276 Separation And Resolution

    "Jerigh.." he responded with a slow, and faint tone.

    While the sniper did not appear to have any ill intent towards him, he was still going to make use of every moment he had to recover his arms.

    From behind the white bandages, Krit smiled faintly and played along. "I didn't hear you clearly. What was your name again?" He asked as Jerigh's broken bones moved back in position from underneath his flesh. He had been thoroughly impressed by this young man's decisiveness, and to him, it seemed like he was looking at an explorer in the making.

    Once again, Jerigh tried to gain time. He did not respond to the question, and instead, he turned to look at the young girl who had tried to crush his head under her high heels. His look was one of anger, and hostility.

    "Heh.. Don't worry, they will not touch you." Krit said before turning towards the woman, and saying "What is the first rule of the Patriot Academy?" His tone was casual, but the meaning behind the words was a promise of a quick death.

    With a trembling voice, the woman said "E-explorer.. I.."

    Krit interrupted her, and with a colder tone, he said "I am not going to ask twice."

    While internally praying that the Sniper, an experienced explorer and a being hundreds of times more powerful than her, would allow her to live, she stuttered "T-The f-f-first rul-"

    "You are going to get it wrong, so I'll tell you. The first rule of the academy is that if I find one of you faction idiots doing something stupid in my range, I get to put a bullet in you." He said while slowly pointing his musket towards her.

    The woman would have been easily able to move out of the way due to how slowly he was moving, and how powerful she was, but she was too scared to.

    After the end of the barrel lined up with the woman's eyes, Krit turned to look back, and asked to Jerigh "Should I ki-"

    "Yes." Jerigh responded without even letting the sniper finish asking his question.

    Once again, a smile appeared on Krit's face. Being an explorer was a matter of preparation, foresight, and decisiveness. Everything in Jerigh screamed 'Perfect Explorer', and his lack of pity, sadly, was also a good quality for that kind of job.

    Krit turned to look back at the woman, and after aligning his eyes with the length of the musket.. "PAH!"

    The eyes of the woman shut in terror, and while her face deformed due to the shock, she shrieked back for what she had thought was the last time of her life. It was only after a few seconds, that her eyes opened, and she realized that the sniper hadn't shot, but had simply shouted 'pah' instead.

    "Still here?" he asked to the terrified woman, which disappeared the very next instant without uttering a single word or making a sound.

    After the woman disappeared, the sniper once again turned to look at Jerigh, whose arms had already recovered, and asked "Those who know no mercy, lead the harshest lives."

    "There isn't always going to be somebody willing to save me from merciless characters." Jerigh responded while snapping his healed arms back in place. His expression was blank, and it showed that pain did not affect him in the slightest.

    "True.. well, you are free to find her and kill her, then." Said the sniper while stepping aside, and waving his free arm to his right. He was not going to kill someone just because of the whim of a person he did not know, even if that person was a promising individual, but he did understand Jerigh's reasoning.

    Jerigh did not know where the woman had escaped to, and even if he knew, he would have not gone after her. She was too powerful, and if the sniper hadn't intervened, he would be dead by now. On the other hand, the sniper was still here, and he clearly wanted something from him. So, he kept quiet, and brushed his clothes and face clean of dust and dirt.

    "Are you one of the brats from Iewah's faction?" Asked the sniper with narrowed eyes. He knew for a fact that only ten individuals from Iewah's faction had been sent, and from where he was standing, he could see all of them standing in a square a few kilometers in the direction of the city.

    Jerigh had absolutely no clue about the situation he was in, and since it didn't seem like this strange and yet powerful individual harbored any ill intent towards him, he decided to be honest. "I have no idea where I am.. I was taken here after wandering a few moments in the void.."

    "HA! Talk about luck!.." the sniper exclaimed with happiness after hearing Jerigh's words. He then added "Well, you have appeared in the right place.. Here, let me show you around."


    Numerous fortuitous events had taken place in many different areas of the universe, and Daniel's friends, were part of each of them.

    Roley had appeared in a galaxy that was entirely owned by the Tyrants of Nature, and more specifically, in the vicinity of the planet in which the leader of the faction resided.

    Heimart had ended up into the territory of the Ki faction, and Edmund, had never left the void.. Once he was pulled into the void, he had tried to use his high comprehension of spatial essence in an attempt to stabilize himself and reach his wife Emelnie.. But that hadn't lasted long, as she had disappeared moments before he could touch her hand. While he hadn't been pushed out of the void, he was thrown around for a few minutes, until a patrol of void dwellers found him, and "rescued" him.

    Emelnie, on the other hand, had been teleported in a different area of the universal government. The planet in which she was currently standing on, while still in shock due to her sudden separation from her daughter and husband, was a planet called Cato.. and it was the core of the commerce of the entire universal government.

    Finally, Der, which had managed to grab Gai'ha's and Alesia's arms when they were thrown into the void, had ended up into the territory of a faction called The Dominion of the War God, while Lucious, had appeared in the territory of a faction called One With Nature.

    While all of them were safe and sound, they shared the same thought. If they wanted to find their way back to the friends that they now considered family, they couldn't wait for somebody to find them. They needed power..


