266 The Necromancer and The Dragon


    A deafening dragon's roar reverberated through the entire planet, causing the millions of poisonous beasts to run in panic, or cower in fear. That roar was followed by an earthquake which formed massive cracks in the entire building, and threatened to turn it into a massive pile of rubble.

    Deep surprise appeared on Tirah's face, which despite it, was pretty excited about finally being able to see a dragon in the flesh. That was due to the fact that she was not much older than Daniel, as she was only a few hundred years of age.. and when she had managed to take control over her host's body, virtually every dragon in the known universe had already been enslaved by The Tamer, which she had never met before.

    The powerful roar disappeared as fast as it started, replaced by the noise of a massive claw that dug into the side of the building, right into the floor where Daniel, Aeron, and the Necromancer were.. It then started to move around the building, destroying the very external wall, and leaving the weight of the upper part of the building to be held solely by the many pillars in it.

    Just as the building was about to collapse, five claws grabbe the part of the building that was about to collapse on Daniel's head, and ripped it off.. The ceiling that was so close only moments earlier, quickly became smaller, and soon after, was thrown in the distance without the slightest bit of effort.

    The moment the building was thrown away, a massive dragon entered the view of Daniel and the rest, which looked at it with deep surprise. While Tirah and Aeron had heard about dragons during the hundreds of years she had spent roaming the universe, neither of them had actually seen one before.

    Ironically speaking, Daniel was the only one amongst them who had seen a dragon before, but compared to this one, the one he had awakened while in his planet of origin, looked more like a small lizard.

    The sheer size of the dragon's massive black and scaly body, was mind boggling.. So much so, that it order to have enough space to stand, he was forced to stand above numerous buildings, which were now underneath him in rubles. His black leathery wings were so large, that they bloated the sun, causing the entire center of the city to be in their shade, while his tail was so long that it reached halfway towards the edge of the city. The back of the dragon's body had a spiky ridge which started at the base of his neck, and ended near the tip of his tail.

    The mouth of the dragon seemed to be big enough to swallow an entire building, and its enormous teeth gave the impression that nothing of what entered his dragon's mouth, would go through in one piece. Right above the dragon's mouth, was a pair of large nostrils from which two columns of smoke came out.. While in the depths of these mostris, two green colored lights could be seen shine like hidden gems.

    The dragon looked down at the three of them with his two large and yellow eyes, and with a voice capable of killing, he said "You've really done it.. Ha! You really did.." he then turned to look at Tirah, which was calmly looking back at him, and said "What do we have here.."

    Tirah was not at all scared by the size of the dragon, and instead, looked at it with a faint grin on her face which was impossible to see due to the large and baggy hood that covered it. "You are not one of my sister's pets.." She said with an elated tone. She had just found out that this dragon was not actually one of the tamer's, and therefore, she didn't have to worry about her sister being here.

    "I am not.. I am the one who she missed, and the one who will kill her." Responded the dragon with a deafening tone. Then, without waiting for the girl to act, the spaces in between his scales started to glow of a green color and his chest swell up to double the size. The two columns of smoke which were being constantly emitted from his massive nostrils, were also being inhaled right back.

    Daniel rapidly grabbed Aeron, and teleported out of the way, and above one of the buildings in the distance, as the entire city had been covered by a barrier which only the dragon and the necromancer could go through.

    At the same time, a faint white mist came out of the ground, along with millions of white hands which destroyed the oddly hard material of which the streets were made of. The bodies of the entire population of the city were also getting back up, and stood quietly like mannequins.

    These corpses and ghosts quickly dashed towards the necromancer at the fastest speed that their living self were capable of, only to crash against one another into a massive pile of white glow and bodies that covered Tirah completely.

    At first, Daniel thought that all that the necromancer was doing was to create a barrier against the incoming spit of fire that was going to turn the city into a flaming green hell, but that was not the case. The moving corpse kept jumping one against the other, forming a mountain around the necromancer which shone with a faint white light, and was covered in dim mist.

    The dragon did not wait for her to act, and instead, looked down at the large pile of corpse with his immense size, and exhaled a jet of flammable liquid of which his lungs were filled.

    The enormous green column of liquid flames crashed against the mountain of corpses like a bucket of hot water over a small mound of sand, engulfing it completely, and spreading through the city in every direction.

    All of the buildings that at this point were still up, had quickly started to melt, as the heath emanated by the flames of the dragon was so high, that Daniel and Aeron felt like they were in the proximity of a star.

