314 A Resilient High Immortal

    The moment the corpse of the oni leader's son appeared in front of him, the entire crowd went silent. There were few things that were known to make this red-skinned giant go crazy, and touching one of his sons was on the top of the list.

    While Daniel was the one who had taken the corpse out, the many eyes of the demons present turned to look at Lero, who in turn, bravely looked back at the red giant, as well as his bluish and green-skinned sons. In his mind was the awareness that he would not have much longer to live.. But at the same time, he felt the satisfaction of being able to look at the oni leader's face, the moment he would feel the same pain he had caused to him when he had killed his father.

    "You.. you have killed my son.. I will eat you alive." said the oni leader as the sheer strength of his fingers cut through the bones of which the throne was made out of like scorching hot knives cutting through butter. However, before he could act himself, his two sons stopped him by walking in front of him.

    The oldest one, with veins bulging from his temples due to the fury he was feeling, said "FATHER! Allow us to have a turn before you kill this bastard.. PLEASE!"

    The father of the two enraged oni took a deep breath that seemed powerful enough to inhale the whole world, and once he was a bit calmer, he looked at the oldest of his sons and commanded "Keep him alive."

    Right after receiving the consent of their father, the two oni slowly turned to look at Lero, as well as the calm looking Daniel. One of them was holding a spiked club identical to that of his deceased sibling, while the second son, bore sharp fangs powered by his mighty arms.

    They slowly walked in front of Lero, who they had always considered their natural enemy due to the rivalry between their fathers, and when they reached the distance of a couple of meters, the power they possessed began to emanate through their bodies.. increasing the length of their shadows with what felt like a wave of horrifying heath.

    Lero did not bother to fight back. He knew that if the leader's sons were to fight against him and ended up on the losing end, he would be kill him in an instant. That was the biggest hypocrisy of the oni's way of life. None of the oni demons had any value to their leader, unless they belonged to his family.

    Instead of preparing for battle, Lero turned to look at the calm Daniel.. who stood quietly, and observed as the two oni walked past him, and went to stand menacingly in front of the lone black-winged demon.

    The natural power of the Oni faction was called berserker, and allowed them to harness the full capacity of their body's strength in exchange for losing their reason. Once unconscious, the whole mission of their life would revolve around their target.

    While into a crazed state, the Oni would not lose their mind completely. The way they controlled themselves was by having a clear idea of what their objective was before going berserker.. And the current objective of the two siblings was clear. They wanted to leave the person who they believed to have killed their brother into a bloody state, before offering what was left of him to their angered father to finish.

    The muscles that covered the bodies of the two oni began to bulge with power, and their bodies, as well as the essence they emanated, grew exponentially. The sclera of their eyes turned into a venous red blood, and their jaws locked tightly. It was right at that point, that their minds went blank.

    Lero's eyes quickly moved from the two oni, to their father, to Daniel. He was not sure what to do, and was considering whether to die fighting, or if the torture he would have to suffer would be able to gain more time for his family to escape.

    However, something in the eyes of the oni leader changed. He was looking at the quiet Daniel, whose presence was growing above and beyond what he would have ever expected. "NOOOO!!!" He shouted in hurry.. But it was already too late. Daniel's arm had already slashed horizontally, cutting both of his sons in half right in front of him.

    "All of your sons.. You should have taught them to behave while in front of people stronger than they are." Said Daniel before the upper part of the two oni could fall the ground.

    The crowd looked at the scene in shock.

    Most human in hell would generally not possess that kind of power. If they did, by logic, their owner would be someone much more powerful than they were, and instead, Daniel was being kept by a mere high demon, son of the noble who their leader had recently slain.

    Lero breathed out in relief as the two oni in front of him turned into corpses, but it only took a peek at the face of their father, for him to be forced on his knees due to the oppressive power.

    The members of the oni tribe did not remain to observe what was going to happen, and instead crawled out of the canyon as fast as their could. They knew that the value they had for their leader was beneath what was underneath his feet, so they were not willing to take the shockwave of his blows the moment he would go all out.

    Daniel observed as the power of the oni leader grew larger and later. At the same time, his hair were growing at a visible pace, and the two small horns placed on the hairline of his head came out like massive tusks.

    While observing the demon go all out, Daniel could not help but smile. A year and a half had passed since he had last fought, and now, he wished nothing more than to test himself against a worthy opponent.

    The moment the massive hand of the oni leader wrapped around his club, a feeling of imminent death made its way into Daniel's head, so he immediately teleported himself and the black-winged demon out of the way, and reappeared on one of the rocks by the side of the canyon.