    Eight months later.

    "Can you believe that?!.. I don't believe this.. How the hell did you find it?! With all of the places where we could have been, here it is.. This is absurd."

    "Would you be quiet?.. I need to focus.. If I make a mistake here, we have to start the search over."

    "Fine, you damn freak.. I don't want the damn president of the universal government appearing here and kill me by mistake.. Wait, you can't control your luck, right?"

    "Keep talking and you'll find out."

    "... I'll just be here."

    Eight months had passed since Daniel's second and last departure from his world of origin. There was nobody who he cared about in that planet anymore, and there wouldn't be for many, many years. To him, that planet had absolutely no value at the moment.

    In the past eight months, Daniel, Aeron and Xargy had traveled through the galaxy with a simple target in mind. While Daniel's objective was to destroy the Garden of Death, he had no intention of going anywhere close to it without enough preparation. Luckily, he did not need an impressively high amount of power, or at least, not as much as he needed a poison immunity.

    Thanks to Xargy's intelligence, Daniel had learned about the secrets of the Garden's gift.

    The true weakness of the Garden of Death was not the small number of powerful individuals in it, but the generally low level of power in the entire faction. In fact, Xargy's power was on par with that of the highest level individuals in the garden of death.

    Of those few individuals, only a handful of them had gained a perfect poison immunity, and the poisons that they created were above any natural poison present in the universe. That meant that if Daniel wanted to destroy them, he needed a perfect poison immunity, as well as more power.

    The pursuit of ingredients and engineered poisons had taken the three to an eight months travel through the galaxy.. And now, Daniel was finally in possession of each and every object he needed.

    Xargy had been thoroughly shocked about Daniel's luck. At times, they seemed to be wandering aimlessly through space, and would luckily end up finding a planet which contained one or more of the ingredients they needed, and some other times, Daniel would simply change course, and start a crossing of space that would inevitably led them to another of the objects they needed.

    In the end, the last object that Daniel required, had been found into a spatial ring that they happened to have found wandering in space, next to the derelict of a destroyed ship. In it, were also plentiful resources for cultivation, which Daniel and Aeron desperately needed.

    Now, Daniel was trying to focus on making the high level poison immunity pill, but Xargy's repetitive remarks were keeping him from being able to.. It was only after Daniel hinted that he could have controlled his luck to hurt him, that the dragon took a step back from him, and pretended to be busy doing something else.

    Now finally able to focus on the recipe, he took the hundreds of ingredients, and placed them in a specific order all around him.

    Aside from looking for ingredients, Daniel, Aeron and Xargy had become proper bandits. Thanks to Xargy's ability to smell a person's nature, and Aeron's ability to see people's memories, Daniel was able to discern which individual was genuinely evil, or simply an unlucky individual that had been forced into a bad path in life.

    Once sure that their target was of the former kind, they would rob them blind, and depending on what they had done, they would kill him.

    Daniel had also decided to use those occasions to cultivate his mind. Thanks to Aeron's teachings, Daniel had learned how to cultivate his mind by devouring other people's consciousness and use it to nurture his own.

    The process was not complicated. The mind was a power attached to the body and spirit, and resided in another dimension. While it should have been nearly impossible for him to understand without being a citizen of the mental faction, Daniel had lived as a consciousness in the past.

    In order to devour another person's consciousness, one needed to think of their mental power as a part of the body which could be extended outwards, and visualize the action of attacking the mind of another individual, and feeding off of it while that person was still alive. Of course, that person needed to be injured, or its connection between spirit, mind, and body would be too strong.

    The procedure was not a problem for Daniel, as he had done it before when slowly devouring Sewah's consciousness into a fraction of what it was.

    Now that his mind had evolved to a higher level, he was able to focus on more things at the same time, as well as feelings the mind powers of other people in the vicinity. Without this increase in his ability to focus, he probably would have had to make the pill one part at a time, but not anymore.

    After five hours, he was standing with eighty pills strewn on the ground around him, and two large windows in his min. One of them was the notice of the completion of the mission that required him to create the high level partial poison immunity pill, while the other, was his profile.


    Dan Hiel - Karmic system's wielder.

    Age - 25

    Power level

    -Early ninth stage of immortal cultivation

    Battle Prowess

    -Mid ninth stage of immortal cultivation

    Karma: 508,685,798,345


    Weapons Masteries (Details)

    Martial Arts (Details)

    Skills (Details)

    Spells (Details)


    Reap What You've Sown

    Time Is Precious Lv.50

    Reduced Cost Lv.25

    Bonus Points Lv.25

    Second Chance (Upgrades 4/4) Lv.20

    Karma X Luck

    Karma Debt

    Karmic Retribution (Upgrades 2/2)

    Devil's Advocate

    Regulator's Will

    System Upgrades (Details)


    While Daniel quietly observed the changes in his personal profile, an extremely faint headache made its way into his head. He would have usually ignored such a weak pain, but this was different. This pain was caused by the weak sliver of a consciousness present in his head that had woken up, and was trying in vain to chew on his mental power.

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