324 The Power to Survive the Universe

    "So, do you think Daniel will come back soon?.." Asked Felix to Virgil with the use of the sign language that he had learned in the past year and a half.

    His question went unanswered.

    For the past few months virgil had spent time with a group of people who came from a world with electronics and highly technological items.. and while they were not able to retain a large amount of that knowledge, there was no doubt that he had a lot to learn from them.

    Physics, mathematics, mechanics, medicine, and much more. He had experimented with everything that these former university students had gone to study, and after adding his genius to the mix, he had been able to combine the technology he had learned about, with the elements of the cultivation world.

    Batteries of various types of essence, formations who created a process of constructing wood, setting it on fire, and reversing the process in order to recycle the ashes, and to turn them back into dry wood that would then be used again as fuel.. His comprehension of the elements had helped him greatly in his experiments, and yet he had never forgotten his main objective.

    Now at eleven years of age, and thanks to his proximity to a cultivating Daniel, Virgil and the rest of the group had managed to enter the realm of the mid tier immortal cultivator. Standing between the sixth and seventh stages. A power which, by logic, they should not possess due to their young age.. But that was possible thanks to the high level resources, and effects of Daniel's system.

    The seven of them had become increasingly close during the almost two years they had spent together, but now that they possessed a certain amount of power, they couldn't wait to go out of this comfortable cage, and explore the universe they had heard so much about.

    "He doesn't know. You've already asked that to him ten times.. He will come back when he will come back." Responded Hannah, dressed in white tank top covered in sweat stains, and a pair of cargo pants. Her hair tied in her usual ponytail, which now reached further down her shoulders than when she had met Daniel. In her left hand was a spear that stood exactly at her height, with two blades as ends.

    Behind her, was the massive frame of George, who carried a large greatsword made out of his own comprehension of metal, and whose clothes were covered by the same amount of sweat that covered Hannah's clothes. They had just completed a sparring session, for which they had been forced to walk far away from the small village they had created in order to avoid destroying it.

    The same was for Alex, Josh, and James, who were still in the midst of their trainings far away from camp.

    "I know, but we've been here for almost two years now. I don't mind your company, but I want to get out.." Responded Felix with clear exasperation. "Aren't we strong enough to lookout for ourselves?"

    Hannah and George looked at each other, unable to utter a single word. They too had thought of exactly the same thing, and yet they had managed to keep their unhappiness to themselves. Their lifespan ha increased significantly, and they knew that sooner or later, Daniel would let them out.. And if he hadn't yet, it probably meant that the situation outside was still too dangerous to.

    Unfortunately, they had no idea that they weren't in their planet anymore, and that they were in an alternative dimension which happened to match the places of penitence of all of their planet's religions. Nevertheless, their speechless state was interrupted by a disembodied voice which appeared to come from afar, and to bring just enough power to surpass theirs.

    "Oh, are you?" said the voice.

    The moment these three words reached virgil's ears, he immediately stopped tinkering with his new inventions, and instead opened three portals that seemed to lead in the places where the last three members of the group were training. He then dashed into each one of them, and when it came back out, he carried one of the three confused young men.

    "Who is speaking?" Asked Hannah while fruitlessly trying to feel the presence of this individual, in her group's surroundings.

    From what Virgil had explained to them, being in this pocket dimension did not mean that they were safe. In fact, it only meant that they were being carried like living objects.. Objects which could be stolen, or lost.

    Daniel was the owner of this pocket dimension, and as long as he was alive and well, there would be no reason for any other being to appear inside it. Reason why the very moment Virgil had heard a voice that did not match Daniel's, he had regrouped his friends, and entered into an alerted state.

    "Why does it matter who I am, when I am in the presence of the seven most powerful beings in the universe.. Hehe." Responded sarcastically the deep and powerful voice which came from every single direction at the same time.

    Before any of the group members could say something, Virgil tugged at George's pants, and after attracting his attention, he formed a few hand signs.

    In response to these hand signs George cleared his throat, and said while displaying all of his power through his voice. "What happened to the owner of this ring? What happened to Daniel?"

    "What do you think happened to him?.. Hehe." Responded the voice with a playful tone. A tone which implied the most terrifying of scenarios.. The possibility that Daniel had died, and that they were now nothing but ants trapped into a stranger's terrarium.

    "Show yourself!" Said Hannah while grabbing her spear. George and the rest of the group followed suit, and quickly prepared to engage in battle.

    "HA HA HA!"

    Amused by the reaction of the group of young individuals, the powerful voice exploded into a deafening laugh which resounded in the air, like a sequence of lightning strikes.

