254 This Is Your Lord Speaking

    From the very moment the eyes of the prisoner had landed on Daniel, he had noticed that something had changed inside his mind. He could read in Daniel's memories that he had had to withstand an impressive amount of shocking images during his fight, and despite the fact that he wasn't able to feel the sufferings of the victims personally like the prisoner was, he should have still lost his mind. And yet, here he was.. Completely fine

    It didn't take long for him to understand why that had happened. He already knew of how Daniel's karmic system worked.. And after looking at his unfazed face as he cleaned himself from the dark green blood and the pieces of demon flesh, he realized how shocking the effect of Daniel's system actually were.

    'Time is Precious' would speed up any sort of lengthy process.. And getting used to violent and horrific scenes, was no exception. After only a few minutes spent fighting the demon, Daniel had become completely desensitized against all forms of violence.

    That didn't mean that disgusting images or terrifying scenarios wouldn't disturb him anymore, but only that he had gained the stomach which a veteran warrior that had seen everything in life, would have. His mentality was still the same, as only a few minutes had passed to him.. But now, those types of disgusting and horrifying scenarios would not bother him as much as they did before.

    As a veteran of intergalactic war, the prisoner had also managed to become desensitized to cruent scenes long ago.. But that only meant that those images would not cause negative and instinctive feelings on him. The true reason why mental warriors were so weak against these types of entities, was due to his excessively powerful empathy, which would force him to bear other people's feelings.

    He would usually be able to control himself when he felt the happiness, anger, or envy which every other person around him felt.. But controlling despair and sadness, was not as easy.

    Daniel ripped the shred of clothes that were barely covering his body, and forced a massive stream of constructed water to wash himself. He then turned the excess of water into air, and once completely dry, he put on some clean clothes. He didn't care if the prisoner would see him naked.. After all, the man could read his mind whenever he wanted.

    More than once his mind had trailed off towards odd thoughts while wondering if the prisoner could read them, but the prisoner had never shown any reaction. It was clear that he was fully used to the oddness of the human mind.

    "That wasn't fun at all.." muttered Daniel after approaching the prisoner with casual steps. "But it was helpful.. We will be about ten percent less unlucky from now on."

    The prisoner ignored Daniel's words, and instead, looked at the medallion that was still around his neck. For as unlucky as the arrival of two apostles of damnation was for him, a lot worse could have happened. The fact that these two demons weren't more powerful than they were was already a miracle, as millions of entities that could turn them into dust with a slap existed in this universe.

    ".. you should destroy that medallion.." Said the prisoner with hurry. He didn't know how fast a new enemy would appear, and he was no in condition to fight any longer.

    Daniel grabbed the golden medallion which was hanging around his neck, and looked at it for a few moments, before turning to look back at the prisoner, and saying "I have a better idea.." He then he emitted a wisp of immortal essence through the skin of his other hand, and turned it into a small transparent cube made out of spatial essence.

    Without thinking too much about it, Daniel put the medallion into the transparent cube along with a small violet bead which was inside his ring, and threw it up into the sky.

    This entire world was under Daniel's control, as it was a world created by his system for him to rule, and for his group to inhabit. In it, he could have toppled mountains, turned oceans into deserts, or turn it into a ball of gas which rotated at incredibly fast speed. The reason why he hadn't used this control over his dominion to defeat the demons was because, based on what he had seen in Sewah's mind, controlling the planet was a slow process.

    Now that the demons had died, he used the control he had of the planet's wind and gravity, and used it to make the box fly high up in the sky. The spatial box which contained the medallion kept moving higher and higher, until finally, it left the planet's atmosphere, and dashed through space right next to the planet.

    It was at this moment that Daniel activated the small formation that he had left on the box.

    A small portal opened in front of the box's trajectory, which passed through it the very next moment. In a matter of instants, the box reappeared in a different area of space, trillions of light years away. This process repeated over and over again.

    The formation which Daniel had left on the box, was a simple formation that would allow the box, to teleport in and out of the void every couple of moments. Once in the void, the box would keep moving until another portal that could take it back into normal space, would appear.

    From the point of view of an observer which could see the entire universe, it appeared as if Daniel was constantly teleporting all around the universe continuously.

    The reason why this happened, was because the void was a chaotic type of space. Going from empty space to the void or vice versa, was not hard, but as soon as a person moved a tiny bit while inside the void, if they tried to go back, they would be in a completely different point in space.

