274 The Limitless Reach of Luck

    Just days after Daniel had taken back control over his body, the numerous groups which in the past two years had sneakily made their way into his home planet, and that also had connections placed into Iewah's faction, immediately learned about what had happened.

    Their support towards the Golden Karma company immediately ceased, and since there was no point in having a good relationship with them anymore, their behaviour changed from an amicable one, to a hostile one.

    While in the other factions the family and the friends of an outcast would be branded as second class citizens, it was different for Iewah's faction. Nobody had asked or cared for the reason why there was this sort of rule, but all of the people which took care of placing bounties, were aware of the existence of a specific rule made directly by Iewah. This rule forbid anyone from treating the family members of an outcast, if there would ever be one, as second class citizens.

    The only individuals which could understand the reason for this rule, were those who were aware of what a children of Iewah was. They knew that the individuals around a host would not have anything to do with the gift's personality which would evolve into a full fledged child of Iewah, and therefore, there was no point in branding them as enemies of the faction.

    A situation like Daniel's had never happened before in the history of their faction, so nobody knew exactly how to behave towards the Golden Karma company..  All they knew, was that they hadn't been reported as outcasts, and that meant that they were still citizens like everybody else.

    Unfortunately, citizenship did not mean being untouchable.. And while they were not guilty of anything, most powerful companies would not really have a problem in scheming against another, in order to push them out of their territory.. They had invested a lot into the Golden Karma company, and now that they had lost any chance of gaining the favors of a chosen of Iewah, they wanted to earn something back.

    They did not have to look far for an opportunity. The previous owners of the territories had jumped to take the chance to earn something back from what Daniel's group had done to them, and since all of these companies were willing to support them, they had become bold, and contrived plan after plan to take the control of the territory back from the Golden Karma company.

    Daniel's conquest, while decisive and sudden, hadn't been a forceful one. Daniel's main point to take control over the territory had been the fact that people more powerful than they were, but that also would not care at all about their planet, would arrive soon.

    The kingdoms and empires which were once the peak of the cultivation world, had been left with no choice but to accept Daniel's demands, and to submit to his company, but that did not meant that they were grateful. They had kept in mind how they had been "robbed" out of their territories and titles, and now they had finally received a chance to take revenge over the people that not only had granted them a chance to a higher cultivation, but that had also made them pay the most important thing they had for it.. Their status.

    From one day to another, the blue blood families which had been forced into submission by Daniel's group, had now started to plan along with the companies that, for the past two years, had tried to cut a space for themselves in Daniel's home planet.

    Reports that accused Daniel's company of stealing their territories started to make their way to the ears of the selected officials of the planetary government, as well as false claims of murder and missed payment for their lands.

    These complains came in the millions all through the planet, and in a month, the majority of the planet's former leaders had turned the Golden Karma company, into a criminal organization with connections to the most notorious criminal that ever existed in Iewah's faction.

    Daniel's closest friends had tried to solve one problem at a time, but from their point of view, it seemed that their luck was below their own shoes. Whenever an accusation was thrown at them, they would immediately deny it and attempt to solve it with the officials of the government, but every time that happened, extremely unlucky events would make their appearance, and aid their opponents.

    In one of the most absurd of these cases, a former emperor had accused them of never paying for the territory which he had decided to sell to the company. He was in possession of a document marked with Heimart's immortal essence, but the content was something that he had never written.

    The way that had happened, was terribly unfortunate. A few days prior to the event, Heimart had just finished marking a stack of papers with his own immortal essence, and was ready to write the terms of the contracts before presenting them to the people with whom he was dealing with. Next to him, were numerous other stacks of contracts.

    When his secretary entered his office with another stack of papers, a gust of wind which entered an opened window in an opened office in the same floor as Heimart's, entered the office along with the secretary, and moved towards the stack of papers which Heimart had just finished marking.

    Due to a nearly invisible fold on the page on top, the gust of wind was able to push under the sheet, and lift it off from the rest of the stack.. The blank contract then landed right above one of the stacks of contracts which were ready to be sent out. During the moment when this happened, the secretary had turned around to close the door, and heimart was looking upwards, while stretching his back.

    After approaching the desk, the secretary placed a few documents on the sheet, mixing it with the numerous contracts in the pile.

    Those contracts were sent the same day to the person that had accused him.

    Similar events had taken place numerous times, and many times, the circumstances were absurd to a point where, even if explained to them, Daniel's friends would have probably not believed in it.

    The truth was that while Daniel was not with them, and the unfortunate events that happened to him could not affect them directly, he still considered his friends and family like the most important people in his life.. And unfortunately, just like he was able to affect other people's luck by hoping that they would do well, the effect would stand regardless of whether his karma was positive or not.

