282 The City on the Asteroid Part 2

    With Daniel's intervention, the quiet crawling kid quickly started to recover.

    The broken bones began to merge, the dangling eye bulb was pulled back into the dirty orbit, as the swollen eyelids went back to normal, and the filth was pushed out of it.. The multiple stab on his small body rapidly closed, and the cause of the kid's quietness, his broken windpipe, quickly repaired.

    At the same time, as the older kid recovered, Daniel enveloped the corpse of the younger sibling with his immortal essence, and quickly washed it of all of the blood and dirt of which he was covered. He then manipulated his immortal essence into pulling the two sides of the wounds closer, and burned the skin just enough for them to close.

    While there was no point in doing this, Daniel did not wish for the older brother to see the state his younger brother was in, so he did all he could to make him look presentable.. Including cleaning his body, as well as the surroundings ground as a form of respect.

    When the kid woke up a minute later, he glanced left and right with anxiousness.. Only stopping after noticing the small body of his brother laying over an out-of-place stony platform. Without letting out a noise, he immediately dropped on his knees in front of his brother, and gently pressed his head over hischest.. Allowing two tears to stream from the inner corners of his eyes, and over the lifeless body.

    Seeing how desperately the kid was crying, and yet not making a single sound, Daniel quickly understood something.

    At first he had believed him to be unable to talk simply because his trachea had been crushed during the violent beating that had caused his previous state, and killed his younger brother, but now that he had repaired it with healing essence, the kid was still unable to talk.. That could only mean that the kid was not able to talk to begin with.. He was mute.

    As if adding a sad detail to an already devastating moment, Daniel quickly took a small bead out of his spatial ring, and broke it in between his fingertips.

    The very next moment, Aeron appeared next to him.

    The instant Aeron appeared, a hundred tons of weight landed heavily upon his heart. It didn't take long for him to notice what was in front of him.

    "Cancel his memory.." Daniel said with a thread of sound essence. He couldn't bear to watch the kid cry over his brother's corpse anymore. He couldn't help but see he and his sister in that situation.. How easily he could have been that kid lying on the cold rock.. Or worse, the kid crying over his deceased sibling.

    Aeron looked at the two kids from behind his mask.. And after what felt like a full minute but was just a couple of seconds, he said "I can't do that.. Unless you want me to erase the momeries of his entire family.." Despite giving Daniel a choice, from his tone, it was clear that there was no way that he would do that even if he asked.

    At this point, nobody could understand the kid's sufferings more than Aeron.. Who along with feeling the entirety of the kid's pain, had also traveled through his memories..

    What he had discovered, was that the two kids were part of a noble family of inventors, and that the last of the inventions that their parents had created, had angered an organization called 'The Underground Tinkers', which were known for owning certain services, and forcing people to pay for their use, as well as having a history of stealing multiple inventions just so that they could pass them as theirs, and pocket the earnings that would come from owning the patent.

    He could see a few memories where the kid's parents did all they could to keep their projects hidden, and once completed, they had sent the invention away to a person to which they had the utmost trust in.. No one was supposed to know of their product, and yet, this secrecy was not able to keep the wolves out of the door.

    Just three days before, the kids had come back from school only to find their parents hanging from their necks in their laboratory. At their feet, was a suicide letter that, along with a nonesensical reason for their 'suicide', also hid a code which only the oldest of the couple's two sons could understand.. What it said, was simply one word.. 'Hide'.

    Before they could even cry for their parents, the oldest of the two kids had taken his younger brother, and escaped through the dark alleys of the city.. Minutes before Daniel found them, just as they had started to think that they were out of danger, the oldest of the two had used the ki flag that their father had given him to use in case of emergency, and only if something had happened to them.

    Hopeful that help would arrive soon, the two kids waited in the darkest halley they had found.. Until a group of individuals approached them from the darkness.

    The following memories were hard to witness even for an old and experienced being like Aeron.. Which skipped the part where the two kids were stabbed, beaten, and left for dead in a filthy alley.

    After hearing Aeron's answer, Daniel turned to look at him with a pleading expression and said "Please.. Look at him.. You ha-" but his words were interrupted by the sound of Aeron's tears, and the droplets of blood dripping down his chin and injured hands, as his fingernais dug past his skin and flesh.. And hit the metallic ground.

    If there was something that Aeron did not need Daniel to remind him of, was how deeply this kid was suffering.. And yet, he could not take away the memories of his family.. Nor could he extinguish the spark of hate and thirst for vengeance that was shining bright into his exausted, and young mind.

    While an individual that had never lost somebody close would never be able to understand the depths of that sort of pain, the same wasn't for Aeron. He had lost millions of children without ever having any of his own.. Lost millions of caring, loving, abusive, and distant parents whom he had never met before.. Lost loving wives, dear friends, siblings, soulmates.. he more than anybody else could understand that feeling.

    Daniel, on the other hand, could only feel compassion and the amount of empathy that being the third person would allow him to feel.. So he asked "What did you see?" to which Aeron responded by placing a hand on his wrist, and helping him navigate through the kid's memories.

