265 The Center of Attention

    *AAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHHHH* Daniel suddenly started to scream in agony, as the veins underneath his skin emerged and turned black in color, and the small capillaries in his sclera became as evident as blood red tree branches, which threatened to explode at any moment.

    Noticing Daniel's state, the Black Thorn, and the chairman looked at him with disappointment. No one knew the black thorn's poison better than the two of them did, and the effects that were showing on Daniel, were exactly the ones that presented themselves before the death of the individual. In their minds, the idea that Daniel had made a mistake, and that his immunity pill had failed, had started to become more and more plausible.

    The black thorn quietly took a small siringue from inside his spatial ring, and prepared to dash towards Daniel to inject the antidote that it contained into his heart, the very moment the order would be given.

    Another full minute passed, and while Daniel was holding on for a lot longer than the black thorn's poison would usually allow any other person to, he was still getting significantly worse by the second.

    Lord Joa looked at Daniel with contempt, and said "He got cocky.. I hope he will learn next time." He then turned towards the black thorn, and said with a domineering tone "Give him the antidote. He might have been stupid but he can st-"

    The voice of Lord Joa was interrupted by a sight so terrifying, that it made him swallow his words right away.

    Out of the blue, a golden portal had opened right next to them, and from the other side, a silvery voice came through it and reached directly in the ears of the four people present. "What a day! two outcasts, an espionage conspiracy.. And one of my brothers! Lucky me!"

    An expression filled with shock appeared on the faces of everyone present, with exception made for Aeron, which was expecting this appearance.. They all knew what the golden portal meant, and the words pronounced by the person who was about to walk through it, were even a bigger tell.

    Lord Joa immediately tried to open a portal to escape, but unfortunately, the space was already locked. With deep anxiousness evident on his face, he turned to look at the golden portal, and witnessed as a girl of around fifteen years of age walked out.

    Only the lower part of this girl's face could be seen, as her entire body was covered by an extremely baggy black robe with blue symbols on it, and a hood that covered her face down to her nose. The only things which could be seen of this young girl, was that she was slightly overweight.

    The moment Lord Joa noticed who this young girl was, while still extremely alerted, he let out a sigh of relief. He had heard of most of the chosen of Iewah, and luckily, she wasn't too far above him in power.

    The moment the black-robed girl walked out of the golden portal, the Black Thorn and the Chairman fell on their knees. Then, they said in unison "Greetings, Lady Tirah."

    The girl called Tirah completely ignored them, and instead, turned towards Daniel's general direction, where he was convulsing and on the verge of dying. But instead of looking directly at him, she looked at an empty area just a meter away from him.

    Invisible to anyone but Daniel and Tirah, was Sewah, which was still sleeping in a crumpled up position. "How humiliating.. Truly the black sheep of the family." muttered the girl before turning towards Daniel, and adding "I can't believe someone so stupid was able to take his body back.." She then threw a soft kick at Daniel, which rolled in place, and kept his agonizing screams going.

    After throwing a sadistic smile at Daniel's sufferings, she turned towards Lord Joa, and said "So, this little gang of poison masters was connected to the Garden of Death.. Quite interesting."

    "I am only here to visit." Said Lord Joa nervously, while at the same time, letting out a colorless, odorless, and tasteless poison from his body, and directing it towards the black robed girl.

    "HAHAHAHA!" The girl suddenly burst out laughing. "Do you think a simple poison like yours is enough to kill me? Do you even know who I am?" she then added with a derisory tone. She knew that she wasn't more powerful than Lord Joa, and yet, the gifts of the Garden of Death could not even compare hers. As a children of Iewah, her gift was one amongst the most powerful in the universe, while Lord Joa, was an average elite amongst his own dying faction.

    As soon as the words pronounced by the girl landed on Lord Joa's ears, the lights within the room dimmed, the temperature of the room dropped, and a faint white mist started to emerge from the floor. Moments later, the floor bent out of shape in hundreds of different points, and kept bending.. Until finally.. *Crack*

    The hundreds of bent points on the ground broke into pieces, and from the holes created, just as many transparent white arms, slowly came out. These arms were pale, and emanated an odd feeling. Looking at them for a single moment was causing the black thorn and the chairman to age at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye.

    These arms quickly bent on the floor, and pulled the rest of the body to which they were attached, out of the floor. A second arm, a head.. A waist.. And a pair of legs, came out right after.

    What came out of these holes, were ghosts, and they all served the daughter of Iewah called Tirah.. Who was commonly known, as the Necromancer.

    The hundreds of ghosts that she had evocated were not her own, and instead, were only a part of the people that had died in Ton Bes.. and thanks to her gift, Tirah was able to summon these beings, and use them to fight.