    The exhalation kept going until the last of the buildings fell on the ground, and melted.

    The flames were now fifty meters tall, and covered the dragon's body up to his elbows and knees, giving the impression of an overgrown lizard that was peacefully walking around in the tall grass.

    Unfortunately, for as devastating the attack was, the dragon kept looking at the spot where his original target was a moment ago. There, unlike the concrete building with steel supports which had been melted into a layer of minerals and metal, was the undamaged pile of corpses, which was slowly increasing in size.

    While the green flames had burned everything in the city, the corpses and the ghosts were still intact. The reason for that was not because they were too resistant, or because the necromancer was stronger.. But due to one of the effects that was part of the necromancer's system.

    Once the last of the ghosts and the last of the bodies joined the hill-sized pile of death, they started to move. For the next few moments, the bodies began to melt and change shape, while the ghosts also started to unite into a single one, forming a clump of molten flesh and bones, and a horrifying clump of screaming ghosts.

    What was a mountain of bodies just a minute ago, quickly took a humanoid shape.. then hardened into a massive human. Once formed, the large clump of ghosts merged with the empty cadaver, just like a spirit would merge with a person's body during the cultivation.

    Once whole, the giant opened his empty white eyes, and began to move.

    One of the powers which the necromancy system had granted by Iewah's gift, was the ability to merge the various corpses, and the ghosts present around her into a massive human. This massive human would then be under her complete control, as well as possess the memories of each and every body and ghost of which it was made of.

    The moment of the merging was protected by the system, and not at all different than the whole concept of Daniel's second chance, and karma x luck. Both of these effects did not operate on something physical, like sheer time essence, but were unstoppable abstract effects which would possibly change the outcome of a battle.

    The same was for the merging of the bodies around her, which due to the fact that was required to succeed by the system, caused them to become invulnerable until they managed to successfully merge.

    Another thing that merged, was the power of the corpses, which had now turned into a horrific looking humanoid being which moved thanks to the orders of its owner, and the millions of voices in its head.

    The giant corpse that had been formed by the merging of ghosts and bodies, was a hundred meters tall. It didn't have a nose, but only two holes, his mouth was devoid of lips, and only his two rows of teeth could be seen, his head was completely bald, and his eyes were devoid of pupil, and iris.

    The dragon did not give the girl the time to give any order to the giant corpse, and immediately waved his massive hand into a slashing motion, which cut the giant's head right off.

    The head fell on the ground with a loud noise, and into the green flames, but then, it changed shape once again, and after turning into a small two legged monster, it ran back towards the headless giant, jumped right where the giant corpse's neck was, and merge back with it.

    This time, it was the necromancer that didn't give the dragon the time to make a plan, and sent the large corpse to dash straight towards the dragon's body. From Daniel's prospective, it looked like the giant wanted to approach the dragon as much as possible, and wrestle with it.

    His massive two arms tried to grab the dragon's neck, but they were, once again, sliced off by the dragon's quick reaction, which quietly took a step back, and after waving his massive wings and flying up in the air, prepared to let out another, yet much more powerful, column of fire.

    Unfortunately for the dragon, the giant corpse was just as agile as a normal human, and jumped right towards him the very moment that the dragon took off for the sky. It then grabbed one of his limbs, and climbed up until it reached the area in between his wings.

    Once there, he moves his long arms around the dragon's neck, and tried to choke him.

    The dragon quickly dived on the still flaming ground, and tried to get the giant corpse off of his back, but only managed to reduce its size by making it grind against the ground.

    To Daniel, one thing was clear.. This fight was way above his level. Luckily, he was a chosen of Iewah.. And as one, he had the power to skip levels of power through his supernatural gift.

    "Any second now.." he muttered as he observed the shocking back and forth between the giant corpse, and the dragon, which seemed to hold the advantage, but could never really manage to finish the former off.

    The fight went on for about two more minutes.

    The dragon had a few injuries which were quickly healing, while the necromancer, which was currently inside the giant corpse, was now extremely serious. It was clear to her that her power was not above the dragon's.

    For a minute, the two looked at each other in search of a plan to come on top of the other.. But then, they immediately turned towards an empty part of space a few thousand kilometers out of the planet's atmosphere.

    "Finally.." muttered Daniel with a low tone.

    In the empty part of space that the necromancer and the dragon were observing, a five meter crack had appeared, and right in the middle of it, a two meters sized hole had formed.

    What made the hole in space came down towards the planet like a comet, and in a matter of seconds, it crashed right in between the dragon, and the giant corpse.
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