283 Daniels Ruse

    ...Kind regards, Daniel the Outcast.

    The result to Daniel's actions, sent the population of the entire city into an uproar.

    At first, anyone who had managed to get into the possession of one of the recipes, immediately hid it.. But right as the voice about the content of these sheets of paper began to spread.. That was when blood started to flow.

    People who only minutes earlier were talking cordially to each other, had now unsheathed their weapons, and were fight over these unordinary pieces of paper. The smartest ones, retreated into the territory of their factions, and reported the matter to their connections within the faction.

    Of the hundreds of factions that had a foothold on the asteroid, only a few had managed to obtain one of the recipes.. And no matter how many people tried to, they would defend their recipe to their death. It wasn't sure how many factions would manage to obtain it, but only was thing was certain.. There weren't enough recipes for each faction.

    Within a minute after the appearance of these sheets of paper, multiple portals were opened in the sky, and the territories of the various factions from which elite members appeared. After learning what the matter was from their direct underlings, these elite warriors would immediately call for reinforcements.

    Ten minutes after the odd event took place, multiple fighters of each of the factions, both in possession of he recipes and not, had appeared in the city.. There were even a couple of recipes that ended up being auctioned in the venues which happened to be hosting an auction at the very moment that Daniel had divulged one of his secret recipes.

    Within an hour, the event was growing out of proportion, and the battle that was about to take place was beyond what the relatively large asteroid could hope to withstand. Insults, demands, and threats were thrown from one elite member to another, and the situation was quickly getting out of hand.

    In the end, the intervention of multiple Judges had been required, who decided that since there were still hundreds of recipes that were circulating the streets, and that the recipe was not a secret worth waging war for anymore, all of the factions were to share the recipe.

    Despite a few complaints from the parties in possession of the recipes, after a few heavy punishment were ensued as warning, everyone had no choice but to swallow the pill, and accept that that day was not one where their faction would gain an advantage over most of the others, but a day where all factions would gain an equal level of advantage at the same time.

    In order for peace to reign again within the city on the asteroid, took a full day.. And only after all of the emissaries went back to their territories equally happy about their gains. Naturally, their happiness was not comparable to the one they felt after testing the recipe.

    Daniel wanted everyone to possess the true recipe of the Mid Level Partial Poison Immunity Pill, so he had written a specific description on how to produce it, and how to consume it without dying.. Including the fact that under a certain level of power, in order to survive the toxicity of the pill, one needed to be affected by a mid tier poison at the very least, so that the pill would focus on fighting against the already present poison instead of destroying the body of the person.

    After the numerous groups and factions were able to test the validity of the pills, they became elated by the gift that they had received.. Unfortunately, the happiness they felt quickly died out, and realization kicked in.

    The first point which the factions had realized the importance of, was that there was a higher level pill that could soon be bought, but of which Daniel had offered no specific detail. They did not know who to make their offer to, or where to go. All they could do, was to hope that Daniel would make another appearance soon, and clarify that detail for them.

    The second and most important point, was the terrifying possibility of the Garden of Death obtaining the formula of the high level poison immunity pill of which Daniel was in possession of.

    Suddenly, the reason why the Garden of Death had insisted so much on having the priority on Daniel's capture, was clear to everyone.

    Contrary to most factions, for which a poison immunity was nothing but a valuable commodity, the same was not for the Garden of Death. Their way of producing elite members was based on the tier of poison they were able to withstand, and the low rate of success had always been a natural way to even the fact that the elite members of the Garden of Death were extremely dangerous individuals.

    On the other hand, if they did manage to obtain a high level poison immunity pill, they would be able to dish out one high level elite after the other, and in a matter of days, they would go from being one of the numerically weakest factions, to the strongest one..

    That, could not be allowed to happen.


    "Hahaha! You should have seen their faces!" Said Xargy after bursting out in laughs. He was able to witness the events from a distance much further away than Daniel and Aeron could, and therefore, he was able to see the chaos that had developed within the city just minutes after Daniel's actions.

    Daniel ignored Xargy's crazed state, and instead asked "How many factions?" He was looking through a window from outside of a small house, and at the kid that was currently sleeping in the bed placed inside it. They were dashing through space, in wait for events to unfurl.

    "You are such a buzzkiller.. I could smell about two thousands.. And before you ask, around a tenth of those tried to trace us, but.. Well, we haven't been caught yet. Leaving by ship was a good idea, they will have to spend days searching them for us.. hehe" Responded Xargy with a slightly hurt, and yet recovering enjoyment.

    "Good.. let's hope they will take the hint."


    Planet Venom.

    "HE DID WHAT?! THAT LITTLE BASTARD!!!!!" Shouted the distinct middle aged man while forcing a wave of purple poison to wash over the entire room, and melt everything to which it came in contact with.. Including the messenger that had come to rely the terrible news.

