249 An Outcasts Life

    *Crack*... Was the sound made by the shattered bones of Kreah's neck.

    During the past six months, Daniel had managed to feed off of small portions of Sewah's mind. What he would devour would be long lost memories, or vulnerable train of thoughts.. Things which humans were known to forget. The reason for that, was to prevent Sewah from suspecting anything.

    After six months, Daniel's homeless mind had grown in power to a point where it could be compared to Sewah's own mind. It was right at that moment that he had decided to make himself known to Sewah, and destabilize his psyche in order to make him more vulnerable, and take back control over his body.

    On his way to taking back control over his body, he had devoured the majority of Sewah's mind, and had managed to gain a mind vastly stronger than that of a normal human. At the same time, he had saved a small portion of Sewah's mind, and trapped it into a corner of his under the constant threat of being devoured.

    The reason why he hadn't killed Sewah completely, was because he feared that in case he died, he would lose his karmic system. That, had turned out to be a good idea, as once back in his body, he was still able to see the many red numbers above the just as many heads around him.

    The very moment Kreah had taken control over his mind, he had felt her power pull at his consciousness. He was feeling what he was supposed to feel, but he also felt that if he tried to resist, he would free himself without any effort whatsoever. So, he decided to use the chance that the child of Iewah herself had given to him, and killed her once close enough.

    Unfortunately, Daniel had underestimated the power of gifts..

    His own gift had a last resort ability which would save him from certain death, so why shouldn't she?

    The moment he let go of her broken neck, Daniel heard a noise coming from the area where where the heralds of corruption were floating in silence. He quickly turned to look in that direction, and saw that one of these individuals was floating lifelessly in space. His neck was broken, just like Kreah's.

    Daniel immediately felt that something was wrong, and turned to look at Sewah's sister.. But where she was supposed to be, was only a quickly closing golden portal.

    Just like Daniel's 'Second Chance', Kreah had and ability that allowed her to survive from one death every few days of time. Her ability was called 'The Tragedy of Love', and forced one of the people which she had controlled in the past, to sacrifice him or herself in order to save her life.

    Once back to life, Kreah had directly teleported away without thinking twice about it. There was no doubt in her mind that, since she couldn't control him, she wouldn't be able to defeat him either. That was her only weakness.. Mental users..

    "HAHAHA! Look at that.. The outcast sent his former companion running.. And somehow even killed that guy over there." Said the man of the couple of demigods.

    After seeing the golden portal close, Daniel put Kreah to the back of his head, and turned to look at the blood red-haired man that was laughing. He then said with a faint smile "And you haven't seen the best yet.. My next play is 'how much blood can I get out of someone from the blood faction?'.. I will need your help.."

    Just like anyone who would dare to call himself the son of a god, the demigods of the blood faction were amongst the most powerful and brutal factions in the universal government. Their ability to control blood allowed them not only to control their own blood, but also that of their enemies. Some of them were even capable of making the blood boil directly into a person's body. Their biggest weakness and most formidable adversaries, were the ki warriors, as due to the fact that they possessed the strongest of bodies, they would be unable to use their blood.

    Even despite their main weakness, the biggest flaw of their entire faction, was their disproportioned pride. They would usually have an aloof behaviour and look down at anyone that was not part of their faction.. And would not respond well to provocations.

    "YOU DARE TEST ME?!.. Kid.. I am not one of Iewah's losers.. I will grant you a bloody death if you want one so much.." Said the male demigod, before his eyes turned of a dull blood red color, and started to bleed profusely.

    At the same time, two metallic blades had appeared in Daniel's hands..

    The blood that was dripping out of the man's eyes like two thin cascades accumulated on the palm of his hand, and formed a small ball. The surface of this ball kept moving, and looked like a bloody balloon which caged something within.

    From the sheer sight, Daniel could feel the danger. He knew that if he allowed it to come close, that globe of moving blood would seep into his body, and attack him from inside.

    The large globe of blood moved in front of the man's finger, and as he pointed it towards Daniel, it split into hundreds of small droplets of blood which flew out at an amazing speed as he muttered with a grievous tone "Die for me."

    Daniel did not give him the time to launch an attack, and before the man could manage to send his attack, Daniel teleported in front of him.


    The head of the demigod flew in the empty space before he ever had the time to send the small droplets of blood against his target.

    Daniel still wasn't used to the power of an eight stage immortal cultivator, and therefore, he had decided to go all out from the start. His top speed, paired with the man's pride, and the fact that the man did not expected him to be a skilled swordsman and spatial essence user, had costed him his life.. Or at least, that's what Daniel had thought at first.

    While the remaining elite members were shocked by Daniel's actions, the second demigod looked at him with simple alertness. She too hadn't expected Daniel to be so decisive.. After all, their plan was to capture him, and not kill him.. No matter what the male demigod had said.