    That, had caused a series of unfortunate events to hit Daniel's friends over and over again for the months that had gone by between taking back the control over his body, and the day of the demonstration in Ton Bes.

    At the end of this period of time, the situation had become so bad, that the companies had used the public outrage towards the Golden Karma, to form a "righteous" opposition against them.

    The constant bullying, in the end, had caused numerous reactions and conflicts to start, and whenever things went out of control, the Golden Karma company would always end up taking the blame for initiating the conflict due to a made up reason, or unfortunate event that placed the fault on them.

    The last few memories that Aeron was able to see in the mind of the former king of karalis, was the reunion between the members of Daniel group, which was interrupted by the news that a few of their buildings had been attacked by a raging mob.

    The following details, were the information that the king had heard about the events that took place afterwards.

    While Daniel's group was still relatively weak when compared to the others, they were not pushovers either. Their expansion through the solar system had allowed them to expand, and hire numerous powerful individuals.

    After losing one large territory after the other in what felt like a never ending world war, Daniel's group was left with no alternatives but to abandon the planet, and move elsewhere..

    Unfortunately, the numerous companies against which they had fought, not only wanted their territories, but their possessions as well. The rumor of the academy within Daniel's pocket dimension had spread far and wide, as well as the presence of various perfect spheres in it.. But more than anything, they wanted the recipe of Daniel's poison immunity pill, which at the moment, only the higher spheres of Iewah's faction had obtained as a gift from Sewah in exchange of contribution.

    One last battle had taken place around the time when Daniel had started heading home, and this battle had been abruptly interrupted when, in an attempt to escape through space, a particularly vicious spatial formation, paired with an unusually unstable part of space, clashed against Edmund's and Roley's knowledge of spatial essence.. Caused the entire space in which they had been fighting to shatter.

    Roley, Jerigh, Heimart, Gai'ha, Edmund, Der, Lucious, Alesia, and finally, the person which was currently holding the ring, Emelnie, were thrown into the void.


    As the glow that came from Aeron's eyes died out, his hold on the king's jaw slowly relaxed.

    The king shook his head in confusion. He had no clue of what had just happened, and felt as if he had just woken up from passing out. His mind was fuzzy, and a splitting headache was oppressively making his way through his head.

    Aeron turned to look at Daniel, and quickly noticed that he was looking back at him with clear anxiousness in his eyes. He was eager to know what had happened to his family and friends, and he was a moment away from bursting out with questions.

    "What?!" Daniel asked after noticing Aeron's odd expression.

    He was more than aware of what ending up in the void meant. The void was just like space, but extremely unstable. Portals to the normal dimension opened constantly, but a meter of distance meant trillions of kilometers from the point in which one had entered.

    He and his division of mental warriors had ended up in the void during one of their travel, and it was only thanks to an immense dose of luck, that he had re appeared near a galaxy which was co-owned by eighteen different factions.. One of which, was his own. It had taken him three full years to reach the closest planet, and get back home.

    Without knowing exactly what to do, how to behave, and where to go, there was no chance for those who ended up in the void to end up in a safe and familiar territory. The possibilities of that happening, where infinitesimal.

    Instead of speaking, Aeron placed his hand on Daniel's forehead.

    The very next moment, Daniel's eyes went blank, and stayed that way for a few seconds. Just enough time for the memories of the king to play out in his mind.

    The moment's Aeron's hand parted from Daniel's forehead, the latter dropped on his knees and instinctively gagged. If he hadn't been fasting for the past couple of months, he would have vomited the entire content of his stomach. That, was the effect that forcibly pushing a person's memories into another one, would cause to a weaker mind.

    If Daniel's mind wasn't more developed than any other individual outside of the Psionic Dimension, he would have died from the strain.

    *Cough Cough*.. "Wha... FUCK!!!!" *BOOBOOOOOOM* Shouted Daniel in exasperation before punching the garden with both hands, and forming a spider crack that expanded through the entire garden, and underneath the sleeping mothers and children.

    He then remained quiet for a good minute.. Staring at the ground.

    "Hope is not lost.. Maybe they were lucky.." Said Aeron with a low tone. He clearly did not believe what he was saying, and he was saying it just to comfort Daniel.

    It was only after hearing the last word pronounced by Aeron, that Daniel sprung up on his feet, and after grabbing his shoulders, asked "When did the battle happen exactly? Be precise about it! By the hour!!!"

    Aeron once again searched into the memories that he had taken from the former king, and after a few moments, he said "Just hours after the demonstration in Ton Bes."
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