    His mind was in full panic, and there was very little that he could do. Daniel had set them up, forcing them to declare to the entire universal government that they were after him. Once they pressed the matter hard enough, Daniel had revealed the real reason why the Garden of Death was looking for him so animatedly.

    With the possibility that the Garden of Death would grow to a point where the other factions, or given enough time, the very universal government could not contain their power anymore.. The universal government was sure to take action soon.. He did not have much time.

    Left with no other option, the middle aged man walked into the depths of the castle until he reached a colossal door made out of layers and layers of enchanted steel, rock, and durable elements. On this door there was no pommel or keyhole.. Just an arm-sized dark hole, surrounded by a dozen of spikes. At the deepest end of this hole, was a lever.

    The man looked at the hole with a hint of doubt, but after remembering what was at stake, he put his right arm into the arm-sized hole, and reached for the lever.. then pulled it.

    After he pulled it, the dozen spiked moved forward, and pushed through his skin and into his arm. Each spike was the tip of a longer tube, and at the opposite end end, were twelve beads filled with different sorts of liquid.. after the spikes entered the man's arm, the liquids contained in the beads moved through the tube, and into his body.

    The pain that took over the man's body was something that hardly anyone in the universe had ever felt. Each liquid had moved into a different part of the man's body, and was destroying it in a different, and similarly atrocious way.. And yet, a veil of the man's poison was preventing these liquids to kill him completely.. Like a feeble rain trying to extinguish a blaze.

    All of the liquids contained by the beads, were the signature poisons of all of the peak level elites of the Garden of Death.. And one of the twelve, was that of the man himself. This process was required to make sure than the individual who wanted to open the door, was in fact one of the most powerful individuals of their faction.

    About a minute later, the man, now completely covered in sweat, stood back and moved his arm back into the hole. He then grabbed the lever once again, and after twisting it once, he pushed it back at the end of the hole just like it was when he had found it.

    The massive slab of durable materials finally showed signs of a reaction, and one layer at a time, it began to open. On the other side, was a dimly lit room with a simple altar placed in the middle. Inside this altar, was a mixture of all of the poisons he had to endure in order to have access to this room.

    Without waiting a moment longer, he immersed one of his fingers into the mixture of deadly liquids, and injected a bit more of his, ruining the fragile stability of the mixture.

    After he did this, he turned around, and left the room.

    When he reached the study room where he was sitting just a couple minutes earlier, he found eleven individuals waiting for him. These twelve people, middle aged man included, were all of the elite members of the Garden of Death with a perfect immunity to poison, and the twelve strongest individuals of the entire faction.

    What the man had done, was nothing but a call for his companions to come back.. But the meaning that that action had was one of crisis.

    "What is going on?" Asked a beautiful woman that was standing in the dark, and took a step forward the moment he entered the room.

    "We are in danger.."


    Planet Alcazar, Universal Government territory.

    "Does it really work?" Asked the Grand Judge to the woman that had reported the events to him a hour earlier.

    The very moment he had received the report, he had immediately tasked the woman to gather the ingredients, and find a poison master capable of following the recipe to the letter. Thanks to their size and power, they were the first ones to manage to test the pill, and now it was time for him to learn about the results of the test.

    "Grand Judge.. After the the thirty individuals testers ingested the results, we have tried hundreds of mid tier poisons on them, but none were able to make them break a sweat.. There is no doubt about it..  This pill grants a poison immunity to mid tier poisons.." Responded the woman with surprise. Only one hour had passed since all of this had happened, and she had had to act so fast, that she still hadn't been able to come out of her shock.

    On the other hand, the face of the Grand Judge showed a conflicted expression. Logically speaking, there was nothing else left to do but to destroy the Garden of Death.. But that was not something simple. Not because they lacked the power, but because if they did, the other factions could revolt.. And if all of them mixed together, they would have a real chance to face the universal government.

    Thinking was leading him nowhere.. And in the end, it was a matter of destroying the Garden of Death now and risk a rebellion later, or do nothing, and risk the Garden of Death growing out of control. In the end, the choice was clear.

    He turned towards the Woman Judge, and said with resolution "The Garden of Death lied about their motives, and tried to play us into allowing them to grow freely only to betray us in the future. Send the Arm-" his voice was interrupted by a second judge.

    "Grand Judge! The Twelve Natures of Poison.. are all here to see you."

    Slightly stunned, the Grand Judge followed the second judge into a room where all twelve of the peak elites of the Garden of Death were waiting.

    He knew exactly why they were here and was ready to cut them off right away, but before he could speak, the middle aged man took a step forward, and said "Grand Judge. We renounce to every claim over the outcast. We will stay away from him, and call you if or when he will approach one of our planets. We did have the intention of obtaining the mid level poison immunity pill from him, but were unaware of the fact that he had more. The universal government is free to send as many people they want to control our movements."

    "..." The Grand Judge was speechless.
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