirmation from one another, they decided to leave right away. There were still hundreds of planets to compete for, and fighting against someone stronger right at the beginning was a bad idea. In their mind, retreating was the right choice.

    Sewah could not find a reason to feel happy about his enemies' retreat. The conquest of a planet which possessed living and developed forms of life was a major achievement for him, but more than gaining fame, he was worried about his state of mind.

    He was sure to have heard Daniel's voice coming from inside his head, even though he knew it was impossible.

    A child of Iewah would evolve in separate stages. The first stage, was the creation of a consciousness, which would appear at the moment the host's received their system, and would live within the host's mind from then on.

    The second stage was the creation of a spirit, which he or she would be able to use in order to leave the host's body, and get used to the outside world. While slightly more independent, during the second stage, it would still be bound to the host's body.

    The last stage of their evolution, was to take control over the body of the host.

    What binded a person's spirit and consciousness to a body, was the mind. The consciousness was what prevented the spirit from being a random clump of spiritual essence that inhabited the world without a purpose, and the body from being a useless sack of skin, flesh, and bones.

    During the third stage of evolution, the consciousness of Iewah's child would feed off of the mind of his host, and take its place in controlling his spirit and body.

    In their way of life, they could be compared to parasites, but they differed from the parasitic faction for the fact that they were not organisms which grew by feeding off of another like the majority of the parasites of the parasitic faction did. It was more correct to consider them children which would kill their parents once they reached their adult age.

    That an host could retain their consciousness after being consumed, was unheard of amongst the children of Iewah. So Sewah was much more inclined to believe that it was just some sort of hallucination.. But then.. "I get it now.. The reason why you were so nervous.. To read all of my thoughts.. It must have been pretty annoying.."

    "No no no.. It's just in my head.. I've killed you.." muttered Sewah to himself while trying to shake Daniel's voice off of his head..

    "Let me try this one.." said Daniel from within Sewah's mind while devouring another piece of it, and causing another headaches to start in Sewah's head.

    This new and sudden headache confirmed to Sewah that he wasn't simply hallucinating.. that Daniel was actually still alive within his body, and that he was feeding off of his mind in order to become stronger. He knew this, because it was what had happened when he had devoured Daniel's mind. The only difference, was that his mind had grown powerful enough to devour Daniel's mind all at once thanks to his second evolution, and not by slowly feeding off of it like Daniel was doing with his.

    "How is this possible?.. It can't be.. I know I've consumed you completely.." Said Sewah with clear panic in his voice.

    The more Sewah panicked, the more his mind became unstable. The sheer idea of his consciousness being devoured, was making him go crazy.. And the more his mind lost in stability, the more of it Daniel was able to feed off of it.

    The two ki warriors that were accompanying Sewah observed as he mumbled senseless words to himself, and looked around in panic.

    The pain become stronger and stronger, forcing Sewah to crumple up in a ball, and grab his head in pain. "AAAAARH" He suddenly shouted to the top of his lungs.

    Like a drill placed directly into his brain, the pain kept going until finally.. It stopped.

    Sewah's crumpled up body suddenly straightened, and with odd calmness, he moved his head left and right to check his surroundings. He had become quiet from out of the blue, and his expression didn't show any clue to what was happening to him a few moments ago.


    In another section of the galaxy, Kreah was floating peacefully in space. She was looking at a big, red planet with curiosity. Just a few hundred meters from her, two men which wore the same outfit were battling amongst each other.

    These two individuals were both members of the heralds of corruption, and it appeared as if one of the two was trying to restrain himself from striking his companion too hard.

    Kreah had arrived only a minute earlier, and the moment she had teleported near this planet, she had felt two individuals hiding in an attempt to ambush their competitors the moment they arrived.. Unfortunately, feeling the presence of individuals around her, was a part of Kreah's gift.

    As soon as she arrived, she had taken over the mind of one of these individuals, and had forced him to attack his own companion. The two had been caught by surprise as, unlike Sewah, they had no memory of when Kreah had used her powers to bewitch her companion.. And therefore, had no idea of which kind of power she possessed.

    The two battled for a few minutes, until finally..  They stopped.

    Kreah had let go of her control over the herald's mind, and was now watching down to her necklace in shock. What had shocked her, was that it was lit up with a bright golden color which was carving a few words on the flat part of it.

    Instead of using this moment of distraction to attack her, the two heralds looked at their wrists with as much shock as Kreah herself had shown. Both of their bracelets had darkened, and a writing was forming on their surface.

    At the same time, the three of them opened their own portals, and teleported away from the area.

    The same happened to each and every other elite member that was fighting for galaxy number 5503. No matter if they were fighting, or claiming a few planets as their faction's.. They would immediately stop after their teleporting devices showed strange reactions, and would leave through a portal right after.

    Of the many elite members that had been sent out by the six factions, only two of them hadn't teleported. Instead, they looked down at their own medallions, and back towards a strangely calm Sewah.

    Moments later, blood pools, massive mirrors, black holes, and elemental portals opened all around Sewah, and from them, the elite members came out with hurry.

    Now surrounded by the entirety of the other faction's forces, Sewah stood there as if nothing was happening.

    The first ones to talk, were the members of the ki faction which had separated from Sewah. He turned to look at his two companions, and asked "What happened?"

    "I don't know.. He was fighting those two tyrants.. And after forcing them to leave, he suddenly started to talk to himself, and scream in agony.. It looked like he was in a great deal of pain.." Said one of the two ki warriors after pointing at the tyrant of lightning, and the slightly injured tyrant of wood.

    Everyone present had heard the conversation between the two ki warriors. And after processing what had been said, they looked at Sewah with confusion. Only one individual amongst them was looking at him with sheer surprise.. And that person, was none other than Kreah.

    "It doesn't matter how it happened.. He is an outcast now.. The first outcast of Iewah's faction.." Said one of the two demigods of the Blood God faction. He then added "His is worth much more than what's left of this small galaxy.."

    Almost as if being woken up by the words of the demigod, Kreah assumed an earnest expression, and said "Don't you dare touch him.. He is an outcast of my faction, and you're allowed to attempt to capture him only if nobody from Iewah's faction is present."

    What she had said was the truth. A faction's outcast was an individual which had been kicked out of their faction. Once that happened, the faction to which the outcast belonged, would be allowed to put a bounty on the head of their former member. This bounty would work as any other bounty, and would allow anyone in the universe to capture this individual, and deliver him to the faction which had placed the bounty, for a price. In case more than one individual were present to the capture of a wanted person, they would usually have to battle for the right to capture him.. But if a member of the faction which had placed the bounty was present, he or she would have the right to capture him first.

    The demigod turned to look at Kreah without the slightest hint of fear, and said "By all means.. I'll give you five minutes.."

    As cocky as any other children of Iewah could be, Kreah said "I only need one.." She then looked at Sewah with her bright golden eyes.

    Just like it had happened the first time, Sewah fell into Kreah's spell. Deep feelings of love were emerging from the very core of his essence, and he couldn't help but instinctively control his body to move closer to hers.

    Kreah looked at the other elites with deep arrogance.

    Sewah was now only about two meters from her, and just as she turned to look at him, and said "Sewah, my love.. What hap-" her voice was interrupted by a firm hand which grabbed her throat firmly.

    "Sewah is not available right now.." *Crack*
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