345 A Lifelong Agreemen

    "How did you do that?" Asked Nova whilst in deep shock.

    While the portion of collapsed space was only as wide as a needle, and the shattered space around it was around the same size as a human's head, for an individual at Daniel's level of cultivation to be able to close it in a small amount of time, was already an impossible feat.

    In the eyes of a spatial elemental, collapsed space looked like a boat with a hole in the hull. The nothingness that layd behind this hole would constantly push for it to become larger, and cause for the space around it to shatter. The bigger the hole, the larger the power needed to keep it from doing so.

    Even for a hole as small as what Daniel had closed moments ago, just to keep the power from spreading outwards, one needed to push stable spatial essence into it in the same way a seaman would pour buckets of water overboard to prevent the boat from taking in too much water.

    Daniel's power was just enough to push the shattered space back, but one problem remained. That problem was, of course, tiredness. Once too tired, the seaman would gradually slow down, and decrease the amount of water he would be able to remove when compared to the amounth that would seep into the hole. Similarly, a cultivator would ultimately end up finishing his power before being able to close the hole completely. At that point, the shattering of space would be allowed to expand out of control, and if not fixed, in time, would force the stable universe into one similar to the Void.

    What Nova did not know about Daniel, was that he had a method to increase the production of his power to a point where he would be able to close the collapsed space by himself without a problem.

    "You know how I did it. With enough power, collapsed space ceases to be a danger." Responded Daniel calmly, while on the inside, he was extremely shaken. Even with 'Time is Precious', he had been barely able to close the collapsed space. Had his power been any lower than that, he would have truly ended up doing something stupid.

    After calming himself down, Daniel muttered before turning in Nova's direction, "You would be able to do that too if.." but he stopped, letting the phrase trail into silence. ".. nevermind."

    "What? Do you have a way that would allow me to control collapsed space?" Asked Nova with curiosity, and a hint of excitement.

    "It is not for everybody." Responded Daniel while closing his eyes once again, and pinching the air one more time.

    Before another hole of collapsed space could open, Nova said, "How do you know it won't work on me? You don't even know me." His tone was serious. He clearly wanted to know whatever method Daniel could have had that could allow him to learn how to control collapsed space.

    As a spatial elemental, Nova had always felt incomplete. He was born from a nearly perfect spatial sphere, and therefore, was only a being of nearly perfect spatial essence. What he lacked in order to become a perfect spatial elemental without having to learn it from a perfect sphere, was to control collapsed space. Only then would he be able to truly reach his full potential.

    The same was, of course, for the rest of the spatial elementals. Their inability to encounter collapsed space had made it impossible for them to become strong enough to control it. So even if they were to encounter it like Nova had, they would be unable to understand it to a point where its concepts would make them perfect spatial elementals.

    This notion was not only a theory for spatial elementals, but for all types of elementals. After all, it was almost impossible for a perfect treasure to be created by a natural phenomenon. Most perfect treasures were born out of what people believed to be the remains of a perfect elemental.

    According to this theory, the first elementals were simple elemental spirits that possessed the lowest level of intelligence and power. Their good nature had convinced many warriors to adopt them as companions, and soon after, they had discovered that, the more these spirits would learn about their own element, the more intelligent and powerful they would become.

    This theory was supported by the fact that a perfect sphere of spatial essence had never been created, nor had a perfect spatial treasure ever been found.

    If Nova was able to become a perfect elemental of spatial essence, and managed to become powerful enough, at the moment of his death, he could have birthed a spatial treasure of perfect comprehension, which if found by someone with perfect comprehension of spatial essence, would be able to create a new generation of perfect spatial elementals.

    There is no need to say that, that objective, was the main goal of not only the entire race of spatial elementals, but also of the Void Dwellers, as well as any cultivator who wished to fully comprehend spatial essence.

    After seeing how easy it was for Daniel to create and suppress collapsed space, a spark of enthusiasm lit in Nova's mind. His curiousity for this young man had reached its peak, and now that he had learned that Daniel had a method for him to change the lives of his whole race, he could not possibly be happier.

    However, his undefined face showed none of his emotions, as opposed to his voice, with which he asked, "What do you want?.."

    It was only after this question, that Daniel turned to look at him, and responded by saying, "Teach me every concept of space that I lack, and I will help you reach a perfect comprehension. Then, follow me, and at the moment of your death, I promise that Edmund or I will turn your remains into a perfect sphere, and give it to a member of your race."

    Naturally, Daniel had already read Nova's mind, and seen his deepest desires. He wanted to become the first perfect spatial elemental, and be the one that would change the fate of his kind.

