252 Ill Put You Down

    "Don't let them touch you." Said the prisoner with a clear hint of worry.

    Daniel turned to look back at him "An Apostle of Damnation? What the hell is that?" He then said with clear concern. Anyone that had a title like that, was bound to be trouble.

    "Exactly that.. They are demons from the Church of Damnation.." muttered the prisoner while allowing his massive avatar to appear right behind him, and making his eyes glow of the brightest green light which Daniel had ever seen them shine of. He was going all out from the start, and that, alerted Daniel immensely.

    The skinnier of the two demons, which was clearly the leader of the two, as he was arrogantly standing in front of the second one, said "Try it, mental warrior.. Use your little mind tricks with me.. Hehe.. let's see how it goes."

    From the way the demon was talking, it was clear that his race was not afraid of the mental warriors that came from the Psionic Dimension. And there was an extremely good reason for it.

    The Church of Damnation was a faction whose power was based on the sufferings which its people felt. Their domain was a literal hell, and in it, all of the most evil people were gathered. As a faction, they were also known to attack the various prisons in order to kidnap the worst scum that came from all of the other factions, and put them in their own planets, just so that they could torment their own citizens.

    The planets owned by the Church of Damnation were worlds without rule, and even if they had been faring well before entering their domain, many apocalyptic scenarios would play out, until the whole world would be in a constant, and permanent chaotic state.

    As soon as the skinnier demon stopped talking, his body started to swell. The facial features became less and less human, and his face contorted from that of a humanoid being, into one of a beast. His mouth and nose elongated, and two rows of sharp teeth grew in it. His nails quickly grew, curving into the shape of ten sharp scythes, and the horns that came out of his head, thickened along with his body.

    The same exact thing happened to the second demon, which instead, transformed into a completely different being. Two massive and hairy wings grew on his back, and his horns split into two before growing out of proportion. His knees twisted around, making them bend in the opposite way of those of a normal human.

    After their transformation, both of these demons had become massive. Their eyes shone with a dark red color tainted with black.. And from them, a grim darkish smoke came out.. Turning their eyes into a dark blurr.

    As soon as the two monsters transformed, the prisoner, which was standing inside of the chest of what was now a transparent green giant, shouted "DON'T USE MENTAL POWER!" He then directly dashed towards the skinny of the two demons.

    Left with the biggest demon to fight, Daniel prepared himself.. But before starting to fight, he tried to send a message with sound essence towards the many warriors that had been following Sewah for the past two and a half years, and tell them to leave the planet.. Unfortunately, the demon didn't give him enough time.

    The wings of the massive demon flapped once, and the next moment, it appeared in front of him, swinging his massive fist towards Daniel's small body.

    The hit was instantaneous, and Daniel was only able to lift his arm to protect his chest before the demon's fist crashed heavily against them.

    Daniel's body flew for thousands of meters before crashing against the side of one of the two mountains. The strength of the hit was so big, that Daniel went straight through the mountain, and came out from the other side, leaving a massive hole in the middle of it.

    Unfortunately, the strength of the punch was not what was terrifying of it.

    In the fraction of an instant in which the demon had touched Daniel's body with his fist, millions of images had entered Daniel's mind. Scenes of torment and despair, of which the apostles of damnation would feed in order to grow more and more powerful. That was the reason why the prisoner had told him not to let the demon touch him, as well as the reason of the complete lack of fear towards mental warriors, which the skinnier of these two demons had showed.

    Daniel lied on the ground for a few moments, lost in the horrific scenes that had invaded his head.. Those short moments were more than enough for the demon to re appear right above him, and hammer his defenseless body over and over again with his fists.

    The demons did not want to kill either of the two.. So, after leaving him covered in blood and with his bones shattered in thousands of pieces, the demon smirked at the sight of Daniel's sufferings, and turned around in the direction of the other fight.

    "..where are you going?.." Said Daniel with sound essence, from behind the demon's back. A white light was shining through his injuries, and his blood was seeping back into them before they would close completely. The bones twisted back in position, and fused back together while producing a horrifying sound.

    To the cost of losing even more karma, Daniel had had no choice but to activated 'Time is Precious', and increase his immortal essence output. Hadn't he done that, he would have ended up being unable to heal himself in time, as it appeared that if the two demons cooperated, the prisoner would have no chance to win before he would recover.

    ".. of course.." Said the large demon with a guttural voice which masked a faint realization. It was clear that his current form was not the best one to talk. He had noticed Daniel's moment of distraction at the beginning of the fight, and for a moment, he had thought that Daniel would pay dearly for that. But when he heard Daniel's voice, he remembered what sort of existence he was fighting against.. Daniel was no ordinary elite.