    During the mixture of reactions, a strand of blood that came from the man's severed head moved towards the rest of his body, and joined with a second strand that came from the man's neck. Once joined, they thugged at each other, shortening the gap between the two split parts.

    The closer the two became, the more strings moved out of both parts, and reunited them together.

    Without giving him the time to recover, Daniel tried to teleport once again towards him to slice him into a thousand small pieces.. But right before he could teleport, some sort of defensive mechanism activated around the body of the injured demigod, causing millions of strands of blood to come out of each of the man's pores.. and turning him into a living sea urchin.

    Daniel, not willing to end up with a few extra holes in his body, immediately interrupted his actions. He then noticed the state the other elites were in.

    During the past six months, he had seen many of Sewah's memories.. But even though he knew a lot more about factions and their uses than before, he still wasn't fully aware of what had caused these cultivators to regroup around him.

    His guess, after being called outcast more than once, and being attacked by someone which was supposed to be on his side, was that he had become an outcast, just like the prisoner was.

    While being an outcast wasn't illegal per se, there was a rule within the factions which stated that, in case a cultivator was kicked out of a faction, that faction would have the right to hunt for him for a duration for a certain amount of time. Once that amount of time had passed, the outcast would become a citizen of the universal government, and therefore, not required to belong to any particular faction.

    Not many were aware of this, but many explorers were once outcasts of ancient, and a few destroyed factions. There were rumors which claimed that a few explorers of old, had grown to such a power, that they had become stronger than the very leaders they served.

    Now that Daniel was an outcast, he knew that he would chased to the ends of the universe.. And he could see that in the eyes of the many elites around him, which despite his power, which none of them could compare to individually, still watched him with greedy eyes.

    Unable to face so many people at the same time, Daniel had no choice but to leave.

    The medallion which he had seen Sewah use for the past six months had been deactivated, and he would not be able to use it to teleport like Kreah had, but luckily enough, Sewah had been smart enough to ensure a secondary method of escape.

    Just as the many elite members were about to rush in his direction, Daniel simply disappeared from where he was floating. There was no trace of spatial essence.. No rift, no void, no shift.. He had simply disappeared.

    When Daniel reappeared, he was standing in a throne room which contained a golden throne, and numerous statues which resembled him. This throne room, was Sewah's base of operation, and no other than his group's planet which he had received in one of his group's upgrades.

    Daniel sensed his surroundings, and quickly found out that he was in a castle, right in the middle of a large city. This inhabitants of this city were unknown to him, and seemed to do nothing but walk around the city, and worship his statues.

    With his mind, he could feel the many voices hail him unceasingly.

    "My lord!, we have received a communication from the faction.. Is it true?? Have you been casted out?" Said a fanatical man after feeling Daniel's presence. Right after him, dozens more rushed in, and asked similar questions.

    Daniel was disgusted. Not by the small but constant amount of red karma which these individuals showed, but by what was in their minds.. Some of them thought of him so highly, that their thoughts reached a level of fanaticism where they would daydream about literally eating his body.

    The minds of most of them were not right, and thanks to his developed mind, he could feel it.. Willingly, or not.

    Once he got used to the impact that seeing into the minds of these people, Daniel started to feel an indescribable sadness.. Differently from karma, people had not chosen to be out of their minds.. And therefore, he couldn't help but pity them.

    For the first time, Daniel understood what the words of the prisoner meant. He couldn't imagine what having to see these sort of images for thousands of years would make to a person. He would have to find a way to cope with them, or he would be the next one to go crazy.

    After Daniel calmed himself down, he looked at the group of cultivators, and said "Don't worry.. Go back to what you were doing.. I wish to be alone for a bit."

    In response to Daniel's words, the agitated crowd left with slight unwillingness.

    Once alone, Daniel sat on the large golden throne, and started to think about what his first move would be. It was only then, that he remembered something important.. And with a hint of fear, he opened his profile's window.


    Dan Hiel - Karmic system's wielder.

    Age - 24

    Power level

    -Early eighth stage of immortal cultivation

    Battle Prowess

    -Mid eighth stage of immortal cultivation

    Karma: -799,396,434,721


    Weapons Masteries (Details)

    Martial Arts (Details)

    Skills (Details)

    Spells (Details)


    Reap What You've Sown

    Time Is Precious Lv.50

    Reduced Cost Lv.25

    Bonus Points Lv.25

    Second Chance (Upgrades 4/4) Lv.20

    Karma X Luck

    Karma Debt

    Karmic Retribution (Upgrades 2/2)

    Devil's Advocate

    Regulator's Will

    System Upgrades (Details)


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