    As soon as these ghosts appeared around them, they immediately dashed towards Lord Joa, the chairman, and the Black Thorn. They then moved in front of their faces, and after grabbing their arms, legs, and heads, they forced their eyes open with their ghastly and cold hands.

    "NOOO!! PLEASE!!" Shouted the chairman which had now become a middle aged woman.

    The Black Thorn, did not even have the time to beg for mercy, before he had died of old age, and become a mummy.. Right after his death, a ghost which resembled the man completely, came back to life just like the others.

    While the chairman approached her death, Lord Joa tried his best to avoid being forced into the same situation, but in the end, he was captured by the massive numbers that had surrounded him from all sides.

    His eyes closed immediately, and he immediately attempted to initiate a negotiation with Tirah. He offered planets, solar systems, and even money, but unfortunately, everything he had said had entered deaf ears.. As no one was less interested in politics than the children of Iewah.

    The eyelids of Lord Iewah were forced open by two pairs of hands, and without being able to avoid it, he began to age at a pace slightly slower than the chairman and the black thorn.. Only to die a couple of minutes later, of old age.

    While all of this happened, Daniel had finally stopped convulsing, and had already gotten up with great difficulty. He was keeping his eyes closed, just like Aeron had told him to, and at the same time, he was forcing Sewah back into his own mind.

    "AHHHH.. I hate the living.. This is much better." Said Tirah while looking at the three mummified bodies left on the ground, and at the three new ghosts that were standing right next to her.

    She then let go the ghosts that she had summoned, which dissipated in the air right after, causing the lighting to go back to normal, the temperature to reach its previous level, and the white mist to disappear.

    "Ahhh I never get tired of that!" She said while turning to look at a tired Daniel. "Now.. back to you.. I do not know what my brother's power is, but to be able to create those types of items from scratch.. Now that is cheating.. Even for our standards! Hehehe."

    "I don't know what you are talking about." Said Daniel while massaging his hoarse throat, as he had screamed for the last couple of minutes without stopping.

    Tirah lowered her shoulders in disappointment "Don't insult me, host.. I am talking about the mid level poison pill immunity that you have made.. Those three told me." She then said while pointing at the three mummies on the floor.

    Daniel and Aeron were shocked. Based on what the girl had said, she was not only able to summon the ghost of the deads, but she was also able to talk to them, and have access to their memories. That, was a truly terrifying power.. And more than well worth being amongst Iewah's gifts.

    "Forgive my bluntness, but you don't appear too smart. It took an error from me to make Iewah's entire faction realize that there was a group of spies right under your noses.. And I was one step away from delivering to them the power to topple over the universe." Said Daniel with a matter-of-fact tone while straightening his body, and fixing his clothes.

    "You have a good point.. This does make us look bad. How about this then.." Said Tirah as, just like before, she caused the lights to dim, the temperature to drop, and a ghastly white mist to propagate in the surroundings. The only difference from before, what that the same was happening in the entire city of Ton Bes.

    Just like before, millions of ghosts, skeletons, and mummified bodies crawled out of the ground, and attacked the first person that they came in contact with. A few of them even went as far as to look for the people against whom they had an unfinished business with.

    The entire city turned into hell, as one person after the other, were turned into dry corpses. The ghosts proceeded in groups like a wave of white mist, causing panic and horror to the people that were still alive.

    Many tried to escape, but the space of the entire city, was locked.

    Only minutes later, the only living beings left in the city, were the three individuals that were standing within the room.

    "Wow! So many! These people did kill their fair share of people, didn't they? Oh well, it doesn't matter now. We were saying?" Said the girl, expecting Daniel to be terrified of her power, and try to beg for mercy.

    Unfortunately, that was not the case.. As the girl had done exactly what Daniel was hoping for, and helped him in doing something that had caused a large window to appear in his mind. This window, was the notification of the completion of a quest which Daniel had started long ago.. That quest, was the one that required him to destroy the Poisonous Rose.

    "I would usually fight my brothers the moment I would see them.. But you are not worth that. You are just a host.. A simple human.. I'll take you to the faction, and get my reward. You are only worth as much as the strength I will get out of your bounty." She then said with irritation after noticing Daniel's fearless expression.

    "I don't think it will be so easy.." Responded Daniel as a faint smile formed on his face.

    The girl tilted her head to the side in confusion.. But then, her eyes moved toward the distance, and she became extremely alerted. "No way.. Is big sister here?.." She muttered in fear.

    "Finally.. A chosen of Iewah I can give a lesson to.." Said a gravelly voice from the distance, powerful enough to shatter every form of protection present in the city. *ROAAAAAAAAAR!*
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