253 Its All Fun and Games..

    *GRRRRRR..* "There is nothing better than the face of a mental warrior as he witnesses the suffering of trillions of people.. Hehe" Said the demon with hilarity.

    The surroundings had been carved out of shape by his massive claws, and a few big and straight crevices, which appeared to have been made from what looked like the slashes of a massive sword.

    The prisoner was observing from about fifty meters of distance. He was struggling with defending against the onslaught of attacks which a monster made of pure strength, was able to unleash on him for so long. The only moments of rest he had, was when the demon himself stopped attacking him to taunt, or make fun of him, as well as the few moments when they heard the impressive sonic waves caused by the fight between Daniel and the winged demon.

    "I can tell you.. He is not doing good.. HAHAHA.. I know that attack pattern.hehe" *SHHGRA* Said the demon in between laughs. Of the two demons, he was the one who loved to torture his enemies the most.. Even if just by making them anxious with a few words, he would enjoy as the thought that they might die soon creeped into their heads. "Once he is done with the other outcast.. We will enjoy your company together. Hehe.."

    As soon as he stopped talking, the demon dashed towards the prisoner with a mind boggling speed.. He immediately avoided the horizontal slash which tried to part the upper part of his body from his legs, and while in mid air, he dived straight towards the middle of the green giant's chest.

    Just before touching the surface of the giant's chest, the demon extended his arm towards it, and joined his fingers together, forming a drill with his sharp claws. Then, put a terrifying pressure on his lower body, and after kicking the ground with one of his massive feet, he started to spin in mid air.

    The tip of his claws touched the chest of the green giant right after, and immediately cracked the surface of his armor.. but the motion of the demon didn't stop. Through a calculated ejection of his demonic essence, the demon kept spinning in place, forcing the crack on the giant's armor to become bigger and bigger.

    The prisoner had tried to slash downwards with his sword, but as soon as the sword would arrive close enough to the demon, it would bounce back due to the motion.

    The chest of the green giant now looked like a spiderweb, and the tip of the demon's claws had penetrated through about ninety-five percent of its armor. Left with no other choice, the prisoner forced his avatar to let go of the sword, and try to stop the spinning motion of the demon with his massive hands.. But that was like trying to stop the demon's entire demonic power, with sheer strength.

    He tried to grab the demon's spinning body with the avatar's big hands, but from the very moment his palms were about to touch the demon, they were pushed away with an impressive force. It was like trying to stop a tornado with his bare hands.

    Unable to resist anymore, the armor of the green giant shattered, and the sharp claws penetrated through the avatar more.

    Out of ideas, the prisoner decided to move out of the avatar before the demon's attack could go through it, and hit him. At the same time, he kept the avatar in place, using it to stop the demon's motion.

    As soon as the prisoner touched the ground just a few meters away, and was preparing another attack, the avatar shattered in many green shards which quickly dissipated in the air. This avatar was formed by mental power, and therefore, the moment it was destroyed, it caused a huge toll on the mid of the prisoner.. Which fell on his knees, and held his head in an attempt to prevent his reason from drifting away.

    Once again, the demon observed the sufferings of the prisoner with enjoyment. He couldn't help but want to torture him more and more. His race and faction were the perfect kind of beings to counter mental warriors. They were physical warriors, and were able to use the despair of which they fed, to affect the minds of others.. Especially those who were the most sensitive to mental power.

    That wouldn't necessary mean that the prisoner wasn't at the same level as the demon, but only that these demons were a mental warrior's weakness.

    It was only at this moment that the prisoner had understood how much he had underestimated the bad luck of which Daniel kept thinking about. He was aware of the universal concept of luck, but he would have never believed that by simply standing next to Daniel for a matter of seconds, he would end up in the most unfortunate fight of his life.

    Producing an avatar wasn't that simple. It required a clear and healthy mind, and it was something that only the elite members of the Psionic Dimension could do. It required a certain amount of mental power of which Daniel was far from, and comprehension and control over that very power.

    Unfortunately, the prisoner was not in a state of mind that would have allowed him to create another avatar.. So, he tried to calm his mind, and recollect his composure. For him, that was not unlike picking a sword and shield back up from the ground, after someone had knocked them off of his hands.

    The demon was done with enjoying the mental torture, and was ready to move on to a more physical stage of his torment. He walked towards the prisoner, and moved his hand towards him in an attempt to pick his body up.. But suddenly, from the two eye holes of the prisoner's mask, two green lights which could illuminate a hall appeared, directed straight towards his eyes.

    The demon stopped immediately in place. In his mind, ideas of taking his own life were starting to form. At the same time, his hand moved on his throat as if in an attempt to rip it off.

    Big drops of sweat were streaming down the sides of the prisoner's head. While he was commanding the demon, he was also under the effect of the demon's mental powers. Millions of terrifying scenes of torture, sufferings, and pain moved in the man's head like drops of water which formed a river of despair.