    However, despite the hundred of meters of distance, they were far from being out of danger.

    The sheer power of the impact between the oni's club and the ground created an earthquake which, if released on Daniel's planet of origin, would have broken the entire planet apart.

    Every rock and pebble in the radius of five kilometers was turned into grain of sand, and a large portion of the demons who were not able to escape in time, had become stains of blood over the golden sand.

    As the dust settled, a sphere of spatial essence which contained both Daniel and the black-winged demon appeared in space. This sphere was not made of solid space, but of curved space, and whenever something came in contact with it, its very existence would be forced to follow its curved trajectory and skim past its content.

    From within his safe bubble, Daniel looked at his surroundings in shock. What he was shocked about was not the power of the blow, but the fact that such a powerful blow hadn't destroyed the entire Hell. In fact, after only five kilometers, the remnants of the blow's power would dissipate at an unusual, and unnatural speed.

    It was clear to Daniel that there was some sort of protection which prevented excessive damage to hell when two beings at an absurdly high level would fight against each other.

    However, this idea was quickly put to the back of his head.

    The oni leader had shown his power, and according to Daniel's standards, he was fully qualified for test his powers.. So he teleported the black-winged demon out of danger, and dissipated the spatial sphere. He then landed in front of the unconscious demon, who was looking around with a bloodthirsty expression.

    The blood red eyes of the oni filtered through the golden mist which covered his impressive build.. Just like the shadow of the incoming blow.

    This time, Daniel did not avoid, and instead lifted both of his arms in an attempt to parry the blow. In a matter of instants, a multilayered barrier of space, ice, earth, wood and metal essences placed in between him and the incoming club.


    The surrounding ground trembled once again, as the impact lifted the trillions of grains of sand in the air, and moved them around with the shockwave it caused, and into a devastating sandstorm.

    Unhappy with what he had accomplished, the oni leader lifted his massive club again, and began to smash it against the ground where he felt Daniel's presence to be over and over.

    The numerous blows forced the sand to turn into mist, and the mist to turn into particles that would inquinate the surrounding atmosphere for the years to come.

    One after another, the blows came upon Daniel's barriers like a series of thunderbolts who purposely tortured a single piece of unfortunate metal, and only stopped after every bit of Daniel's power was extinguished.

    As soon as the last bit of Daniel's power disappeared from the oni's sensing abilities, his red colored eyes turned clear once again. All of the anger he had felt for the loss of his three son had been pushed out during the onslaught of blows, leaving only the sadness to settle in.

    "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!" He shouted to the sky in an attempt to rid himself of those negative feelings, which quickly turned into further rage the moment he recalled who had brought this human assassin into his home. So he turned towards the territory of the Na'roga family, and with his club in hand, he began to walk..

    Before he could go too far, a faint voice came from the center of his past anger.

    "H-Hold on.. You h-haven't finished your f-food yet.." Said Daniel, who was lying on the ground while covered in severe wounds. Both of his legs were missing, as well as the right part of his chest.. However, despite all of these deadly injuries, he was still alive.

    Daniel had clearly overestimated his raw power, with which he could not compete against this particular foe.. But this test was not fruitless.

    To his shock, before he could even turn his immortal essence into healing essence to force his recover.. The very edges of Daniel's injuries changed in composition, and instead of being flesh filled with immortal essence, became flesh filled with healing essence.. Forcing his injuries to heal by themselves.

    The speed in which the injuries recovered was also beyond reasoning, as his comprehension of healing essence was not deep enough to heal his high immortal body at the stage he was currently in, not to talk about this speed.

    His right lung, the pulverized bones, the torn flesh, even the lost limbs reformed in mere seconds, making him whole once again.

    Ever since Daniel had come out of his cultivation, he had already felt what the ability he had gained was, and to his surprise, this was not it. It was only then that it dawned upon him.. He had received multiple powers that had to do with the actions he was performing right before breaking through to high immortality. One of them, was healing his body from the injuries caused by the devastating power of the elemental gem.

    The oni leader had often heard stories about humans. How there were tens of thousands that were far beyond his level of power, how some could even destroy stars with the slash of a sword.. But he had never heard of a human whose body would regenerate by itself.

    "What are you.." said the demon while looking at Daniel in shock.

    Daniel, on the other hand, was ecstatic about the changes to his body.. He looked at the massive red-skinned demon with an even brighter smile, and said "Come, let's have some more fun."
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