    "Why would I do that? Is what you are going to teach me as valuable as my own life?" Asked Nova with a hint of doubt. What Daniel asked was not small, after all, he had just met him, and was asking for him to become one of his followers until the day he would die.

    "It obviously isn't. The only reason you need to follow me, is because if you leave me, you will lose the ability to control collapsed space." Responded Daniel with a matter-of-fact tone which did nothing but further confuse Nova.

    "What makes you so sure that I won't simply comprehend collapsed space in your presence, then leave?"

    As he listened to this question, Daniel smiled faintly, and said, "If by the time you will be powerful enough to control constructed space you will want to leave, then feel free to do so."

    What Daniel meant to use to help Nova in controlling collapsed space was, of course, the effect of his group. If Nova would ever trust Daniel enough to become part of his group, that would mean that he would probably not leave unless he did something that would push him away. If that was not enough, there was also the fact that Nova wished for his body to be turned into a perfect spatial treasure, and if that happened when there was somebody who comprehended spatial essence nearby, that would have been even better.

    After a minute spent thinking about Daniel's proposition, Nova nodded faintly, and said, "Very well.. Show me what you have got."


    Planet Elementi.

    Dressed in white clothes with stripes of different colors on his right sleeve, was Roley. He was sitting in the middle of a labirynth with his eyes closed, and was currently experimenting with his control over the elemental essences he had mastered.

    Around him were seven provisory spheres. While each of them was only at the low level, all of them were extremely stable, and the comprehension that they displayed was identical to any other low level sphere.

    A droplet of sweat was running down the side of Roley's head, and he appeared to be quite focused on his training, which consisted in controlling each and every elemental essence to an identical amount of power, as well as comprehension. At the same time, he was required to take in massive amounts of elemental essence that was created by the seven perfect essence spheres that were installed in a circle around him.

    After about five minutes spent in that state, Roley's expression contorted in pain, and at the same time, the seven provisory spheres began to grow. Bit by bit, each sphere started to show deeper levels of comprehension, only stopping after they all grew from the size of a nail, to the size of a palm. Once all of the provisory elemental spheres reached that state, the lightning sphere began to show signs of an imminent collapse.

    "You are losing the balance." Said the disembodied voice of an old man that came from within the tall hedges of the labyrinth.

    Roley was so focused on the task, that he hadn't noticed the arrival of this man whose words were distracting enough for him to be distracted, causing the provisory mid level sphere of lightning collapsed into a wave of thunder.

    In a careless attempt to recover it, Roley focused on reforming the dissipating sphere while at the expenses of the focus he was using to keep the other sheres together.. however, by doing so, he caused the other spheres to explode right next to him into waves of fire, pebbles, ice, metallic shards, splinters, and cold winds, which he immediately turned back into immortal essence before they could reach his body.

    "I told you. hehe.." Said the voice of the old man before letting out a derisory laughter.

    Slightly annoyed by his failure, Roley stood up and dusted his clothes with his hands. He then turned towards the point of origin of the voice, and said sarcastically, "Master Yonna always knows how to help me in my training."

    "Hehe.. don't be like that. I came to remind you that the ceremony will begin in two days. Are you sure you still want to go through with it?" Asked the old man before appearing right in front of where Roley was standing.. revealing his appearance as an old-looking man dressed in simple brown robes, and who carried around a small stack of books.

    "You said that the only way I can receive an intergalactic teleportation device, is to pass this test.. Correct?" Asked Roley before waiting for a nod of confirmation from the old man which arrived only moments later. He then added, "Then I guess we will see each other in a couple of days."

    After hearing Roley's words, the old man smiled as widely as his facial physiology allowed him to. He then turned into a golem of dirt which crumbled under the strength of the gentle wind that whistled past the area.

    As soon as the old man in brown robes left, Roley sat back in the middle of the labyrinth, and began to reform each of the spheres one by one. He started with small low level spheres, then moved into the mid level ones, only to witness the sphere of water collapse as the rest of them grew to the high level.

    "Damn it.." he muttered nervously as a spark of anxiousness began to make its way through his mind, distracting him from reaching a fully focused state of mind.

    Once again, strating from scratch, Roley began to form a provisory sphere of each of the seven natural elements. He then injected a larger amount of immortal essence which, along with the power needed to make them stronger, also increased the amount of concepts of each provisory sphere.

    This time Roley did not rush it, and instead increased the power of the spheres one by one.

    In about twenty minutes all of them had turned from low level, into mid level provisory spheres, and after two more hours, he had finally been able to turn them all into high level spheres.

    A smile of satisfaction grew on Roley's usually serious expression, as he noticed the seven high level essence spheres orbit around his body like seven twin planets around a human-shaped star.
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