277 You Get to Have a Front Sea

    Within the mass of smokey consciousness that was Daniel's mind, was a gaseous figure which faintly flickered in silence. This figure had been still for almost a year now, and it had grown in size in only two occasions. Now that it had reached once again a decent size, the consciousness within, had once again awaken.

    This flickering figure was, of course, Sewah's mental power.

    Sewah had been devoured by Daniel to a nearly non-existent state, and only a small portion of him had remained. This sleeping portion, had been fed with the completion of the system's quests just like before he had devoured the majority of Daniel's mind power. Now, it was once again powerful enough to allow him to wake up.

    The very moment Sewah had woken up, he had immediately remembered what had happened. It was a surprise to him that he was still alive, but without thinking too much about the reason why that was the case, he attempted to once again strengthen himself by devouring Daniel's consciousness.

    Unfortunately, he wasn't as successful as the first time. Daniel's mind power was beyond what he could devour, and when compared to the speed he was able to devour it in the past, the difference was similar to drinking water, and biting into a rock.

    The entire purpose for his creation was to evolve as a consciousness, and take control over his host's body, so, when he found himself unable to do anything to Daniel's mind power, his shapeless form started to quiver in anxiousness.

    "What?.. You give up already?" Said a voice that came directly from the depths of Daniel's endless expanse of mind power.

    "Wha.. What happened?! WHAT DID YOU DO?!" Sewah shouted in anger. When he was being devoured by Daniel, he was too occupied in feeling the excruciating pain to understand what was happening. But now, he was finally starting to put the pieces together.

    Daniel's voice before the moment's of mind breaking pain, and the total darkness that followed.

    "I wish I could take the credit for my survival, but I have to thank Aeron for that. Without him, I would have been one of the many fools devoured by you parasites." Daniel responded with a casual tone. He was in full control, and he wanted to make that clear.

    After a moment of silence, Sewah asked "Who the hell is that??"

    "Ohh.. it's good to know that you can't see my memories.. Hehe.. Why don't you tell me how you are feeling?" Responded Daniel with a taunting tone. Sewah was a different being, and he wasn't sure whether his situation was different from what Daniel had to go to in the past.

    "YOU MOTHERFUCKER! LET ME OUT OF HERE!!" Shouted Sewah in anger, while trying to once again bite on Daniel's mind power. Unfortunately, his actions did nothing but to provoke a mild headache.

    For many times Daniel had thought of this moment. He knew that Sewah would wake up at some point, but he had never expected him to wake up so soon. That, had proved to him that the completion of his system's quests was still giving him a boost in mental power, and if he hadn't been aware of Sewah's presence, at some point in the future, he would have ended up being devoured once again.

    Now that he know exactly what was feeding Sewah's consciousness, unless he was extremely distracted, or the completion of the mission made Sewah four times as powerful as he was when he had taken over his body, Daniel would have nothing to worry about.

    "Behave now, you are a guest in my head." Daniel said while moving a thread of his mind power towards Sewah's weak consciousness, and taking a bite off of it.

    "AAAAAAAAAARGH!!" Screamed Sewah in pain. His already weak consciousness had been reduced in size once again, and he was now on the verge of falling asleep one more time. "OKAY!! STOP!"

    A faint smile appeared on Daniel's face, and at the same time, his voice resounded once again in what was the immense room which contained his mental power "Good. As a guest, you should behave.. Or you will be kicked out. Oh, and I assume you know what I mean by that." He said with a threatening tone.

    "You can't kill me.. Or you'll end up becoming an untalented corpse in a matter of days." Responded Sewah with a dejected voice. He was clearly implying that the survival of his consciousness was directly related to Daniel's system.

    "I have already seen through your memories, Sewah. You are as clueless about the nature of the system as I am. Your survival is a 'just to be sure' matter.. So, If I were you, I would pray that I will not have any headache for the rest of my life, or I might decide to take the risk."

    Sewah slowly digested the situation in which he was currently in. It was only after a minute, that he asked "What do you want from me?"

    "For now, I'll keep you in here. A party animal like you.. You won't want to miss all the fun I'll be having.. And you get to have a front seat." Daniel responded with clear satisfaction. He had been dreaming for this moment for a very long time, and now, he was finally able to say all of the things he had prepared.

    With a hateful tone, Sewah responded "You are a piece of **.."

    "Good. That means that I am doing everything right. Talk to you again soon.. Have fun." Daniel said before going completely quiet. He could feel the screams of exasperation from within his mind, but he was able to use his own superior mind power to block them off. Also, the idea that Sewah was going out of his mind, was something that gave him joy.

    When Daniel opened his eyes once again, his lips were curved into a satisfied smile.

    "You seem cheerful." Xargy said after noticing Daniel's state of mind.