    A few seconds later, a vicious expression appeared on Daniel's face.. An expression that if his enemies could have seen, would have caused them to step back in fear.

    A faint layer of spatial essence covered him as he prepared himself to teleport, but his mind was forced into a calmer state by the two green lights that shone from beside him.

    Daniel had recognized the individuals that had attacked the two kids.. He had seen them in this very alley, minutes before he found them. He could still feel their presence a couple of kilometers away, and he wanted to teleport next to them, and tear their bodies into pieces, devour their minds, and force them to swallow each other's hearts, but he was stopped by Aeron, which had used a massive amount of mental power to placate his thirst for blood.

    "They are not yours to kill.." He said before turning towards the crying kid, kneeling next to him, and placing his hand over the his head.. forcing him to fall into a deep sleep. He then picked him in his arms, and said to Daniel "Take the bodies.. They deserve a funeral."

    Now calmer than before.. Daniel took one of his unenchanted rings, and formed a basic space into it. He then shifted the young kid's body into it. The spatial container was devoid of any form of essence, except for space.. So a body would not decay no matter how much time would pass, as the elements that could force a body to decay, time included, were absent.

    After taking the kid's body, Daniel teleported into the studio where the older of the two kids, whose name was Niklaus, had found the corpes of their parents, and took them as well.

    Without saying anything to Aeron, Daniel teleported into a full road. The sides of this road were filled with workshops and booths, and thousands of people walked back and forth all day, as this was one of the city's main roads.

    Now covered by a different kind of clothes, and with his long hair pulled back into a top knot and facial features slightly morphed, Daniel walked towards a weapon rack by the side of the road.

    In front of this weapon rack, two men were standing while admiring at the craftmanship of these newly made weapons. These two men, were two of the five individuals which, just ten minutes ago, were in a dark alley beating two kids to death.

    One of them was the leader of the group..

    Daniel's hands clenched into threatening fists, and his teeth shut tightly.. He was imagining of ending the existence of these two individuals in the most painful way he could think of.. But as he got close to them, the two simply look back with curiosity.

    They had felt a whisp of cold air move behind them.. But when they turned around, they saw nothing.

    For as much as Daniel wanted to.. Aeron was right. The kid deserved the chance to avenge his family, and it was not his right to take it away from him.. So before he could change his mind, he teleported away.

    When he reappeared, he was sitting at the table of a restaurant. Next to him was Xargy, which was digging into a large plate of unidentified meat, while trying all he could to sit comfortably with his large tail. In front of him, was Aeron, which sat next to the sleeping kid.

    "Good.. you would have felt bad if you had done it.." Said Aeron without needing an explanation. Then, as Daniel placed a small disk onto the table.. he smiled from behind his mask.

    "What's that?" Asked Xargy with his mouth full of meat, ligaments, and bones.

    Daniel ignored the question, and instead asked "The kid used a ki flag within the last hour.. Can you smell the person to whom that ki belonged?"

    Without even having to take a deep breath, or focus on his strongest sense, Xargy said "A middle aged man.. Other side of the city.. Lives inside a house surrounded by willow trees." He then took another bite at the roasted leg of what looked like a human-sized mutton, and added "Are you taking the kid to him?"

    "No.. Just finding the person who has betrayed his family.." Responded Daniel before picking up an apple, and moving it towards his mouth in an attempt to take a bite out of it. He then reminded the horrifying scene he had seen just minutes earlier, and put it back down. "The ship is about to depart.. It's time to go."

    Annoyed by the fact that he couldn't finish his meal, and yet estatic about what was about to happen, Xargy stopped one of the waiters, and while passing a ring to him, he said "You can put the last hundred servings into this spatial ring.." he then stood up from the table, and as he noticed that the waiter hadn't moved yet, he added "Be quick.. Or I might start craving for human meat.." phrase to which the waiter responded by turning around, and running into the kitchen in panic.


    Two hours later.

    Daniel, Xargy and Aeron, were now standing on top of the deck of a city-sized spaceship. In front of them, was the asteroid that was getting smaller and smaller by the second. The ship had just departed, and yet, they were already dozens of kilometers away..

    Suddenly, a stack of about eleven hundred sheets of paper appeared in Daniel's hands. But they did not stay for long, as the very next moment, Daniel forced his immortal essence through the spatial protection of the ship, and opened a portal that lead directly to the sky above the city, and threw the stack of papers into it.

    As the portal closed, these sheets of paper were forced by the constructed gravity to land on the surface of the asteroid.. And quickly catch the attention of the people within the city. One by one, they picked these sheet with curiosity, and read what was written on them.

    This sheet of paper contained only two things.. A complete recipe for a mid-level poison immunity pill.. And a single phrase..


    If the Garden of Death does not catch me first, I am willing to sell the recipe of the High Level Poison Immunity Pill to any faction willing to pay for it.

    Let's talk about this soon..

    Kind Regards, Daniel the outcast.

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