    Instead of showing himself in front of this group of clearly weaker cultivators, the owner of the voice dashed past them with a speed which they were not even able to comprehend, and as he did, he snatched Hannah's and George's weapons.

    "What are these? A toothpick and a kitchen knife?" Asked the powerful voice, right before a snapping sound could be heard, and the immortal essence of George was forced to dissipate.

    While Hanna and George considered whether to make new weapons, Josh asked "What do you want from us?"

    As if to respond to Josh's question, a few rhythmic shakes of the ground reached their feet.. And when the group turned to look at the direction from where these shockwaves arrived, they finally noticed it.. A gigantic demon walking past trees like grass, and using Hannah's spear to pick his teeth.

    "I just want to have some fun." said Sewah with a wicked smile, before turning serious, and adding "So, human cultivators.. Clearly powerful enough to survive in the open universe. Tell me, in the hypothesis that I had just killed your friend, and was considering whether to clear this place up from its human parasites.." he let his voice trail off with a short pause, then asked "What would you do?"

    If it was any other cultivator, they would have immediately retreated, or tried to negotiate a way out of being trapped. But unfortunately, Virgil and the rest of the group had never had a proper fight. They had cultivated, and felt their power grow by leaps and bounds without having to go through any obstacle whatsoever.

    The god complex that these young individuals felt was potentially lethal outside of this little and safe paradise, and the idea that such a weak group could ever boast to be powerful enough to survive the world of cultivation, was not only ridiculous to a person like Sewah, but also an insult for anyone who had ever had an above average amount of power.

    Even if Sewah was still only in possession of Daniel's body, and was still at the eight stage of immortal cultivation, he was sure that he would be able to kill this entire small group without moving a finger.. But since they were so eager to test their power, he decided to humiliate them a little.

    Sewah's words were enough of a threat for the group to make up their mind. They didn't know how to leave the pocket dimension, and if they didn't want to die, they had to fight back.

    Hannah and George quickly constructed a new spear and greatsword, and after dashing in the direction of Sewah's body for a few moments, they split and approached him from both sides. At the same time, the ground behind Sewah's body rose up to the sky, almost as if a buried wall of steel was rising from its burial place. Behind it, with his hands placed on the ground, was Josh, who had teleported behind Sewah's body the very moment Hannah and George had attacked.

    The combination was, however, not over.

    Since all the group knew about Sewah's power was his speed and size, James controlled the ground underneath his feet, and turned it into a mixture of mud and water, which he expected to stop his movements long enough for the attacks of his companions to land.

    Sewah did not bother to move, and instead took the attacks of the two warriors head on. George's greatsword hit Sewah on the neck, right against one of the major veins that was protruding from underneath his red colored skin. The tip of Hannah's spear, on the other hand, had hit him directly in between his ribs with a precision which, if paired with enough power to pierce his skin, would have allowed her to reach his heart.

    Unfortunately, neither of these attacks had enough power to do any damage, forcing Hannah and George to retreat.

    With the speed and power of a meteor, Alex came down from above the massive metallic wall with a dagger for each hand, but just as he reached Sewah's head, his falling body curved in mid air, and he dashed past his head. Once at the same height of his eyes, Alex threw his daggers in an attempt to pierce them.. But unfortunately, his attempt had no more success than that of his friends.

    The daggers bounced right off of Sewah's eyes, failing to even cause him to blink.

    "Is this all the power it takes to survive in the universe? HA HA HA!" Scoffed Sewah before bursting out in a ridiculing laugh.

    What Sewah did not expected as he gave a hearty laugh with his mouth wide open, was for two metallic items to enter his mouth.. causing him to close it in surprise.

    Puzzled by this odd attack, Sewah was about to spit the two items out, but before he could do that, these two items exploded with an amount of lightning essence that could be compared to hundreds of thousands of lightning strikes.

    The shockwave of the explosion sent the dust that had settled underneath Sewah's feet flying, causing it to cover the entire area in an cloud. Its terrifying power was enough to almost reach them as well, but luckily, they now had the ability to react in time, and take the proper distance.

    Standing on the ground were Felix and Virgil, and in their hands were two metallic items which emanated thick immortal essence. These items were the batteries that Virgil had created thanks to the inspiration he had received from the technology present in the group's natal planet.

    Thanks to it, he had found a method to insert immortal essence, and store it inside a bomb which he could then throw, and force to explode with as much power as he had stored in it. These four particular bombs had required his full cultivation worth of immortal essence six months in order to be created, and had a devastating power.

    Nevertheless, while very useful, and an overall success.. Virgil was ultimately disappointed by the effect.. which appeared right as the dust settled down, in the form of an angrier looking demon.
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