    Daniel turned to look at the human-like dragon, and said "That's because I am." He then turned to look back at the pills around him, and the one he was holding in his hand. These pills were the high level poison immunity pills he had just created, but unfortunately, he was not able to use them right now.

    Just like the two weaker version of this potion, the high level partial poison immunity pill was basically made off of a refined mixture of high tier poisons. The result of the pill was miraculous, but it wasn't to be consumed recklessly.

    In the same way that Daniel had needed the poison of the Navi family in order to hinder the toxicity of the low level partial poison immunity pill, and the poison of the black thorn in order to hinder that of the mid level partial poison immunity pill, he needed the power of a high level poison, if he wanted to survive the effect of the pill.

    While the pills were not dangerous by default, they required a powerful body.. And of the three of them, only Xargy possessed a body powerful enough to withstand its power without dying. Unfortunately, just like many other medicines, being taken without a proper disease to cure, would cause harm to the body.. And the poison immunity pills that he had created thanks to the system's instructions were not an exception.

    Unable to use them, Daniel put them into his spatial ring, and handed one over to Xargy.

    "What?" Xargy asked with a face filled with confusion.

    "I need a high level poison.. We need to get one from somebody from the garden of death. I can't handle the pill yet, so you have to take it." Daniel responded with a matter-of-fact tone.

    "Is this what all we have done was for? You could have said that before. Do you think I ate spiders because they taste good? I don't need your pill, I have my own immunity."

    What Xargy had said made sense. There were poisons much stronger than mid tier ones in Ton Bes, and if he had survived for thousands of years there, he must have had some sort of protection from the poisons.

    Daniel put the pill back into his pocket, and said "Just capture an elite that has a high tier poison.. So that we can get to the fun part."

    Xargy looked around where Daniel was sitting, and muttered "It's a little late for that.." His eyes were pointed at the hundreds of corpses which belonged to the cultivators that Daniel and Aeron had killed, some of which were lower level elites from the Garden of Death.


    Poisonous Nebula, Planet Apocrypha.

    "We have been hiding for thousands of years, why are we suddenly losing members!?" Shouted a middle aged man in purple robes to a few of his subordinates, as they looked at him with fear.

    One of the least scared individuals looked at the purple-robed man, and said "We don't know. They were mostly candidates, and low level elites. They were sent on missions to scout for ingredients and materials.. We have followed the rules and kept our movements secret.. It just.."

    "I DON'T CARE! IT HAS TO STOP! NOW!!" Shouted the man as pink mist started to emerge from his skin.. To which the individuals present reacted to by covering their faces, and using their own immortal cultivation to shield themselves with. Unfortunately, the pink mist seemed to be corrosive towards immortal essence, and was slowly consuming it.

    The man was enraged, and it was only when the pink mist was about to come into contact with the bodies of the other individuals, that he retracted it, and turned around in anger. "Did you find out what happened to my brother?" He asked with a calmer, and sadder tone.

    "We did.. Ton Bes was in chaos. The city was liquefied, the keeper of key had disappeared, and not one human was left alive.. But we have found a trace of your brother's tracking poison.. He must have left it on the kid when whoever killed him, made their appearance.. If you let us take one of the hounds, we will get back with the kid." responded the man as clearly as possible. He really had no intention on trying the effectiveness of the pink mist on his skin once again.

    "Do it.. The pills that the kid makes are too important.. Finding him is the first of our faction's priority." responded the purple-robed man.


    Residence of Grand Judges, Alcazar.

    "Reparation.. Always.. Always talking about.. ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT SOME DAMN REPARATIONS!" Shouted the young retired explorer with a tone powerful enough to make the whole planet tremble. The reason why he was so irritated, was simple. Months had passed since the two groups had made contact, and while the universal government had tried to clean the slate and start to building a relationship between them, those who came from the other side of the wormhole had different ideas.

    With the claim that their scouts were much more powerful than the universal government's common army members, the foreign group had tried to hint multiple times to the fact that they were, generally speaking, more powerful.. And that their warriors would have been on par with the explorers which had forced them to retreat.

    They were a group that revolved around war, and differently from the universal government, which mostly focused on expansion, they believed in a pure reign lead by the stronger. Factions did not exist in their territory, and when one was found, they would soon be destroyed, and annexed to their group.

    Their foreign policy had evolved around intimidation, and they never shied away from a fight.. That was the reason why they demanded reparation for the people that had been killed during the first approach.

    While it was not clear whether their group was truly more powerful, they simply wanted a reason to fight.

    "Fuck.. we are not giving them any reparation.. They want to fight? FINE!" Exclaimed the grand judge while the bearded explorer observed his ramblings from the side.. Unable to say anything to make the situation better.

    It was only after the judge started talking about an all out war, that the bearded explorer interjected by saying "Maybe I have an idea.."
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