    This was something which not many knew in the planets which weren't part of the universal government or the other factions. Some of the numerous individuals which studied spatial essence liked Edmund, had attempted to step into the void, and teleport back from where they had come from.. but whenever they reappeared, most of the times, they would reappear in empty space. No a single one of the people which had tried this, had successfully teleported back home.

    The luckiest ones ended up in an unknown inhabitable planet, where they would encounter their death in one way or another.

    The same was for Daniel's medallion. The medallion would keep teleporting in and out of the void, and get the attention of the numerous bounty hunters away from their actual position.

    After reading Daniel's mind, the prisoner felt more at ease. If there was something that was going to kill them, at least it wouldn't be a bounty hunter.

    Without waiting for Daniel to say anything, he said "I know where Ton Bes is."

    "What are you talking about?" Asked Daniel with doubt.

    The prisoner slowly stood up from the ground, and after adjusting the position of his mask, he dusted his clothes "You want to gain karma by destroying the poisonous rose.. I've met one of them.. I've seen in his mind where their base, a planet called Ton Bes, is located." Repeated the prisoner while adding a few more details.

    "It's about time I go there and present myself.. What do you say?" Asked Daniel with a faint smile on his face. But his expression did not last long, as just a second later, Daniel looked at the prisoner once again, and asked "To what extent can a mind be healed?"

    The question was very vague, but the prisoner did not need to ask for a clarification in order to be able to understand the meaning, so, he responded by saying "I am afraid that you won't be able to heal them.. The problems they have is not something that is affecting their mind.. It's something that was always there.."

    The people of which the prisoner was talking about, were the followers of Sewah. They were unstable individuals, and just like Sewah, they wanted to follow their crazy leader, and watch as he burned the world to ashes.

    Daniel had hoped that with the knowledge of the mind which the prisoner had, he would be able to find a way to make these people a little more normal.. But according to the prisoner, there was nothing that they could do. So, he had no other choice.. They had to abandon them.

    After a soft sigh of disappointment, Daniel teleported back in the throne room, and there, he found one of Sewah's followers waiting swiping the floor.

    This individual was a young man with an odd expression on his face, which after seeing him arrive, lit with the brightest smile which Daniel had ever seen. It looked as if that young man had just seen his god descend, and would do anything to gain his favor.

    "Do you have a pocket dimension that can lead us to my world of origin?" Asked Daniel with a commanding tone. These crazy followers were obsessed by Sewah, and therefore, he expected them to know everything about him.

    "Lord Sewah.. We did have multiple connections to your great world of origin, but not anymore. One of the holders disappeared, another one was crashed under the weight of one of your majestic statues after it fell just minutes ago.. And the third one was mistakenly sold by one of your subjects." Responded the young man with a bright smile and high spirits. To Daniel, it didn't even look like the young man was giving him terrible news.

    "Of course.." He muttered while quietly cursing Sewah a few more times, for wasting all of that karma. "What is the closest one we have?"

    "My great lord. We have one that will take us to the same galaxy, but a few solar systems away." Responded the young man while increasingly happier by the fact that Daniel was still talking to him.

    Daniel opened his eyes wide in surprise, and said "Oh, give it to me right away!" He didn't want to wait anymore. Any additional second which he wasted not using that passage, was an additional chance for his karmic system to screw him over, and find a way to make him lose that passage as well.

    The young man immediately bowed towards Daniel, and teleported away. He then teleported back in Daniel's throne room while holding the arm of a middle aged woman.

    This woman seemed to be busy doing something else, and was particularly shocked by the fact that someone had just grabbed her, and teleported her away. She was about to scream and shout in anger, but then, she noticed Daniel standing right next to her.

    She immediately fell on her knees, and said "My lord Sewah! Order anything and I will do it!"

    Daniel shook his head left and right, then helped the woman up and said "I need the pocket dimension that leads to the galaxy which contains my world of origin.. Do you still have it?"

    The woman was so excited to be able to serve Daniel, that she removed all of her rings, and moved them towards him while saying "These are all the pocket dimensions I have my lord.. Take whichever you want."

    Once again, Daniel shook his head, and after a soft sigh, he read the woman's mind, and quickly found out which one of these rings was the right one. He then took it off of her hand, and thanked her.

    Daniel ignored as the woman almost passed out from happiness, and used the control over the sound essence of his planet to send a message to all of Sewah's subjects.

    "This is your lord speaking. Sewah the great!" Said Daniel with a hint of embarrassment, as he used the same words which Sewah used to describe himself. "From this moment on, you will all have an extremely important mission!"

    In the city which surrounded Daniel's castle, each and everyone of his subjects looked in the direction of the castle with anticipation.

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