    With the rest of his body broken apart, Daniel stood up on his nearly healed legs. The rest of his body was bent in unnatural shapes, with bloody bones coming out of his flesh, and blood oozing back into the wounds. The scene was horrifying, but for an apostle of damnation, it was a show to behold.

    The demon suddenly disappeared from where he was standing, only to reappear high up in the air above Daniel. His hands were joined together, and he wanted to hammer fist Daniel into the depths of his own planet.. But the motion was blocked by a pair of small hands.

    A massive crack formed underneath Daniel's feet, causing the already damaged mountain which was barely standing just a few hundred meters from him, to finally crumbled under the enormous pressure  of it's snowy top.

    Daniel's opened hands had blocked the demon's hands completely, but in exchange, they had broken once again. At the same time, a much heavier stream of horrifying images seeped into his mind, causing him to fall into despair once again.

    The demon took this chance to grab Daniel's broken body in his hand, and squeeze him tightly while forcing more and more images in his head.

    "Haha.. A chosen of Iewah is only worth so much.. All bark, and no bite." Said the demon in between growls and snarls. His long teeth were dripping with dense saliva, and from his mouth, a deadly black smoke came out. "I'll take you to my lord.. He will decide whether to take the bounty, or add one of your kind to-AAAAAAAAAARGHH!!!"

    ".. you talk so much.." muttered Daniel as the fingers of the demon started to fall off. The bloody stumps were cleanly cut, and from them, blood of an uncommonly dark shed of red oozed out profusely.

    Aside from the first scream, the demon did not let his injury get to his head, and instead, punched Daniel once again before he could even fall out of his grip, and down on the ground.

    Once again, Daniel sunk deeply into the hard rocky surface of the ground, breaking multiple bones, as well as injuring a few organs.. But despite the bad state he was in, he still stood up, and after adjusting his dislocated jaw with his hand, he looked straight into the demon's dark red eyes, and said with a defiant tone ".. Overgrown dog.. Come here.. I'll put you down."

    Forgetting any form of self-preservation, Daniel countered the following punch with one of his own.. Causing both the bones of his arms, as well as those of the demon's massive hand, to break into pieces.

    The demon quickly followed up with a left hook, expecting for Daniel to be dealing with heavy and terrifying images, and to be able to finish him off right away because of it.. But unfortunately for him, that did not happen.

    Daniel evaded the hook by stepping back, and at the same time, slashed downwards with scorching hot scythe which had formed out of metal and fire essence right at the end of his arm..

    It was right at that moment, as he looked at his hand fall on the ground, and the injury cauterize in an instant, that the demon understood something.. He wasn't dealing with a prey.

    The constant golden shine in Daniel's eyes quickly became more and more scary to the demon, and in the back of his head, the idea of retreating crossed his mind.. Unfortunately, that moment of distraction.. He would pay for it.

    Before the demon could even remotely recover from his injuries, Daniel used a powerful outburst of immortal essence to appear right in front of his huge body.. And while his body was still in shambles, Daniel closed his fist, charged with metal and spatial essence to give it some weight, and punched the demon right in the stomach.. Digging into the demon's skin a couple of centimeters deep.

    The sound wave caused by the hit flattened all of the trees in the surrounding, and for a moment, the demon was lifted off of the ground, and floated in the air with a blank mind.. But alas, Daniel was not done yet.

    He reappeared right above the floating demon, and after covering his leg in metal, he stomped on the demon's spine, right between the wings, which snapped in two the moment of impact. Before stomping on the demon's back, Daniel had gripped the base of its wing tightly.. Causing them to rip off of his back the moment the foot had touched his back.

    After the powerful hit, the demon was thrown on the hard rocky ground, crashing heavily against it.

    Daniel was about to continue his attacks, but before he could reach the demon, he heard a low, and deep growling sound.

    "NOW YOU'VE DONE IT.." said the demon with a soul-shaking tone, which reached every corner within a radius of a hundred kilometers.

    After that, the already enormous body of the demon started to swell once again. His skin became veiny, and it looked like it was about to tear.. almost if unable of containing the demon's enormous muscles. His injuries started to heal at a speed similar to Daniel's when he used 'Time is Precious'.

    At the end of his second transformation, the demon was twice as big as before. On the surface of his eyes, Daniel could see the shape of multiple faces and hands that tried to pull through his retina in order to escape, as well as a few desperate humanoid figures fly within the darkish red fumes that came out of his eyes and mouth.

    At the same time, Daniel's body was almost completely recovered.


    No further than a kilometer away.

    An enormous horned monster was currently fighting against what looked like a green ghost which wielded a massive green blade. The two exchanged blow after blow, injuring one another, and tiring each other out.

    The prisoner was trying to fight this battle from the distance, but the capabilities of the demon's massive body were preventing him from maintaining that sort of advantage. The only line of protection he had between himself and a world of sufferings, was the body of his avatar.
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