    This was a matter of stamina. The outcome would be decided by the prisoner's ability to withstand those images and that sufferings long enough for the demon to take his own life.

    This method could have had a chance to work, if only the mind of the prisoner wasn't already damaged.

    In about a minute, the prisoner fell on his knees. His eyes had dimmed in brightness, and went back to their normal red color. His breath was heavy, and his clothes were drenched in sweat. He had just witnessed to the endless torment of uncountable individuals, and of each of them, he could feel the thoughts, broken hopes, and true feelings.

    "HAHAHA! YES! That was fun.." said the demon with a snarling tone. He then added "You mental warriors always offer the best entertainment.. We cannot let Iewah's faction keep you bottled up in a prison.. I'll take you to my lord.. Maybe he will gift you to me. Hehehe."

    "I can't believe that, despite how much the other one talked.. You are still the chatty one." Said a voice that came from the area where, until a few moments earlier, loud sounds could be heard resound constantly.

    The demon and the prisoner turned to look towards the direction where the voice was coming from, and there, they saw a zombie. Skin removed from at least fifty percent of his left arm, chunks of flesh missing from his shoulder and thighs, a half severed right arm which dangled from the shoulder thanks to a limb of flesh, and purple bruises all over the rest of the body.

    That person was, of course, Daniel.

    "You.." muttered the demon while looking at Daniel's mangled body with suspicion. Due to the messed up shape Daniel was in, the demon didn't immediately notice the one thing that he should have noticed immediately, so, he asked "Where is my brother?" His tone showed that he was not in the mood to play anymore.

    With a tired expression,  "Hold on a second.." he said before making healing essence ooze out of his injuries in large amounts.

    The demon quickly noticed that something was up, but it was only after the skin of Daniel's arm was regenerated, that he noticed the chunk of bloody meat that he was holding in between his left arm, and his chest.

    After Daniel's arm reattached, he grabbed this bloody object by something hard that was attached to it, and threw it. This object rolled on the ground for a few seconds, until finally, it stopped right underneath the demon's feet. Once still, the demon was finally able to see what this object was.. It was the severed head of his younger brother.

    The demon watched in shock, and said "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!"

    "Don't look at me.. We were happily fighting, until he tripped and fell on my sword.. neck first.. I guess it's true.. It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.." Said Daniel while shrugging his shoulders, and looking at the demon with a sheepish smile.. Almost as if trying to convince him that nothing big had happened, and that he had done nothing wrong.

    Something inside of the demon's mind clicked, and he immediately dashed towards Daniel with the highest level of rage he had ever felt.

    His reactions surprised Daniel deeply. It was odd to see a demon care so much for a fallen family member. But of course, despite the surprise he had felt, he didn't allow himself to get distracted.

    In a moment, he fell on his knees, and touched the ground with both of his hands.

    From the ground, a mouth made out of stone quickly formed around him, encasing him completely. At the same time, a second metallic shield formed around it as reinforcement.

    The demon ignored this, and instead, started to claw at the metallic dome with his claws over and over again. Ripping the metal apart, and breaking the stone underneath.. But whenever a claw mark appeared, it would immediately close back up.

    For how powerful the demon was, he couldn't compare with Daniel's immortal essence regeneration, so, in a frenzy, he kept clawing at it again and again.

    This went on for a good minute, until finally, the demon shouted in a crazed state "COME OUT YOU RAT! I'LL TEAR YOU TO SHREDS!!" *GROOOOOOOOOOOOWL!* The demon kept growling and snarling in anger, letting massive and powerful sound waves come out of his opened mouth, which devastating the surrounding area.

    It was in a fraction of a second in between these sound waves, that the dome which was protecting Daniel disappeared, and with a push of his legs, Daniel leaped directly into the opened mouth of the massive demon..

    The moment the demon noticed, it was already too late. Daniel's timing was perfect, and he had forced the demon to swallow him whole.

    The prisoner looked at Daniel's foolishness with disappointment.. He knew that the stomach of a demon would melt a person's body in seconds, and therefore, there was absolutely no chance that Daniel could come out of it alive.

    It was only after he noticed the odd expression of the demon himself, that he understood that something was wrong. The demon was looking at his stomach with a horrified expression.

    "AAAAAARGH! AAAAAARGGGHH COME OUT!! COME OUT NOW!!" He screamed in panic before using his own claws to dig into his stomach, and open it enough to insert his hand in it, and pull Daniel out of it.

    The screams kept going for a few minutes, until finally, the demon fell on the ground.. Lifeless.

    After a few more seconds, the tip of a blade pierced through the stomach from inside, and made an incision about two meters long.. And from it, a skinless Daniel came out. He was covered in dark green blood, and was holding something that looked like some inhuman organ.

    As his skin slowly reformed, Daniel looked at the prisoner with an irritated expression, and said "Bad idea.. Never again."
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